Celebrate Captain America: Civil War with CROSS’ Marvel fine pens

Captain America: Civil War is now out in theaters, and CROSS, America’s oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments, has released its Marvel Century II Pen Collection and Tech 2 Marvel Multipurpose

Battlefield 1 Reveal Event – Live from London

Battlefield’s World Premiere event just aired on the Battlefield YouTube channel. The live event was hosted by Jose Sanchez, who invited us to ‘discover the future of Battlefield’. After a

Get hyped for ‘Captain America: Civil War’ with cosplay

Despite the fact that most of your friends saw the movie last night, TODAY is the official release date for Captain America: Civil War. While most of us are at

Win prizes for your school in Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG School Tournament Series

Get your decks ready and team up with your friends, classmates and other people in your school as Konami has announced the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game School Tournament Series. People

Wonder Woman Beauty Collection exclusive at Walgreens

Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment have partnered up with Walgreens to release exclusive Wonder Woman beauty products. The collection has a Wonder Woman theme of red, white and

Doctor Strange director responds to whitewashing controversy

There has been a lot of outcry by the Asian-American community regarding the casting choice of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One in Marvel’s upcoming film Doctor Strange. The Ancient One

Captain America varsity jacket review

Civil War is among us! It’s time to choose a side, Team Captain America or Team Iron Man. I’ve chosen a side and what better way to show my spirit

Super Mario and Sublime tribute, ‘Plumber Time’

“Plumber Time” is a Super Mario tribute and Sublime mashup by comedy troupe Decent Humans with music recorded by professional Sublime tribute band, Wrong Way. The song sounds great, the

Nintendo teams up with Vans for video game-themed footwear

If you have ever felt the need to wear a pair of sneakers featuring Mario, Link or even the Duck Hunt Dog and Birds, you are in luck. Nintendo and Vans

Celebrate May the Fourth with some Star Wars Campbell’s Soup

May the Fourth is tomorrow and what a better way to celebrate than grabbing yourself a can of a limited edition Star Wars Campbell’s soup! Last year, we saw some

Evangelion’s Kaiju Eva being sold in Japan

With a new Godzilla movie, Shin Godzilla, coming out, 7-Eleven of Japan decided to release a figure of Mecha Godzilla with an Evangelion Unit-01 repaint. And since the director of this

Guardians of the Galaxy to take over Disney’s Tower of Terror ride?

Guardians of the Galaxy was a big hit for Disney and Marvel Studios and grossed $773 million worldwide. That’s pretty impressive for a movie based on an obscure comic book

J. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. Martin in Epic Rap Battles

Epic Rap Battles of History has released a new video, and this time, it’s the battle of the medieval fantasy genre. We have The Lord of the Rings’ J. R.

CHOETECH Portable Solar Charger Review

Portable Bluetooth speaker? Check. Additional battery pack? Check. Pack a few goodies and I’m set for a great weekend trip of camping in the great outdoors. I got my music

New jellyfish found in deep ocean

Sometimes to find cool stuff, you don’t have to look up into the universe. (Although let’s face it, space pretty much takes the trophy for the most amazing discoveries.) This

Exploring new worlds for life

Scientists are exploring three exoplanets with similar size to our own planet, in search of extraterrestrial life. These planets are 39-lightyears away, which may seem far, but are actually within

If emojis took over Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Emoji and social media go hand in hand, but what would happen if emojis took over the Star Wars universe? It would be something like the video below released by

Optimus Prime fights Iron Man in new Super Power Beat Down

Who would win in a fight? Iron Man or Optimus Prime? Check out the new video from Bat in the Sun featuring the first ever digitally animated Super Power Beat

Classic ‘World of Warcraft’ locale recreated in Unreal 4

Once again we are given yet another example of the creativity and talent of people in the gaming community. Whether it’s a group of Minecraft players re-creating a full-scale version

Brothers kill parents then attend anime convention, San Jose police reports

Two brothers are charged with killing their parents inside the San Jose home before attending an anime convention last weekend, according to recent court documents (via LA Times). Santa Clara County