AX 2014 – rePlay: Symphony of Heroes concert review

Fans who attended rePlay: Symphony of Heroes at Anime Expo 2014 were greeted by a plethora of music from the various popular games from the past two decades. The concert

Dark Side of the Moon & The Wizard of Oz movie sync? Try Random Access Memories & Tron: Legacy

Movie soundtracks can be pretty awesome sometimes. It can either enhance a movie (Batman Begins) or ruin it (The Amazing Spider-Man 2). However, sometimes we stumble upon something that makes

LA gang members shoot up zombie…hilarity ensues

Here’s an oldie but goody. A group of Los Angeles gang bangers confront a zombie and try to shoot it down, but the dead ain’t coming down without a fight…or

Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ gets a male animated version and rock cover

Okay, I know a lot of you are sick of the “Let It Go” song from Frozen, but this one’s the male version featuring a rock cover by Nate Smith. It’s

KCON 2014 Festival lineup released, individual tickets on sale July 3rd

KCON, the largest fan celebration of Korean entertainment and culture, will take place at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Downtown LA on August 9-10. The full artist lineup has

Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack cover and tracklist revealed

Let’s face it; the Guardians of the Galaxy trailers have featured some very catchy classic rock songs that, oddly enough, fits in so well with the high tech sci-fi visuals.

Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions Concert to tour in August

Did the cute Pikachu holding the conductor’s baton catch your attention? While you won’t be seeing any cute Pokémon play any instruments, the Pokémon Company has announced that the live orchestral concert series, Pokémon:

Metal singer does covers for anime and cartoon shows

I stumbled upon a great artist on YouTube by sheer luck. Having started watching videos of Metallica after a few recommended videos and random searches, I ended up on this

Perfume announces 3rd World Tour that includes first US appearance

J-pop fans, this one is for you! Electropop band Perfume announced their third world tour with two of them being held in the United States for the first time! You

Possibly the best Street Fighter music video ever!

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Street Fighter movie is a guilty pleasure of mine, but so far we only have had one awesome and faithful Street Fighter adaptation to date. Now add this new music

Japanese teen pop idol Tokyo Girls’ Style crowdfunds documentary

Tokyo Girls’ Style, the Japanese teen pop idol, will be making an appearance and performing at the 2014 J-Pop Summit Festival and J-Pop Live At Union Square show. They have

Star Wars Musical (Disney Parody): Behind the scenes

After releasing their Star Wars Musical (Disney Parody), George Shaw Music released several behind the scenes footage and some fun videos for Star Wars and Disney fans to see. They

Star Wars characters parody Disney musicals

Star Wars mania is going to hit an all-time high when Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters next year in December. If you can’t wait that long, then perhaps this

KCON – Korean Pop Culture Convention

At this rate, you may have heard of someone who listens to Korean pop music (also known as K-Pop) avidly or know of the increasing international phenomenon taking over the

Miku Expo 2014 is coming to North America

Hatsune Miku is BAAACK!! This October, Miku Expo 2014 will be coming to the U.S.! After their success in Indonesia just a few weeks ago, Crypton Future Media, INC has

MomoCon 2014 CMV by Minh Nhat Bui

Minh does it again. This time he is sponsored by EZCosplay. Here is his coverage of MomoCon 2014. Look out for cameos from team Nerd Reactor.

Video Games Live E3 concert to feature Malukah, Peter Hollens and Mystery Guitar Man

If you love listening to video game music and are in the LA area during E3 next week, then you owe it to yourself to check out Video Games Live

Interview with HOME MADE KAZOKU

If you’ve watched Bleach or Naruto, chances are you’ve heard the music of HOME MADE KAZOKU, a hip hop group from Nagoya. Japan that’s been making upbeat tunes for the

rePLAY: Symphony of Heroes video game concert heads to Anime Expo in LA

If you’re a fan of video game music, then you owe it to yourself to check out rePLAY: Syphony of Heroes (from the producers of The Legend of Zelda: Symphony

Check out LeVar Burton’s new Reading Rainbow theme song

Remember the Reading Rainbow theme song that included lyrics like “I can be anything” and “I can go anywhere”? If so, check out the new theme song from Funny or