R-rated Batman: The Killing Joke movie is okay by DC

Fans got excited during San Diego Comic-Con when it was announced that DC Comics and Warner Bros. were going to adapt the Batman: The Killing Joke comic for their upcoming

Relax, Marvel Studios is still making the ‘Inhumans’

In case you haven’t heard or read, there’s a rumor going around that Kevin Feige has pulled the plug on the Inhumans movie because “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” has been heavily

Marvel to ditch Inhumans movie due to Agents of SHIELD? (update)

Update: Looks like the rumor is staying a rumor. A couple of sources has said that it is false. So we have a new rumor saying that Marvel is going to

F. Gary Gray confirms he’s directing Fast & Furious 8

Just days after negotiations began for F. Gary Gray to direct Fast & Furious 8, the director made it official today. The director tweeted out today that he would spearhead

The sound Awakens with these Star Wars speakers

With The Force Awakens release right around the corner, it’s no surprise that you’ll begin to see a large influx of new Star Wars products hit the market. If you

Is ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ going to cost Marvel 1 billion dollars?

When you’re the money-making machine that is Marvel Studios, you’re allowed to create films with a large budget. This is especially true when it comes to Marvel’s prized jewel: Avengers:

Katrina Law: ‘I know Elektra is Greek, but I could have pulled it off’

Photo by Brandin Shaeffer I had the amazing pleasure of talking to one of Hollywood’s most beautiful ass-kicking ladies, Katrina Law. I only knew of Katrina on what I have

New synopsis reveals Apocalypse’s plan in X-Men: Apocalypse

Want to know a little more about the X-Men: Apocalypse story? There’s a new synopsis that was revealed from a team-up between M&M’s and Fox, and we get to learn

Disney announces ‘Incredibles 2’ and ‘Toy Story 4’ release dates

In addition to Marvel’s announcement of Ant-Man and The Wasp, Disney has also provided the release dates for 19 films through the year 2020. Notable release dates include The Incredibles 2 releasing

Marvel officially announces ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ for Phase 3

Marvel’s Phase 3 of the cinematic universe is about to get a whole lot smaller bigger. Given the film’s success, Marvel has announced that it’s developing a sequel to Ant-Man, which

New Disney’s Moana images, plus introducing Auli’i Cravalho

Those who attended D23 Expo’s animated film panel were treated to a live music performance and footage from Moana, the upcoming Walt Disney Animation Studios’ film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Now

Naomi Scott cast as Kimberly in Power Rangers reboot

At long last, Zordon finally has a roster spot on his Power Ranger team filled. Hot off the success of The Martian, Naomi Scott has been cast as Kimberly, the

The 5th Passenger launches crowdfunding campaign for post-production

The 5th Passenger is a sci-fi thriller that successfully funded their Kickstarter to begin production last year. Now, with production taking way, the film has grown bigger than what they

The only review of ‘Pan’ you’ll ever need to read!

When you’re a child, you see the whole world around you in a new light. From sights and sounds to tastes and smells, everything is brand new for you, and you

Daniel Craig would rather ‘slash’ his wrist than do another Bond movie

Daniel Craig, who’s going to star in the upcoming 007’s SPECTRE, once said in an interview that he would play James Bond “as long as I’m physically able.” Now it

Rick Moranis on why he isn’t in Ghostbusters reboot: role ‘makes no sense’

Many of the original cast of Ghostbusters have signed on to appear in the upcoming female-led Ghostbusters reboot, a movie that has many fans rolling their eyes because the original

Handjob Cabin trailer will have you fearing third base

Okay, so Handjob Cabin isn’t a real movie, but check out this funny trailer from Nice Piece that will have you fearing handjobs. The story follows four friends on a

New IMAX Hunger Games poster has a lot of symbolism

It’s the rebels versus the Capitol, or as we see it – Katniss Everdeen versus President Snow. The new IMAX poster for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 was released

‘Captain America: Civil War’ leaked promo art gives new look at Ant-Man, Black Panther & War Machine

While Marvelites patiently wait for the Captain America: Civil War trailer, at least we have some leaked images from a Japanese source to hold us over in the meantime. Although

Joe Robert Cole closing in on deal to write ‘Marvel’s Black Panther’

With F. Gary Gray passing on the opportunity to direct Black Panther, Marvel has decided to change course and work on a script before locking in on a director. That’s