Nerd Wars

Nerd Wars #12: Gotham High and Rockquaman

The Nerd Wars gang talks about the new Gotham show, The Rock in DC, and Marvel news galore! Previous Episodes Questions? Comments? Email us at [email protected]

Nerd Wars #11: Marvel and DC film news, 2014 movies

The Nerd Wars gang talks about Marvel and DC film news, movies to look forward to in 2014, and Darren Danger guest stars. Previous Episodes Questions? Comments? Email us at

Nerd Wars #10: Christmas Edition

Welcome to the Christmas Edition of Nerd Wars. We talk about what we’re excited for in 2014 including the next Fast and Furious, Catwoman, DC vs. Marvel, Man of Steel,

Nerd Wars #9: Agents of SHIELD, Godzilla, Spider-Man

In this week’s episode of Nerd Wars, we get enthusiastic about Agents of SHIELD (spoilers), the Godzilla trailer, Spider-Man trailer, Batman vs. Superman casting additions and more. Previous Episodes Questions?

Nerd Wars #8: Our Genius Plan for Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Army of Darkness

We talk shows we wan to watch and movies we want to see made, and then we then cast them. Check out our genius plan for follow ups to Friday

Nerd Wars #7: Is It Smoky in Here?

Previous Episodes Join Michael Rivera and I for the latest Nerd Wars episode where we discuss why some sequels work so well (yes, we enjoyed Thor: The Dark World). We

Nerd Wars #6: Toy Boxes, Marvel and DC Movies

Previous Episodes This podcast is a little bit late, but better late than never, yes? Join us as Michael Rivera and I discuss the latest in geek news. We also

Nerd Wars #5: When Fans Go Bad

Previous Episodes We do another round of versus horror edition and talk about nerds taking it too far. Heavy stuff. Questions? Comments? Email us at [email protected]

Nerd Wars #4: Horror Icons, MK Legacy II, SHIELD and Godzilla

In this episode of Nerd Wars, Alex Rodriguez and Michael Rivera discuss which horror icons would win in a fight, Mortal Kombat: Legacy II, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD‘s episode 2,

Nerd Wars #3

Hey guys, check out the latest episode of Nerd Wars, where we pit nerd against nerd.

Nerd Wars #2: Man of Steel and Superman vs. Batman

Hey guys and welcome to episode 2 of Nerd Wars. Join us as Michael Rivera and Alex Rodriguez go on the attack and discuss what’s happening in the latest in

Nerd Wars #1: It’s Gojira!

Download Link Two nerds go at it in the first episode of Nerd Wars. In this episode, we talk about comic book movies and of course, Godzilla. Hosts: Mike Rivera,