Tiger & Bunny: The Rising – A hero’s true strength isn’t in his powers


Tiger & Bunny: The Rising is the second movie in the Tiger & Bunny series. The first movie, Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning, was a re-telling of the anime series while The Rising is a brand-new adventure taking place after the events of the anime series. Hero TV is still a … Continue reading

NECA unleashes first look at Godzilla


Don’t you just wanna pick him up and take him home? <3 Infamous collectible maker NECA revealed the first look of their officially licensed Godzilla figure from the upcoming Gareth Edward’s summer blockbuster. The high-res photos showcase NECA’s two models from their upcoming HtT (Head-to-Tail) Godzilla action figures. NECA will release … Continue reading

Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan talk Marvel contracts; What’s in the cards for Cap and Bucky?


With Captain America: The Winter Soldier hitting theaters in just three short weeks, there has been a lot of news recently about the “Sentinel of Liberty”. Among the topics that were discussed was the contract length for Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan. In speaking with Collider, it was revealed that Chris Evans’ contract … Continue reading

First look at Sailor Moon Crystal anime including story


Where are my Sailor Moon fans at? This one’s a big one, since we’ll be getting a new Sailor Moon anime series, a re-imagining of the manga with updated art and script for today’s generation. Toei Animation has released a new image along with a synopsis. With the new image, … Continue reading

Captain America 3 to take on Batman and Superman movie on the same release date – Who will make the first move?

captain america vs batman superman

We all know how powerful Batman and Superman are. Batman is pretty much the smartest superhero alive, and Superman is pretty much the most powerful superhero alive. I love me some Batman and Superman action, but what I love more is the underdog, and that is Captain America. From a … Continue reading

NR Podcast #39: Space…The Final Avenger


Download | Itunes | Subscribe to RSS | Previous Episodes l Twitter Hey, nerds and nerdettes! It’s time for this week’s Nerd Reactor Podcast. Hosting the show is Mike Villarreal, with Robert Galvan, Holly Amos, Narvin Seegoolam, Jose Gutierrez and myself, John “Spartan” Nguyen, joining the episode. Over the weekend, the Nerd Reactor gang came together and did … Continue reading

Journey to the West review: Stephen Chow hunts down demons from Chinese folklore


I love me some Stephen Chow. Ever since I saw Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle, I was right there waiting on whatever Stephen Chow was going to release in theaters. So you can imagine my excitement when we got the chance to review his new film, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons. … Continue reading

Who’s in, who’s out? Update on shortlist of directors for Doctor Strange


A few weeks ago, we reported on Marvel’s shortlist of directors who they would like to direct Doctor Strange. Now, thanks to THR’s Borys Kit, we have an update on who is still on Marvel shortlist of directors. They are: Mark Andrews (Pixar’s Brave) Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies, 50/50) Scott Derrickson … Continue reading

Critics are already saying Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the best Marvel movie yet


Disney and Marvel held a Captain America: The Winter Soldier screening last night, and many critics have already taken it to Twitter to share their reactions. So far it’s looking great for fans anticipating the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers. I also asked our pal, … Continue reading

Captain America: The Winter Soldier end credit scenes revealed *SPOILERS*


Captain America: The Winter Soldier has yet to have a red carpet premiere, and already it seems like the end credit scene has been leaked. The release is just less than a month away for the U.S. moviegoers while it’s just over two weeks for the UK release. It will … Continue reading

Review: Jump to lightspeed with Topps’ Star Wars radio drama

star wars radio drama

This is quite an interesting little item that dropped by our door here at Nerd Reactor. I don’t think it is #ThrowbackThursday, but Topps has re-released the classic Star Wars radio drama that aired on NPR in the ’80s. The original series first ran in 1981 and for the first … Continue reading