Friends for Benefits presents: Josh Kornbluth – a benefit for

Comedic writer and actor Josh Kornbluth and Friends For Benefits are having a one-night benefit for Kornbluth, known for his comedy monologues, television series, and films, will perform on

Why cosplay is no longer an escape for most of us

Hey, you. Yeah you! Pull up a chair, or put your phone in your face, pour yourself a cup of your desired beverage, and let’s have a heart to heart

Creep Los Angeles – One of the scariest haunt attractions in LA

If you’re going to the traditional haunted attractions like Knott’s Scary Farm or Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights for your scares, I recommend ditching those for something creepier. Let’s face it,

WWE Total Divas’ Ariane Andrew interview, spreading awareness about cyberbullying

Bullying and cyber bullying is a real thing. You’re not alone. Many people are going through the same things as you. I spoke with WWE Total Divas’ Ariane Andrew about

TV Store Online is a good place for your Halloween needs

Need some help with your Halloween costume, or are you like me and are too lazy to make one yourself? Why not go to TVStoreOnline? They have a wide variety

New robot social group wants Mars first

After it was reported that Mars contained water, there had been several groups clamoring about its possible habitability. In the next coming years, our scientists are already strategizing ways to

Buffy’s Nicholas Brendon in trouble with law again for choking girlfriend

Somebody, please get this man some help! Nicholas Brendon, known as Xander in Buffy, is once again in trouble with the law. He was arrested Wednesday in Saratoga Springs, New

International Podcast Day: Videogame BANG! Custom Home Studio

Happy International Podcast Day Everyone! Although ‘Coffee Day’ and ‘Burger Day’ are awesome in their own right, today is a big day for podcast creators and listeners to come together

National Lampoon presents Full House: The Musical! A Tanner Family parody!

By Josh Kaye In May of 2014, NerdReactor had the chance to see National Lampoon’s production of Bayside! The Musical!: The Saved By The Bell Musical. And it was one

PewDiePie announces tour dates for This Book Loves You

Pewds has announced the dates for the upcoming book tour for This Book Loves You. The Youtube star will release his first book next month and will visit several cities

Avengers: Age of Latinos (parody trailer)

The Avengers is a superhero team that unites when the world is in danger. It’s made up of mainly white people, but what if we lived in an alternate Marvel

42 gender-bending Disney characters

Have you ever wondered what Disney characters would look like if they were the opposite sex? What would a female Aladdin look like, or perhaps a male Belle? Thanks to

Star Wars Rock and Republic clothing line

By Tee Jay Barillas Wardrobes just keep on expanding along with the Star Wars Universe. This time around fangirls are getting the love from the Rock and Republic Star Wars

Actors reciting music lyrics as Shakespeare on social media for #15secondshakespeare

Updated 9/24/15: Added Neil Gaiman, Arthur Darvill, Phil LaMarr, and Phill Lewis There is this amazing viral trend going around among actors and it’s glorious. Actors are challenging each other

Markiplier gives emotional update on hiatus

In case you missed it last week, the YouTube community were stunned by the sudden death of Cyndago’s Daniel Kyre. Kyre, along with Matt Watson and Ryan Magee, were frequent

4chan’s moot passes the keys back to its roots

If you’ve been a resident of the internet for a long time, you’ll most likely know the delightful community known as 4chan. In its 12 years of service, it’s been

Wrestler Xavier Woods channels Rufio at WWE’s Night of Champions

During tonight’s WWE pay-per-view, superstar Xavier Woods had everyone on social media talking about his very interesting hairdo at Night of Champions. When he came out to the ring with the

Markiplier takes hiatus from YouTube after friend commits suicide

It is a sad day for YouTube. News has just been released that Cyndago member Daniel Kyre has died. Suspicion arose on September 16th when friend and frequent collaborator Markiplier posted on

Attention All Artists! NR Wants You!

Greetings Reactorites. Nerd Reactor is proud to announce that our store has finally reopened. We have partnered with Spreadshirt and will be able to deliver great nerdy shirts. But that’s

Nissan replies to Facebook user’s snide comment in Klingon

Welcome to the age of the Internet, where everybody has the opportunity to contact celebrities and companies via social media. Sometimes a comment can be encouraging, and sometimes they can