Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick does a Star Wars country music parody

May the 4th is the time for Star Wars fans to go crazy. We know life can get rough for a Jedi or an Imperial, but what about Joe Schmoe…

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular comes to NEW YORK this October!

BBC Worldwide has just announced they will be bringing their Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular to New York at the end of this year! The live musical show will be coming

Jeremy Renner sings and plays piano as Hawkeye on Jimmy Fallon

Wow, I never realized how talented Jeremy Renner is. He appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and performed a song parodying Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” Not only did

Sailor Moon Crystal Collection Album goes digital in more than 120 countries

Fans wanting to listen to the new Sailor Moon Crystal Collection album can soon obtain the tracks digitally through digital distribution, such as iTunes, this May 20th! As their twitter

El Gun Legro, nerdcore hip hop artist, launches Kickstarter campaign for new album

El Gun Legro is a hip hop artist known in the Southern California area nerdcore community. He has been called the Intergalactic Space Nerd Cowboy, Twinkie the Kid and the

What if Disney songs were influenced by ’90s R&B

Todrick Hall, the YouTube singer popular for many Disney-inspired songs like Beauty and the Beat and Cell Block Tango, has produced another Disney mix inspired by ’90s R&B. The “90s Disney” song

Golden State Pops Orchestra presents Superhero Soundtracks

Some of the best composers in the world like Hans Zimmer, John Williams and James Horner have crafted musical masterpieces for many of the superhero movies we enjoy today. On Saturday

Rock Band 4 or Guitar Hero Live? A battle of the bands

It seems 2015 will be the year of the rhythm game genre’s revitalization. The games that were Guitar Hero and Rock Band began a revolution of families and friends gathering

Silent Hill’s Mary Elizabeth McGlynn has a new song for Kholat

If you’re a fan of the Silent Hill games, then you may recognize Mary Elizabeth McGlynn’s voice. Now she has joined forces with musician Arkadiusz Reikowski to perform a new

Dancing with the Stars does Pirates of the Caribbean’s Captain Jack Sparrow

Set sail, lads. Pirates of the Caribbean has inspired a stunning new dance routine on Dancing with the Stars. The style is the Pasodoble and is performed by Riker Lynch (Glee)

James Gunn says Guardians of the Galaxy 2’s soundtrack will be better

One of the best things about James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy was the songs featured. Throughout the movie, Peter Quill would bust out his “Awesome Mix” tape and listen

Guitar Hero Live, bringing a new experience to the franchise

It’s time to strap on your guitar again and relive the magic that is… playing a fake guitar in front of your television with friends. Activision has announced Guitar Hero

Experience eargasms with Golden State Pops Orchestra’s Superhero Soundtracks concert

Have you ever sat down watching films like The Dark Knight or The Avengers, and thought to yourself how great the orchestral soundtrack was? I know I have many times, as

Michael McCann returns to score Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

One of the best things about Deus Ex: Human Revolution was the score by Michael McCann. The music used in the Human Revolution E3 trailer helped make the game epic

Catch a 4-minute preview of Death Note Stage Musical!

For those who want a preview of the recent Death Note Musical now playing in theatres in Japan, catch a 4-minute compilation released and streamed by talent agency HoriPro. You

Artist combines music and comics perfectly

If your two favorite things in the whole wide world are comic books and album covers, then you’re not alone. I can’t verify if these two things are his absolute

J-rock band SCANDAL comes stateside

One of Japan’s biggest rock bands, SCANDAL, is officially setting its sights on the rest of the world with its “Hello World” tour, which is going to be touring across

Spotify is now available for PS4 and PS3

Spotify is the ultimate music streaming service that allows users to listen to music on-demand, from a playlists, or on a user-created radio. The selection of songs is very extensive,

Idol Shoko Nakagawa voices Diana for Sailor Moon Crystal

Beginning in episode 20 on April 18th, idol Shoko Nakagawa (Shokotan) will debut on the Sailor Moon Crystal anime series as Diana, the daughter of Luna and Artemis, the mooncats.

Harry Potter ‘Uptown Funk’ parody makes you want to dance!

KFaceTV has just released a hilarious Harry Potter parody of Marc Ronson featuring Bruno Mars’ hit song, “Uptown Funk”. It’s catchy and has some fun dancing involved with your favorite Harry Potter