Get a look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange


It was announced that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to play the title character in Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Director Scott Derrickson tweeted yesterday an artwork showing the actor as the Sorcerer Supreme. We’re not sure if this is official or fan-made, but you can check it out below. "Strange but not a … Continue reading

Sony hackers tease FBI and North Korea praises the Sony hack


The FBI confirmed on Friday that the North Korean government was involved in the Sony Pictures hack that revealed sensitive materials from Sony Pictures employees, including co-chairman Amy Pascal. Sony Pictures co-chairman Michael Lynton reached out to the Obama administration for help and said that it had no choice but … Continue reading

Four Geek-flavored Holiday films

Gizmo Gremlins

There are films that are staples of the holiday season, A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life and A Miracle on 34th Street all come readily to mind. However, there are films that reflect both classic holiday themes, as well as the sensibilities of an ever growing geek population. People whose … Continue reading

The Last: Naruto the Movie playing in select theaters February 20


The Naruto Shippuden manga series ended last month and finally ended the adventure of everyone’s favorite ninja, Naruto Uzumaki…well sort of. It was announced that Naruto would be getting one last movie titled The Last: Naruto the Movie, which would take place between chapter 699 and 700 of the manga … Continue reading

Mark Wahlberg to return in Transformers 5


Did you enjoy Transformers: Age of Extinction? Did you enjoy Mark Wahlberg taking over Shia Labeouf’s spot as the main human lead? If you are, then this piece of news should be interesting for you. If you’re not, then you’re screwed, because director Michael Bay will likely keep on doing these films … Continue reading

President Obama says Sony ‘made a mistake’ by submitting to terrorism

Obama sad_5

President Obama has now chimed in on what he thinks about the whole Sony hack and threat situation. This comes after the FBI announcing that North Korea was the one responsible for hacking Sony Pictures and leaking sensitive information. “Yes I think they made a mistake,” Obama said during a … Continue reading

George R.R. Martin fights for freedom by offering to screen The Interview

george r r Martin

Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin has expressed his dislike on Sony pulling the James Franco and Seth Rogen comedy, The Interview, from showing in theaters. He stated on his Live Journal that he is offering to help by having the film screen at his cinema in Santa Fe. His Live Journal … Continue reading

Star Wars Force for Change is a huge success

star wars force for change

J.J. Abrams sent out a video awhile back to help support Force for Change so that UNICEF’s Innovation Labs can get funding for projects that provide learning tools for children worldwide. Now it has been revealed that $4 million was raised, thanks to Star Wars fans and UNICEF supporters. Check out the … Continue reading

WB is working on 6 different Wonder Woman scripts?

Wonder Woman New_52 thumb

Wow, so a screenwriter has heard that Warner Bros. is working on getting 6 scripts out for Wonder Woman. Why so many scripts? Perhaps the studio wants to see which script is the best to adapt the live-action Amazonian movie. Screenwriter Arash Amel (Erased, Grace of Monaco) reveals that six screenwriters are … Continue reading

Marvel wants Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War films


Another Sony leak has surfaced, and this time it’s about details on how Spider-Man is going to be in the Marvel cinematic universe. It’s already been revealed that Spider-Man was a contender to be featured in Captain America: Civil War, but now Marvel also wants him to be in Avengers: … Continue reading

Baby Groot gets an accurate Hot Toy 1/4th collectible

baby groot little

Baby Groot is probably one of the most requested by fans to be turned into a collectible. Funko is working on one, but now we have Hot Toys joining. The company has released photos of the Little Groot 1/4th scale collectible from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. (Fans have been calling him … Continue reading

Frank Grillo says Crossbones can take out the Hulk


Fans are expecting to see Frank Grillo return as Crossbones in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie being directed by the Russo brothers. He recently had a chat with Entertainment Weekly about how badass Crossbones is. How badass? Enough to take out the Hulk. Whoa there, buddy. But first, what does … Continue reading

Paramount stops theaters from showing Team America


Alamo Drafthouse, in a sign of protest, has opted to give cyber terrorists the middle finger by showing Team America: World Police in theaters. The decision was made after Sony and many other major theater chains opted to not release the Seth Rogen and James Franco’s comedy, The Interview, in … Continue reading

First look at Guillermo del Toro’s horror film, Crimson Peak

crimson peak

Guillermo del Toro is a busy man. Not only will he be doing Pacific Rim 2, but he will also be directing Crimson Peak, an upcoming horror flick starring Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain. Now we get a first-look photo featuring Chastain. Legendary Pictures’ CRIMSON PEAK, a co-production with Universal … Continue reading

Maisie Richardson-Sellers will be in Star Wars: The Force Awakens…who?


Photo: IMDB Maisie Richardson-Sellers will have a role in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Wait, who? All kidding aside, it’s great to see Abrams going for unknown talent. A lot of the main cast members in the upcoming sci-fi films haven’t done anything big, and it’s nice to see … Continue reading

James Spader’s mo-cap suit helped him become Ultron

avengers age of ultron trailer

Even though we’ve seen some set photos of costumes looking like Ultron on the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the actor playing the killer robot, James Spader, is actually doing motion capture. You can probably imagine Spader wearing a form-fitting one piece with balls all around. Joss Whedon told Cinemablend … Continue reading

James Gunn checks off Star-Lord’s dad list


Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn posted a checklist on instagram showing the possible dads for Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord. The one name’s that is crossed off is North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. It’s lighthearted fun in times of sadness due to the Sony hacking situation that ended in a … Continue reading

Alamo Drafthouse fights for our freedom – Team America replaces The Interview


America, f*** yeah! The Alamo Drafthouse, an independent theater chain based in Texas, has decided to that Team America: World Police will replace The Interview starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. This is a big sign of patriotism and is a great way of giving the middle finger to those trying to … Continue reading

Sony has no future plans to release The Interview on VOD or DVD


After a handful of major theater chains announcing that they would not being showing the Jame Franco and Seth Rogen comedy due to terrorist threats, Sony announced that it would scrap the film altogether and not release The Interview at all. “In light of the decision by the majority of our exhibitors not … Continue reading

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Blu-ray review

tmnt blu-ray

When Michael Bay first announced that he was producing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, many fans were upset. Bay accidentally mentioning that the turtles would be aliens didn’t help also. Now that the movie is out, it’s safe to say that the Turtles aren’t aliens, but how did the movie fare … Continue reading

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix Review


This year we were treated with another Square-enix’s HD remastering of three Kingdom Hearts games. Last year’s 1.5 had the original Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories, and KH 358 days/2 which was converted into a short length movie covering all the story elements of the original game. This year Kingdom … Continue reading