It’s mercenary magic with Grand Kingdom (PS Vita review)

Grand Kingdom combines the elements of classic grid-based strategy RPG with traditional 2D sidescrolling RPG mechanics. Players must form a mercenary squad and attempt to become the greatest mercenary squad

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition – Blu-ray Review

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice finally released in theaters back in March, the reviews were less than stellar (our review). Rightfully so as the film was both sloppy

Nerd Reactor barely survives the new Escape Hotel in Hollywood

The Nerd Reactor gents and I were invited to try out the new Escape Hotel escape room experience in Hollywood, California, this past weekend. Joined by Arvin, Narvin, Jose, John and Mark,

Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ takes us on an ultimate ’80s nostalgia adventure (spoilers)

Image courtesy of Netflix If you’re an ’80s baby like me, you could not resist binging all 8 episodes of ‘Stranger Things’ that premiered on Netflix this weekend. The show

10 Second Ninja X (PS4 review)

What happens when an evil pirate steals all the wildlife and turns them into robots? You break them free! But you only have 10 seconds to do so. 10 Second

2D brawler ‘Never Gone’ iOS review

In a world where demons, vampires and humans all co-exist and is involved in a never-ending war, you are tasked to bringing balance by wreaking havoc across the lands. NeverGone,

Why Ghostbusters might just be the surprise movie of the summer

Since the announcement of the re-imagined Ghostbusters, people were criticizing it. Fans of the originals were claiming it will ruin the originals, or at least the first one. Now whether

The Infiltrator Review

As we’ve learned from Netflix’s “Narcos,” Pablo Escobar is not a person you want to mess with. There are plenty of stories out there involving Escobar and Robert Mazur’s book

Officer Downe – LA Film Fest Review

The graphic novel “Officer Downe” was, at one point, considered too weird and violent to adapt for the big screen. Yet producer Mark Neveldine (Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance), director

Review: Belkin Travel Rockstar

As someone often on the road, packing power packs becomes a necessary piece of luggage. With its dual outlet and USB charger, the Belkin Travel Rockstar helps cut down on

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Review

Raunchy R-rated comedies have been making a strong comeback as of late. From Everybody Wants Some!! to Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, these films are a welcoming sight to those audiences

Eonfine’s Mini Bluetooth Headset review

Wireless peripherals for your smartphone is a new wave coming. And it is either the next fad or is going to be a mainstay. One of these companies that is

11:55 – LA Film Fest Review

Westerns have been a facet of film history ever since the beginning. Although the era of the Western is long gone, its influence can still be found in Hollywood today. One

Wagnaria!!3 Blu-ray Set Vol. 1 (review)

By Xchel Monroy So as many of us know, slice-of-life anime are very unique in that they offer a different perspective of the average everyday life of a certain character or

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan (PS4 review)

At first glance, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game made by PlatinumGames (the masters of fast-paced action) would SEEM like a good idea. The studio has tackled great hits in

Midnight Special – Blu-ray Review

Midnight Special follows Roy (Michael Shannon), who goes on the run with his young son, Alton, a boy with mysterious gifts that is sought out by religious extremists and the

Furi is one of this year’s BIGGEST surprises (PS4 review)

One sword. One gun. Multiple guardians with one goal: to stop you from breaking out of prison. This is the concept of Furi, a game centered around the tension of boss fights,

Hitman Episode 3 (PS4 review)

So far, Hitman has taken us to France, Italy, and now Marrakesh, Morocco in Episode 3. This mission has you eliminating two targets once again: corrupt banker Claus Strandberg seeking hospitality at

The Legend of Tarzan Review

Over a century ago, Edgar Rice Burroughs created one of the best-known literary characters of all time in his book: Tarzan of the Apes. Unfortunately, modern retellings of early 20th-century literary

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Director’s Cut – Blu-ray Review

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is highly regarded as one of the best Star Trek films ever made. Admittedly, I never was big on Star Trek but Wrath