Unboxing Japan Crate’s Doki Doki Crate, the kawaii monthly subscription

Japan Crate has a new subscription service called Doki Doki Crate (Doki Doki: the sound of the heart beating). Nerd Reactor’s John and Kate do an unboxing of this kawaii

Marvel turns boy with hemophilia into a superhero, Iron Max

Max Levy is a 3-year-old boy with hemophilia who had to undergo surgery. To help with his condition, doctors had to put a metal disk inside his chest. To turn the

Everyone should watch one of Alan Rickman’s final projects

The late British actor Alan Rickman was known for his charismatic roles, fine acting, and his distinguished deep voice. Little did people know, Rickman was heavily involved in charities and

Japan Crate Japanese candy: Unboxing the December 2015 box

Nerd Reactor’s John is joined by Kate as they unbox Japan Crate’s December box that’s filled with different types of Japanese candy. Check out the video below and see whether

Mogmog’s WowBox Japanese candy unboxing

Nerd Reactor’s John and Mike check out Mogmog’s WowBox Japanese Candy. It’s a monthly subscription box where you can choose the theme you want along with size options. We chose

Koda Kumi releases new 360-degree music video

Koda Kumi, famous for her theme songs for Final Fantasy X-II—“1000 no Kotoba” and “Real Emotion”—and the voice of Lenne, recently released an interactive 360-degree music video trailer from her

My adoration for Alan Rickman lives in a parody

With the sudden passing of veteran actor Alan Rickman late last week, many people were inspired to watch their favorite performance of his over the weekend. For some, it was

Saban and Boom! Studios hold a special Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0 launch event

With the release of Boom! Studio’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic #0 early last week, Saban Brands and Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California, held a special MMPR official Exhibition and

The Hex Room is a new type of horror escape room experience

There are no actors, just you, your friends, and a set of clues you have to discover to get yourself free. From Cross Roads Escape Games – Madison Rhoades has

Top 4 costumes Spider-Man should wear in Captain America: Civil War

Because we are in the age of the internet, secrets and surprises in movies and video games come far and few between. Hence why the announcement of a new Spider-Man

EA Sports UFC 2 Gameplay Series (video)

It was just last week that EA released the official announcement video for its latest MMA game, UFC 2. Just one week later it has also released a new video

Does Kryptonite exist?

With all the hype about the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, I began to think about what kind of weapons and tools might be used against Superman

Legendary singer and actor David Bowie dead at 69

It’s a tragic day in the pop culture world. The legendary singer’s representative has confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that David Bowie, singer, songwriter, producer, and actor, has died at

The real-life pirates of Black Sails: Edward ‘Blackbeard’ Teach

And the history lesson is almost over. The final part of New Providence’s dark history we see two major players in it, both of which make their Black Sails debut.

New Batman v Superman toys are here

It’s a new year and it’s going to be a great year for superhero films. The first one of which I am extremely excited for is the new Batman v

PSA on vertical cell phone videos uses Star Wars brilliantly

Being on the internet can be hard. Just like horrible clothing trends, the internet is regularly plagued with annoyances like ugly and over-used fonts, web-traffic tickers, and Bitstrips. One trend

Week long Awesome Games Done Quick Charity Marathon 2016 is live!

It’s that time of year again where speedrunners across the world gather all for a good cause, showing off their gaming skills while raising money for charity. Awesome Games Done Quick

66th Kohaku Uta Gassen features anime special

For the first time ever, Japan’s annual Kohaku Uta Gassen will premiere a special “Anime Kohaku” section! Kohaku Uta Gassen is Japan’s biggest and most popular show, taking place on

New update on KuroBas stage play cast

The official website for Kuroko no Basuke’s Stage Play, called Kuroko no Basuke: The Encounter, has revealed the cast members for five of the main characters of the series: Kuroko Tetsuya

When is it okay to spoil Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

Almost bigger than the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie itself is the online fear of the major plot points of the film being spoiled for those who have