Sneaky Zebra and Loot Crate have fun with props in ‘Prop Wars: Prop Harder’

The guys of Sneaky Zebra and Loot Crate decided to have some fun with iconic props in a random storage unit site. Battling with each other, the boys played with

Want to dress classy, but still want to rock your geek wear? has you covered!

Have you ever had those occasions where you were going to an event, and it’s a formal attire dress code, but the latest Marvel or DC film came out, and you

Delusion, the interactive horror theatre, returns this fall with ‘His Crimson Queen’

Delusion is an interactive horror theatre that takes scares to new heights each Halloween season. It makes watching a creepy movie or walking in a packed haunted maze seem like a tame

What if black holes were completely different than we thought?

What if I told you that black holes weren’t as bad as you thought they were? That they wouldn’t just crush life or anything for that matter when it came

Go outside and check out Perseid’s meteor shower!

I feel like it’s time for my yearly “Hey, there’s a meteor shower this month” article. Well, here it is! This week on August 12th, Perseid’s meteor shower will take

Scientists have achieved the lowest temperature ever to be recorded

(Image credit: University of New Mexico) Scientists from the University of New Mexico have been conducting research with extremely low temperatures. Using a different lasers, these scientists were able to

Farewell Yutu, China’s Moon rover

It has just been announced that the Chinese Moon Rover has ceased all operations. The moon rover, Yutu, had been struggling with all sorts of problems from day one, where

NASA has released new photos of Mars

NASA has released a ton of new photos of Mars. NASA’s space camera, called HiRISE, part of the Reconnaissance Orbiter, has been orbiting Mars for the last 10 years, all

IOYS Studio creates 3D figurines of your photos

Looks like the selfie game has gone up another notch. Social media has pretty much encompassed a majority of our lives and there’s nothing more cliche about social media than

Rare ‘The Walking Dead’ comics and art for sale through Tony Moore’s estate sale

(Credit: Image Comics) Tony Moore, co-creator of The Walking Dead, just listed an estate sale at Everything but the House which includes some pretty amazing collectible comics and art from the series.

5 great things about Suicide Squad (Spoiler Free)

The initial reviews for Warner Bros. and DC’s Suicide Squad have been pretty rough so far, but a few of us here at Nerd Reactor watched Suicide Squad last night and had opinions of

Show off your Marvel pride with Jamberry nail wraps

It seems like we are always finding a way to accessorize our fandom whether in clothing, jewelry, and even hair. Now, there is another way to show off your love

Harry Potter fans mad that Cursed Child script book is actually a script

Every time a new Harry Potter book comes out, it becomes a huge event with sales going through the roof. That’s the case with the new book, Harry Potter and

Pokémon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair coming this December

  This December, ThinkGeek will be releasing a Snorlax Bean Bag Chair. No Pokéflute is needed to move around this 4′ tall comfy chair. It is a bit expensive retailing $149.99,

Upset DC fans start petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes because of Suicide Squad reviews

There have always been fans of comic book movies since their conception many many years ago. However, in the past 16 years, the comic book movie genre has grown leaps

Ob Nixilis vs. Nissa is the new MTG Duel Deck

You have to love the Magic the Gathering Duel decks… Especially when the set includes two standard legal Planeswalkers like Nissa, Voice of Zendikar and Ob Nixilis Reignited. On September

LA MoonWalk is coming up soon!

Live in LA? Well, science buffs, I have some good news for you. If you do not already know, The Planetary Society is located in Pasadena – where most cool

C2H6O Science – What does religion have to do with science?

Last week on our science show C2H6O Science, we got down and dirty with the concept of a robot uprising. What does it entail? Does it have to do with

Aggressive Comix’s San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Cosplay Music Video

San Diego Comic-Con was a journey this year. With a crowds everywhere and many things to do and explore, it can get overwhelming. From my experience, I’ve noticed that there

The Ice Bucket Challenge leads to major breakthrough in ALS research

Hey guys, remember that COOL trend two years ago that challenged you to dump a bucket of ice over your head to support ALS? Well hopefully you didn’t turn a COLD