The Amazing Spider-Man Isn’t a Reboot?

So the executive producer for The Amazing Spider-Man, Avi Arad, is saying that it’s not erasing the previous Spider-Man films and will try to weave a story that fits into

Henry Cavill as Superman EW Details

Here’s a sample of the article from EW. You can view the whole article in the scan below. To become Hollywood ’s new Man of Steel, Henry Cavill had to

New Battle: Los Angeles Poster

Here’s a new Battle: Los Angeles poster. I can pretty much sum up four words for Los Angeles; YOU GUYS ARE SCREWED. Battle: Los Angeles comes out March 11, 2011

New Thor Trailer Strikes

Thanks to Yahoo Movies, we have the newest Thor trailer from Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios. It shows more of Thor as a regular standing up for a small town.

Kill the Alien Bastards and Win Prizes in the Battle: Los Angeles Facebook Game

Battle: Los Angeles has a Facebook game out now called W.A.T.C.H. Ops where fans can win prizes such as a SONY PS3 system, Blu-Ray Disc players, gift cards and more.

Chris Hemsworth AKA Thor Visits Marvel Office

Chris Hemsworth, the world’s sexiest man, came to visit the Marvel office while in New York and Marvel had a chance to take some pics of Thor himself, including him

Wrestlers Weigh-In on The Rock’s Return

It seems like a giant bolt of electricity was sent through out the wrestling world last Monday night. Only one man can electrify millions of people around the world and

Green Lantern’s Kilowog Up Close and Personal

From the pages of the recently released Green Lantern comics, Kilowog struts his stuff. He is one of the members of the Green Lantern Corps and is the first trainer

Pre-Order Your Tron Stitch Today!

Awhile back, we did a report on the awesomeness of Scott Zillner’s Tron Stitch, a collectible that any fan of Tron and Stitch would be dying to have. It seems

New Terminator Film: “Ohhhhh, goooood for you. And how was it? I hope it was f***ing good, because it’s useless now, isn’t it?”

The Terminator franchise is making a comeback with possible Director Justin Lin, and without Christian Bale.

Tim Burton’s Short FRANKENWEENIE to Become a Full Length Feature

I have to get it out, I miss the Tim Burton of old. But, it looks like his new project will bring him back to his glory days. Frankenweenie, a

Updated: Finally, The Rock Has Come Back to WWE!

Update: I found a Youtube videos of the whole segment, infinitely worth watching just to hear the crowd explode when his music hits. Last night in Anaheim, California, after 7

Canned ThunderCats Movie Test Footage Gets Leaked

Back in 2007, Warner Bros. had greenlit a ThunderCats reboot that was to be directed by Gears of War and Unreal Tournament art director, Jerry O’Flaherty. The script was written

The Amazing Spider-Man New Title with Andrew Garfield in Full Spider-Man Mask & Gear

Now this is a cool title, naming the Spider-Man reboot after the original comic series. And the outfit? As much as I hated the new design for the outfit, I

Transformers 3 Toys Reveal Hints of Film’s Story

Here are some photos of the Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon toy line with Sentinel Prime and Megatron. Entertainment Weekly is now covering toys apparently, and Hasbro gave them

Battle: Los Angeles News Reel – Behind the Battle of LA Incident

Sony has released this news reel of the incident behind 1942’s Battle of Los Angeles for Battle: Los Angeles. It’s a pretty cool marketing device that expands on the world

James McAvoy Feels Liberated with Professor X Having Hair

In a recent interview, James McAvoy talked about how he felt liberated that he doesn’t have to follow in Patrick Stewart’s footsteps. It started out with the studio heads telling

Two New Banners for Sucker Punch

Here are two new banners for Sucker Punch, with heavy fire power, giant bunny mechs, and babes. I have to say, these banners look cool and really shows off the

Another New Trailer for Battle: Los Angeles

Here’s another new trailer for Battle: Los Angeles. So far all the trailers for the movie are looking pretty good and epic (Sorry Skyline). I’m a big fan of humans

Did You Know That Uplifting Music Powers Marines?

  It does.   Head back to the Battle: Los Angeles Review?