Here’s what the MCU can learn from other franchises

Since 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been an unforgettable franchise that has forever changed the way superhero movies are looked at. From the very beginning with Iron Man, Marvel

Promo for ‘new’ Game of Thrones character to change tone of series

A mash-up of Game of Thrones and comedy film Black Knight starring Martin Lawrence has come out tricking some people who might not be familiar with the 2001 comedy. Although the scenes from the

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1’s twist ending causes fan outrage

Wow, Captain America can’t seem to catch a break recently on Twitter. First we have the #GiveCaptainAmericaaBoyfriend campaign that was trending yesterday, a movement that wants to turn Captain America gay or

The best nerdy toys for the month of May

Although the month of May isn’t completely over yet, that doesn’t mean I haven’t picked out my absolute favorite nerdy related toys for the month so far. As the months

Get scared with a virtual reality experience from The Conjuring 2!

With the recent release of the HTC Vive, the latest VR headset that has engrossed our culture with its technological and home entertainment opportunities, many companies and industries have tried

Become Captain America with the Captain America Leather Jacket!

A few weeks ago, I received a Captain America Varsity Jacket. It is a great jacket that shows your nerdy side without being overwhelming as it blends in with most

Magic the Gathering journeys to Kaladesh in September

Lately, the Wizards of the Coast team seems to be making the official press releases about new products and sets earlier and earlier, and that is a very good thing.

First 4 Figures shows off ultimate Samus statue

First 4 Figures is no stranger to some amazing collector pieces, especially when it comes to Nintendo characters. Over the years, the company has released a variety of different Samus

Friends for Benefit: Join us for an evening with Bobcat Goldthwait

Bobcat Goldthwait is a man of many faces – director, actor, comedian, voice artist, and now, documentary storyteller. Now, for an evening to benefit the Survivors Network of Those Abused

Studio Ghibli collaborates with animator Michael Dudok de Wit on ‘The Red Turtle’

Studio Ghibli’s newest co-production is with French production and distribution company Wild Bunch for the award-winning The Red Turtle. Created by Dutch animator Michael Dudok de Wit, The Red Turtle

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to pen new ‘Mycroft Holmes’ Comic

When you think of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, you logically tend to think of his time as one of the most talented basketball players in the history of the L.A. Lakers and

New blue galaxy is answering questions about our galaxy

The best types of discoveries are those that help us to answer questions about our own galaxy. How did we get here? Why did we get here? Why was everything

Scientists baffled by accelerated stars

Something has caused a pair of stars to hurtle along the outer rim of our galaxy. Currently, it is not known what set these stars in motion, but whatever it

Xbox to release up to one million gamertags this week

Announced today, Xbox will be releasing up to one million gamertags up for grabs on Wednesday, May 16th at 11AM PST. These tags belonged to original Xbox users that never

Avengers vs. X-Men flash mob hits New York City streets

Captain America: Civil War has become a huge hit and has grossed over $940 million worldwide at the box office. It’s definitely on its way to passing the $1 billion mark.

New Dragon Ball site is counting down

Bandai Namco has promoted a new site regarding a new Dragon Ball project. When you enter the site it has images spanning all of the Dragon Ball series. No one

Rat Queens artist Tess Fowler walks, cites Upchurch controversy

Tough news for fans of the comic book Rat Queens today; not only was it announced a month ago that the series would be going on hiatus, but apparently whenever

Bueller?… Bueller? You’ve got to check out ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ this weekend

“Bueller?… Bueller?… Bueller?” Many of us (who weren’t born in the ’90s or 2000s) remember growing up in a time where a lot of the influence to be something or

Couple does Friday the 13th-themed wedding

Last year Ruby and Daniel tied the knot on Friday, November 13th. They are huge fans of the horror series Friday the 13th, so the video crew took it upon

Disney’s Tsum Tsum comes to life with web series, Tsum Tsum Kingdom

Disney has released the first episode of Tsum Tsum Kingdom, a new live-action/animated web series that plays out like an animal documentary. We have many Tsum Tsum characters including Mickey Mouse,