Cosplayer Spotlight: Behind the Scenes with Destiny Nickelsen (Sailor Moon Cosplay)

Check out our behind-the-scenes video of Destiny Nickelsen’s Sailor Moon cosplay photoshoot with Atlas Photography. Model: Destiny Nickelsen­n @R2Des2 Photography by: DeOndré Bonds Atlas Photography Song: Sailormoon Theme

AVN Music Video ‘She Said Ok’ with Nerd Reactor 2013

We recently attended the AVN AEE Expo at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, and it was a blast. Here’s a music video of the Nerd Reactor crew and

Chalkskin 10 – Interview with MC Frontalot

MC Frontalot is a Brooklyn-based hip hop artist. He is best known in nerdcore hip hop and video game culture, for naming the nerdcore subgenre, and for performing at Penny

Gamer_Bob’s Top 5 Games that Need a New Ending

Mass Effect 3’s new ending has gotten Gamer_Bob’s panties in a bunch. So much promise, so much hope: dashed upon a boulevard of broken dreams. And it’s not the first

Reactor-Tech Episode 1.5: Return from CES

How does spending a week in Vegas, surrounded by fellow nerds, the latest in electronics, and free swag sound? Well, our boys at took a trip yet again this

Anime LA 2013 video coverage

Hey guys and gals! I’m back from a fun-filled adventure at Anime LA 2013 (located at the LAX Marriott), and let me tell you that it was my best experience

NR Video: Navitat Canopy Adventures Zipline Course

Nerd Reactor recently sent Matt Hiscox and Jennifer Zhang of Batman: Death Wish and Jennifer Sings the News to check out the Navitat Canopy Adventures Zipline Course in Wrightwood, California. Check

Long Beach Comic Con 2012 video coverage

Long Beach Comic & Horror Con 2012 has come on gone, and I can definitely say that it was my best experience there yet. We met some really cool nerds

Nerd Reactor goes to Netherworld Haunted House

by Mike Rivera Team Nerd Reactor in Atlanta had the privilege of checking out one of the top haunted houses in America for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look. Netherworld Haunted House

Walking Dead at Diesel Filling Station in ATL, GA

Halloween is almost upon us and earlier this month we celebrated the return of the Walking Dead at Diesel Filling Station, a local bar that hosts season and new episode

NR TV: San Diego’s The Haunted Hotel

The Nerd Reactor crew makes the trek down to San Diego from the Los Angeles area to check out the Haunted Hotel and Haunted Trail. In this segment, NR host

Nerd Reactor parties at Dragon*Con 2012 video

The Nerd Reactor team comes out in full force to Atlanta, Georgia, for the best party con of the year, Dragon*Con. This video contains only 5% of the bad assness

Nerdonomics Ep 0: Anime Cons, Figures and the start of something new

California is the place to be during the months of June and July. It started early as Fanime in San Jose came and passed during Memorial Day weekend. After that

NR Interview: Johnny Yong Bosch’s Eyeshine – Making the Band

If you’re a fan of super sentai, anime or video games, chances are you’ve come across Johnny Yong Bosch. For me, he played one of my favorite characters in anime,

Video: PAX East 2012 gets invaded by Nerd Reactor

Join Nerd Reactor as we take you on a journey to the video game convention bonanza, PAX East 2012! Join your hosts, Ken, Cindy and David, as they interview and

Nerd Reactor goes to MomoCon 2012 video

What would happen if the Nerd Reactor crew heads to MomoCon 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia? Well, we get breakdancing, pants splitting, and cool shots of cosplayers filled with all the

Life as a Henchman – On the Set of Batman: Death Wish

Life as a henchman isn’t always easy, but we sure did have a lot of fun on the set of Batman: Death Wish, a fan film featuring Batman, Robin, Nightwing,

Sh*t Porn Stars Say at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2012

We figured that since there are so many parodies of Shit (fill in the blank) Say, we decided to have one about Shit Porn Stars Say. Instead of having us

We Unbox Sony’s PS Vita so You Don’t Have To

We have the Japanese PS Vita here to unbox for your eyes. I have to say that having two analog sticks on a portable device is the greatest thing since

‘Batman: Death Wish’ Fan Film Interview and Behind the Scenes

Update: Batman: Death Wish will be online on January 13th, 2012 at the Batman: Death Wish site. I have to say that it’s been a pleasure to be a part