Otaku band releases catchy animated music video featuring Link, Inuyasha and more

leetstreet boys imaginary

We love promoting awesome nerdy bands, especially when their music is catchy. Here’s an otaku group called LeetStreet Boys that recently released a new music video last month called “Imaginary Boys.” What makes this music video pretty cool is that it’s animated and includes characters from Legend of Zelda, InuYasha, … Continue reading

Preview Grand Theft Auto 5’s radio & TV stations, fitness lifestyle, and the cops of Los Santos

grand theft auto 5 radio stations

Rockstar has updated its site with some new sections for its Los Santos & Blaine County Visitors Travelogue that’ll allow you to preview the radio and TV stations from Grand Theft Auto 5. You’ll also get to see what fitness activities will be available in the game, as well as get … Continue reading

Marvel vs. DC Dragon Con 2013 cosplay music video pays tribute to George Pérez

Distractotron Marvel vs DC Dragon Con 2013

Photo by Distractotron Check out this epic Dragon Con 2013 cosplay music video by Distractotron. It features DC’s Justice League of America and Marvel’s Avengers cosplayers. George Pérez (Crisis on Infinite Earths) was on location at the gathering to show support, and the video pays tribute to the iconic comic … Continue reading

Dragon Con 2013 gets a hulacam video

dragon con hula cam nerd reactor

Hey guys, we decided to try something a little different with this year’s Dragon Con video. Instead of going for the traditional cosplay music video, we experimented with a camera attached to a hula hoop. The video was inspired by the Burning Man 2012 video by Rob Volkel. Please check … Continue reading

Hear Danny Elfman’s music from Tim Burton’s films in concert (Los Angeles)


Tim Burton’s films are usually dark and morbid, so what perfect timing than to have a concert featuring Danny Elfman’s score from his Tim Burton films on Halloween this year. Located at the Nokia Theatre LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles, the concert will feature music from movies like Batman, Edward … Continue reading

Nobuo Uematsu interview part 2 – Music, Black Mages and Earthbound Papas

Nobuo Uematsu IMG_9425

In the second part of our interview with Nobuo Uematsu we begin asking questions our fans posted on Facebook. If you posted a question, you might hear an answer from Mr. Uematsu. We chat about his music, Black Mages and the Earthbound Papas. Pay attention around the eight-minute mark, as … Continue reading

Animal Crossing gets a rap music video – Tom Nook, you better watch out!

stage 5 animal crossing

It’s Shark Week this week, and we have no shark news for you because…well…we rather cover YouTube Geek Week. Sorry, shark fans. Today is video game day for Geek Week, and here’s a rap music video dedicated to Nintendo’s Animal Crossing from Stage 5 TV. The video will teach us … Continue reading

Futurama’s Bender sings the ‘Bacon Pancakes’ song from Adventure Time

jake the dog bender

Here’s a treat from you guys from 1337 Lounge Live. Voice actor John DiMaggio, who does the voice of both Bender from Futurama and Jake the Dog from Adventure Time, crosses characters. Check out the video below of him as Bender singing the “Bacon Pancakes” song as made famous by … Continue reading

NR interviews Nobuo Uematsu on his eBook and music career part 1

Nobuo Uematsu

During San Diego Comic-Con, the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Concert was being held right behind the Convention Center with conductor Arnie Roth and the San Diego Symphony. They played tracks from the Final Fantasy series composed by legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu. Since his days at Squaresoft (now Square Enix), … Continue reading

Portable Audio: Make some noise with these awesome new gadgets


Since CES 2013, we’ve seen a huge boom in the portable Bluetooth audio market. With the wide selection now available both online and in-stores, it can be quite overwhelming when trying to decide on the right choice for your listening pleasure. Don’t fret, don’t cry, don’t worry friends, we’ve got … Continue reading

Meet the man who sang that Zelda song…and no, it’s not System of a Down

link art

There are still many people who think that System of a Down performed that one Legend of Zelda song that was made popular on the internet since the days of Napster. If you’re a casual fan of System of a Down, it’s understandable to think that, even I thought it … Continue reading

Nerdy Deal of The Day: Soul by Ludacris SL100 Ultra Dynamic On-Ear Headphones ($50)


Alright nerds and nerdettes, who needs new headphones? Today we’ve got yet another deal from the Microsoft store. This time we have the: Soul by Ludacris SL100 Ultra Dynamic On-Ear Headphones. Retailing at a staggering $150, these little puppies pack quite a punch according to Techhog.com: “The SL100s are comparable … Continue reading

Composer Olivier Derivière talks Capcom’s Remember Me OST (Interview)

Olivier Deriviere RememberMe-Cover-final

Capcom’s Remember Me is already out, and if you’ve played it, you may have noticed the unique soundtrack attached to the game. You can thank composer Olivier Derivière for the unique blend of techno and orchestral sounds. We had the chance to interview the composer about his contribution to the … Continue reading

Wait, so a Comic-Con cosplay party isn’t about the orgies and drugs?

miley cyrus

San Diego Comic-Con is coming next week, so get ready for a week filled with sex, drugs, and orgies! Wait, what’s that? You mean it’s not? What the hell am I even going for then? Anyway, here’s the latest parody music video from Stage 5 TV poking fun of Miley … Continue reading

Anime Expo 2013: Porno Graffiti Press Conference Report

During Anime Expo 2013, Nerd Reactor was able to attend Porno Graffiti’s Press Conference where members of the press had an opportunity to ask them a variety of interesting questions. They talked about many topics including their humble beginnings and their works being featured in well-known animes (such as Full Metal Alchemist, … Continue reading

Video Games Live concert adding 30+ shows worldwide


When playing a video game, nothing helps increase the experience like a good soundtrack. Whether it’s your favorite RPG or action titles, a good score will help keep you interested when playing for hours on end. Even the good old 8-bit songs are still fresh in our memories, like when … Continue reading