Check out the full ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Super Bowl trailer


The Super Bowl is now over, but you may have seen the Super Bowl ad for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Although the 30-second ad was amazing, Disney used that ad slot to inform all the watchers that there is a full trailer available online. I’m pretty sure that it’s … Continue reading

Will Grimlock speak Mandarin in Transformers: Age of Extinction?

transformers age of extinction grimlock optimus prime

Check out the Super Bowl ad for Transformers: Age of Extinction featuring Mark Wahlberg, robot action, and Optimus Prime riding on top of Grimlock, the dinobot leader. In the ad, we can see Prime and Grimlock in China, wrecking a Chinese gate. Grimlock’s original design is inspired by a T-rex, … Continue reading

Disney photoshops Black Widow into Barbie

Captain America Photoshop

Photoshop disasters are nothing new, but it seems not even Disney is too big to fail miserably at the photo alternation game. The company behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been getting some flak since they released four new posters for the film yesterday, one of which features a … Continue reading

Guess who’s the new Lex Luthor? (This one’s out of left field)

jesse eisenberg lex luthor

[Robert Galvan’s view doesn’t represent Nerd Reactor as a whole.] Warner Brothers officially announced today that the roles for Lex Luthor and Alfred have been cast. Jeremy Irons will be joining the Batcave as Bruce Wayne’s infamous butler, Alfred. They also announced a completely new direction for Lex Luthor by … Continue reading

Marvel hires Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost to write Thor 3


First it was announced that The Russo brothers would return to direct Captain America 3 and now Thor 3 seem to be on Marvel’s Phase 3 slate as well. Marvel have announced that they have hired Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost to pen the script for Thor 3. Captain America: … Continue reading

4 new images for X-Men: Days of Future Past


X-men: Days of Future Past will be hitting the theaters very soon. It’s one of the many anticipated Marvel movies soon to be gracing the big screens. Empire magazine has recently 4 new set images for this upcoming action flick. Check them out at the bottom! A quick synopsis for those that … Continue reading

Snow White’s Rupert Sanders to helm live-action Ghost in the Shell film

Ghost in the shell major Motoko batou  tachikoma

There are two anime that many otaku consider as the pièce de résistance of anime, and those are Ghost in the Shell and Akira. Rupert Sanders, the Snow White and the Huntsman director who dated Kristen Stewart (Twilight), is said to be directing the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie. According to Deadline, Sanders … Continue reading

Ratchet and Clank movie coming 2015


This is old news, but with the recent announcement of the Sly Cooper movie coming in 2016 by Rainmaker Entertainment and Blockade Entertainment, we thought we would go back and look at the first announced title, Ratchet and Clank. Created by Insomniac Games, the Ratchet and Clank series has had great successes since … Continue reading

The Russo Bros set to return to direct Captain America 3


We’re just a few months away from Captain America: The Winter Soldier from dropping in theaters but we’re already getting news about the third installment in the Captain America franchise. Variety is reporting that directors Joe and Anthony Russo will be back to direct Captain America 3, even though the … Continue reading

Josh Trank denies rumor of Josh Gad as Fantastic Four’s Thing

josh gad thing fantastic four

Whenever a rumor is being reported for the Fantastic Four reboot, director Josh Trank quickly denies it. For example, it was rumored that the origin of the Fantastic Four was going to be different from the version many know and love. After hearing about that, Josh Trank denied it. Now we … Continue reading

‘Future Cinema’ brings movies to life

Ghostbusters Future Cinema 01

You don’t have to be a Hollywood executive to notice that our movie-going culture has changed. We’ve gone from the cinema, to VHS, to DVD and now home theaters. We’ve literally brought the “quality” of a night at the movies into our living rooms. And with technology becoming more affordable … Continue reading

Quentin Tarantino felt betrayed by script leak and sues Gawker

quentin tarantino

Quentin Tarantino worked on a script for a movie project called The Hateful Eight. He handed the first draft to six close parties to check out and critique. Somebody leaked the script, and Gawker was the first to make it available online. Soon after, many other news sites have reported … Continue reading