Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix Review


This year we were treated with another Square-enix’s HD remastering of three Kingdom Hearts games. Last year’s 1.5 had the original Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories, and KH 358 days/2 which was converted into a short length movie covering all the story elements of the original game. This year Kingdom … Continue reading

Norman Bridwell, creator of Clifford the Big Red Dog, passes away


Some very sad news was announced today. Author and cartoonist Norman Bridwell has passed away at the age of 86. Norman’s legacy will live forever in the hearts and minds of children and adults everywhere through his beloved character, Clifford the Big Red Dog. (The very first Clifford book was published in 1963.) … Continue reading

Free Comic Book Day 2015 Gold Sponsor Comics revealed


Free Comic Book Day 2015 is coming May 2, 2015, and Diamond has revealed the Gold Sponsor Comic covers. The sponsors include Marvel, Titan Comics, DC and more, and participants will have 50 free comics to choose from. 12 will be Gold Sponsor Comics, and 38 will be Silver Sponsor Comics. … Continue reading

Top Ten Holiday Nerdy Sweaters, plus Ugly Sweater Event!


The Holidays are finally here…and so are the amazing parties that come with it! If you are wondering how to keep nerdy during the holiday season, look no further! Here are the Top 10 Hottest Nerd Holiday Sweaters. 1. Darth Vader Sweater ($20.99)- Available at your local Target! 2. Holiday Mix Vol. 1 ($25) – … Continue reading

Toho will start filming new Godzilla movie next year


After being in deep slumber since Godzilla: Final Wars, Toho is finally going to their Kaiju reservoir and making their version of Godzilla. They’re not doing this because they are embarrassed of the new movie like the awful 1998 version, it’s quite the opposite actually. Ever since the new Godzilla was released and broke … Continue reading

The Marvel movies aren’t ‘real’ films

The Avengers MST3K

A while ago, the internet lit up like a pinball machine over remarks supposedly made by director Christopher Nolan in which he stated that a “real movie” doesn’t include comedy coda endings or post credit stingers. He later said that he was misquoted by The Guardian, but not before the … Continue reading

Listen to the catchy video game-inspired song called ‘Pick a Universe’

pick a universe tryhardninja

Check out this fun and catchy song, “Pick a Universe,” from YouTube singer Igor, aka TryHardNinja. The latest song is very reminiscent of bands like Bowling for Soup and is inspired by 8-bit video games. The song is about how people can escape reality and enter a world of fantasy … Continue reading

This fan already has a Star Wars: The Force Awakens tattoo

star wars force awakens tattoo droid

With the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens being released, fans now have a brief yet clear look at some of the characters. One of them is the “soccer ball” droid that had many fans groaning. However, there are fans out there embracing the new tech. That’s the case … Continue reading

A look inside the Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe


A very common thing found in Japan are themed cafes. You’ve heard of maid and host cafes but there are also video game and anime themed ones that open from time to time. One I wanted to visit was the Final Fantasy XIV-themed cafe Eorzea. Located in Akihabara, the Eorzea … Continue reading

Final Fantasy Artnia store and cafe in Japan


While in Japan I decided to visit Square Enix’s Artnia store and cafe located in Shinjuku. As a long-time Square Enix fan, this was a must-do on my list while out here and it was worth it. Located a short walk away from the Shinjuku station, the egg-shaped store/cafe is … Continue reading

Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival Tour is coming in 2015!


Hello Kitty and friends are hitting the road with their first ever North American live tour event! At each venue across the US, Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Festival is being set up featuring live interactive musical acts and tons of photo ops. You could join Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, My … Continue reading

Chris Hemsworth named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People Magazine

Thor chris hemsworth people

Thor may not be the most popular character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the Marvel series is still doing great. That’s also not stopping Thor actor Chris Hemsworth from being a heartthrob. After being a Norse god, the Australian actor has had many movies under his belt including Cabin in … Continue reading

Colaborator launches strong to help aspiring filmmakers Launches At Milk Studios

Filmmaking in today’s market is one of the hardest thing for aspiring filmmakers to do, but luckily Colaborator has launched to help make their dreams come true. With a start-studded launch and kick-off party, you can already smell the success that Colabator hopes to help future directors, producers, and writers create. … Continue reading

Star Wars, DC and Marvel cosplay photos done as renaissance art

cosplay renaissance hulk thumb

Some of these images look so surreal that you would think they were paintings or Photoshopped images, but these are the real deal. Photographer Sacha Goldberger held an exhibit in Paris at the Grand Palais that incorporated Renaissance themes to popular characters in cosplay including the Hulk, Catwoman, Darth Vader, … Continue reading