New ‘Harry Potter’ book to be released this summer!

Ever wondered what happened to our famous wizards and their young children? Well, the play that was going to premiere at the West End in London this summer was going

Next Magic the Gathering set announced

  Today Wizards of the Coast has officially announced some information as to the name of the set that is going to take place as set number two in the Shadows

Colossal Titan invades Japan for the Annual Sapporo Snow Festival

Images via Sapporo Every February in Sapporo, Japan, massive snow sculptures are carved on display for a week attracting visitors from around the world. This year’s festival is honoring the

The Art of Magic the Gathering: Zendikar (review)

There are many reasons to play Magic the Gathering: The challenging and balanced gameplay, the social aspect of going to the card shops or playing with your friends, and undeniably

Batman fan film, The Demon in the Dark, from the villains’ perspective

Check out the new Batman fan film, “The Demon in the Dark,” from Forewarned Films and director Letia Clouston. A group consisting of six bad guys must deliver a package

Hatsune Miku to get her own subscription box in March

Vocaloid fans can look forward to a few exclusive items this March as bi-monthly box subscription service OMAKASE has teamed up with Crypton Future Media to release a Hatsune Miku-themed box. The mystery box

Spyro the Dragon gets recreated in Unreal Engine 4

I remember when I got my original Playstation console, as the game that came with it was Spyro the Dragon. It was a great platform game that ate up so many

Celebrate with Deadpool this Valentine’s Day with these cards from Costume SuperCsenter

With the Deadpool movie coming out this Valentine’s Day, or some like to call it Single Awareness Day aka SAD, our friends at Costume SuperCenter sent us some digital Deadpool

Late night ad for sexy Wookiee hotline

If you’re ever in space and feeling lonely and naughty, be sure to give a call to the sexy Wookiee hotline. Check out a late night infomercial featuring a lovely

Wagakki Band returns to US in March

Wagakki Band recently announced two US performances this coming March! They will be at the Irving Plaza in New York on March 14, and at the South by Southwest (SXSW)

A Part of Your World sang by an amazing 3 year old!

Disney’s A Little Mermaid was released into theaters almost 27 years ago. Yes you heard that correctly, and if you’re an 1980s kid, that first statement just aged you. Despite the

What it’s like to have a Star Wars hangover (video)

The hangover. A time when one can reflect on the regrets of last night’s event… or embrace. Check out a new video from Awestruck, a network for Millennial moms, as

Feudal Japan inspires Star Wars: The Force Awakens

There are actual Star Wars figures that are inspired by the samurai and ronin warriors from Feudal Japan, but if you want more Star Wars that’s inspired from that period,

American Ninja-saurus does parkour

I can’t believe I missed out on the first video, but here’s the second and new video of the Tyrannosaurus rex doing parkour at the gym. The dinosaur definitely has

EVO 2016 lineup and location announced

Evolution Championship Series 2016 will be bigger than ever. Evo organizer Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar joined Mike Ross to make a few announcements on what fans can expect this year. This includes

WGN’s Outsiders cast help answer some Dear Abby questions

WGN’s Outsiders premiered tonight and showed the world that the Farrell clan have a lot of personal problems. We thought maybe the cast and crew could look deep within their

Matt Murdock’s Drink Without Fear will make a blind man see

Matt Murdock, The Daredevil, might have been blinded at a young age but that never stopped him. Instead his remaining four senses became super heightened/strengthened. But the question still remains.

Kingsman sequel begins production

Well, we already knew that Kingsman: The Secret Service has been greenlit for a sequel. It’s a surprising success at the box office, taking in over $400 million. But leading

Amsterdam opens first ever gamer hotel

Being a gamer, it’s hard when you’re travelling and trying to keep up with all the new titles that are constantly releasing. By the time you get to play your

Star Wars: The Force Awakens… anime opening?!

Although there are many anime music videos created each year by fans, this particular fan-made music video is rather beautifully put together. By using clips from Star Wars: The Force