Comikaze Expo 2012 Gangnam Style Music Video

comikaze expo 2012 gangnam style

Let’s face it, Gangnam Style is everywhere. A popular South Korean rapper makes it big all over the world, especially in the States. You can hear him on the radio, see him perform on Ellen, SNL and the Today show. Plus, he’s #1 on iTunes right now. With Comikaze Expo … Continue reading

Zelda violinist Lindsey Stirling does Game of Thrones

Lindsey Stirling does Game of Thrones

Recently we posted up the beautiful Harp Twins playing the Game of Thrones theme song. Now Zelda violinist Lindsey Stirling is also going after our hearts by doing a violin rendition. I’m disappointed that she’s not dancing as much, since that’s part of her charm. She dresses up like Daenerys … Continue reading

Sam and Max presents GEEKAPELLA Donkey Kong Country – Jungle Hyjinx (A cappella)


Max and Sam are two buddies who love video games, making people laugh and creating some catchy tunes. The two have taken game music to a whole new level by adding their own spin on a cappella covers via different games that are requested by fans. Currently they have given the … Continue reading

This is what happens when Tetris blocks are left alone

tetris musical

You really can’t leave a Tetris blocks alone together. Sooner or later they’re going to be fighting each other or making babies. What next? Singing Tetris blocks? Random Encounters has produced a new musical featuring Tetris blocks. The song speaks to me since I’m always fond of the square and … Continue reading

Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Assassin’s Creed composers to speak at PAX Prime

Michael McCann Banner Deus Ex Human Revolution

It has been announced that composers Jesper Kyd (Assassin’s Creed series), Michael McCann (Deus Ex: Human Revolution), Inon Zur (Dragon Age series), and Sam Hulick (Mass Effect trilogy) will be special guests at the PAX Prime panel, “Behind the Music of Blockbuster Video Games”, in Seattle, Washington, on September 1, 2012. … Continue reading

Batman and Bane become best friends and ‘His Ride Isn’t a Car’ parodies

Batman dark knight rises bane

AwesomenessTV and Random Encounters have each released their own parodies for The Dark Knight Rises, which hits theaters on July 20th. These should definitely get you guys hyped up for the actual movie. With AwesomenessTV, they dare ask the question, “What if Batman and Bane understood each other?” It turns … Continue reading

Cosplayers get their own theme songs just in time for San Diego Comic-Con

cosplay good times screen team show

It’s a good week for cosplayers. We have San Diego Comic-Con, a haven for cosplayers, happening this weekend. We also have two cosplay songs released this week, one of them from video game/geek parody group ScreenTeamShow and the other from nerdcore rapper Richie Branson. Check out the video, “Cosplay Is … Continue reading

Howard Shore scores video game music with Soul of the Ultimate Nation

Soul of the Ultimate Nation Howard Shore

I’ve geeked over Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings score ever since I first heard it in theaters back in 2001. Everything about the tracks in the trilogy felt epic, beautiful, haunting, sad and catchy, from the Fellowship theme to the Minas Tirith theme. They’re the only soundtracks that I … Continue reading

Listen to samples of The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack

The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack score

Warner Bros. has released 15 sample tracks from The Dark Knight Rises from composer Hans Zimmer. You might have noticed that James Newton Howard isn’t attached as composer. According to The Film Stage, he opted out due to the established chemistry between director Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer when they … Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast’s ‘Belle (Little Town)’ set in the streets of Los Angeles

beauty-and-the-beast beat

What do you get when you mix a Disney song from Beauty and the Beast, “Belle (Little Town),” and the hoods of Los Angeles? You get the Beauty and the BEAT! This music video is brought to you by Todrick Hall. I found this very funny and amusing. Go ahead and … Continue reading

‘The Megas’ release their new album ‘History Repeating: Blue’

TM - HRBlue

It has been four years since the video game inspired rock band ‘The Megas‘ released their Mega Man 2 influenced sountrack ‘Get Equipped’. Since then the band has been working on new material and earning a very special reference in the Archie ‘Mega Man’ comic book series. Now their much anticipated Mega … Continue reading

The a cappella Guile theme song goes with everything

Acapella Street Fighter Guile

Guile’s theme song goes with everything. But you know what makes a Guile theme song even sweeter? An a cappella version. The guys over at Geekapella has decided to create the classic tune using their voices. Let’s make the Geekapella version go with everything. Source: MaxandSamComedy

Symphony of the Goddesses: Two hours of nostalgia


Photo by Andrew Craig Nintendo’s conference during E3 may have been a big letdown, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t still find ways to entertain. With the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert that was in town during its tour, it helped fill in that hole that Mario … Continue reading