The Martian: How a blog post became a Hollywood movie starring Matt Damon

There are those big action sci-fi space flicks like Star Wars and Star Trek, and then there are those “grounded” space flicks like Gravity and Interstellar. Next up we have Ridley

Neil deGrasse Tyson promotes The Martian in new video

If there’s a sure sign that nerd culture is slowly taking over the world, it’s the fact that we are somehow using the words “celebrity” and “astrophysicist” in the same

Target wants you to #SharetheForce

In anticipation of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, Target, a distributor of Star Wars merchandise, has officially launched Share the Force, a website where fans can come

Star Wars social media managers are keeping it real

With the sharing of photos and clips on the Star Wars social media pages, the social media managers are doing a great job keeping the hype going. They are also

Suicide Squad film wraps, Jared Leto cuts hair and Margot Robbie does charity

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad has finished principal photography over the weekend, and with the project done, the actors are out and about. We have Jared Leto, who’s portraying the Joker, sending

The Avengers have picked sides in Captain America: Civil War, our predictions on who will win

With yesterday’s big announcement by Jeremy Renner, people around the world are noticing that one team seems to be a bit stronger than the other. But considering that the movies are introducing

Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ BB-8 gets its own Empire magazine cover

There are some more photos from the upcoming J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, and this time we see BB-8 plastered on the cover of Empire magazine. The

Ridley Scott says Prometheus 2 will be his next movie

Information about the next Prometheus movie has been consistently hazy since the first installment premiered. Exacerbating the situation is Prometheus’ link to the Alien franchise and the fifth episode in

Captain America: Civil War concept art reveals Cap’s and Iron Man’s teams

Fans are excited to see who’s going to fight whom in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film. We’ve seen a bit of that during the D23 Epo sizzle reel

American Cinematheque, Dammaged Goods, and present Mastering the Universe: A He-Man & She-Ra Celebration

American Cinematheque, Dammaged Goods, and present a weekend of celebration for the popular 1980s Mattel toy and animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by showcasing all that is He-Man.

The funk is strong with this one in Darth Punk – The Funk Awakens

You may not readily recognize the names of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel, but I’m sure you’ve heard of their alter egos as Daft Punk. Their music is infectious and has

New Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser clip reveals Finn as a Jedi

Everyone and their mother is waiting for December to get here, and no, not for Christmas. It’s for the release of J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Since

First look at Michael Fassbender in Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed begins shooting next month, but we got to see a first look into Michael Fassbender’s costume for the new film. Yahoo Movies released the photo earlier today of Fassbender

Here’s a short clip from 6:15, the ‘one-shot’ first-person zombie flick

With so many zombie movies and shows getting pumped out, it’s nice to see a director have a different take on the genre. Enter 6:15, a zombie flick that’s in first-person

War of the Planet of the Apes lead to be Gabriel Chavarria

With Dawn of the Planet of the Apes being the perfect setup for an all-out war between the apes and the humans, it’s about time Fox is getting ready with

Why a movie about Blade’s daughter could work

By Michael Rivera There’s a rumor that Marvel is considering bringing back Blade to the big screen, but not in the way you may think. Blade would be stepping back as

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition to be rated R

According the specs of the forthcoming Blu-ray and DVD for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, the film will be rated R, a surprising rating for any Tolkien-inspired

Will we see these two heroes go up against another hero in Captain America: Civil War?

While comic book fans are understandably anticipating the super fight between Batman and Superman next year, there’s another versus movie that’s coming out next year that is just as big.

LEGO Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom! – Blu-ray Review

The DC animated multiverses continue to create a myriad of films that caters to both kids and adults. Along with Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem, LEGO Justice League: Attack of the Legion

The Final Girls trailer brings out the funny side of horror

Imagine mixing the idea of Pleasantville with a campy horror film and you’d get The Final Girls. It premiere as part of the Narrative Spotlight section at this year’s South by