UltraSabers Renegade LE Crossguard Lightsaber review

When Kylo Ren first displayed his lightsaber during the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the “crossguard” lightsaber was the talk of the town. There were a plenty

The wonder that was Ben Cooper Halloween Costumes

Ben Cooper, Inc. was an icon in Halloween costumes. Seeing them now, it is hard to believe that they were considered one of the top Halloween costume manufacturers in the

Escape Room L.A. challenges you to free a ghost in The Theatre

Escape game attractions are extremely popular right now. If you’re not the type to go through the terrifying escape games, then Escape Game L.A. is the escape game for you.

Muzzled the Musical web series, where a kingdom rules with the power of singing

Check out a new web series by Will Save Productions (School of Thrones) called Muzzled the Musical starring Ashley Burch (Life is Strange, Borderlands 2). If you’re a fan of

Dhalsim added to Street Fighter V roster, plus February 16th release date

Gotta love leaks! According to a post from that was posted and then almost immediately removed, we received confirmation on what data miners of the Street Fighter V beta

Top 7 Drake ‘Hotline Bling’ geeky mashups

Drake’s new music video ‘Hotline Bling’ has gone viral. Not because of the song or the artistic angles of the video, but because of Drake’s iconic dance moves. Remember when

Pepsi to release more Pepsi Perfect on November 3rd

Many people were pissed off at Pepsi since the Pepsi Perfect bottles were sold out quickly during Back to the Future day. They were even more pissed since Pepsi sold

Jem and the Holograms, a behind-the-music parody

Tuesday we all felt like kids as we saw the last trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and yesterday Marty took us back in time as we all saw

Kickstarter: Baby Sherlock: The Crumbs of Baskerville book

Are you a Sherlock Holmes fan? Are you planning on sharing the adventures and mysteries of Sherlock Holmes to your kids? Well, now you can! Written by S. Mickey Lin

Back to the Future’s Nike MAGs Power Laces are here, more coming soon!

Even though we don’t have flying cars yet, companies have been working hard to give us cool technology and products that were featured in Back to the Future II. We

Unknown facts about Back to the Future!

Today is Back to the Future day and with that in mind we have now seen that we will be getting auto laces, Pepsi was not so Perfect, USA Today

What Back to the Future II got right…and what it didn’t

The future has finally arrived! After over two decades of waiting, and numerous Internet fakeouts, Back to the Future Day is finally upon us (no, seriously!). So what is Back

Lyft is offering rides in DeLoreans for ‘Back To The Future’ Day

In honor of ‘Back To The Future’ Day, Lyft will be offering customers rides in the famed DeLorean in NYC on October 21. In the movie Back To The Future II,

Ford makes time traveling possible with Flux Capacitors installed in new cars

This week is Back to the Future week, and Ford will be selling the Ford Focus and Fiesta with a special Flux Capacitor installed. The Flux Capacitor is a device

If Quentin Tarantino directed Spongebob

An interweb gem brought to us via Reddit today is perhaps one of the most hilarious dubbed over clips ever. Any fan of the cult film Pulp Fiction can recite

Back to the Future parody music video visits actual locations from the film

It’s almost October 21, 2015, the date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to the future in Back to the Future II, and the Screen Team has released a

Marvel’s television deal with Fox may finally get the Fantastic Four rights returned to them

UPDATE: This rumor has been debunked by 20th Century Fox. They released a statement via Heroic Hollywood saying  that “there was ‘no truth’ to these reports and that the deal did not

New York Comic Con (NYCC) Cosplay Music Video 2015

This year has seen some incredible things from many different incredible people. From original parodies to breakout films, we have seen a fair share of awesome in 2015. This past

Can people lift this ‘real’ Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer)?

Check out this cool video from Sufficiently Advanced where people attempt to lift the “real” Mjolnir. Many attempt to raise it from the ground but many have been deemed unworthy.

Friends for Benefits presents: Josh Kornbluth – a benefit for

Comedic writer and actor Josh Kornbluth and Friends For Benefits are having a one-night benefit for Kornbluth, known for his comedy monologues, television series, and films, will perform on