Norwegian man crochets impressive Mario map

Mario fans, prepare to be astonished. Norwegian computer programmer Kjetil Nordin spent over 800 hours through the course of six years researching and crocheting this highly-detailed map of World 1

Nicolas Cage as Game of Thrones characters

Here’s something to brighten your day. Here’s a collection of images featuring Photoshopped images of Nicolas Cage as Game of Thrones characters. Want to see Nic as Jon Snow, Arya

Cosplayers D Piddy and VampyBitMe join forces for Amiibo Pokérap parody

Cosplayer D Piddy has produced a new video parodying the Pokérap song. Here he does a tribute to Nintendo’s amiibo figures with the help from cosplayer VampyBitMe and voice actor Mario

Project UROK: Wil Wheaton talks mental health and wants you to know you’re not alone

Bipolar. Depression. Anxiety. Other mental health issues. We have been there or at least, we know someone who has been there. Just know, you’re not alone. Founded by CollegeHumor’s Jenny Jaffe, Project

Does the return of General Ross to the MCU mean we’ll get Red Hulk?

Captain America: Civil War is going to be one of the biggest comic book movies to be released next year. They’ve already got an insane amount of star power on their

Strongbow’s Patrick Stewart commercials are all we need

I’m not sure how Strongbow tastes like, but the commercials sure make me want to try them! Strongbow Hard Apple Cider featured first Sir Patrick Stewart in their commercial back

George Takei on same sex-marriage and Star Trek fans

The landmark Supreme Court announcement that struck down state bans on same-sex marriages dominated the news on Friday. And in the LGBT community, there are few celebrities more well-regarded and well-known

Is Bryan Fuller cursed? Why some of the best shows on TV can’t stay on the air

Bryan Fuller appears to be an incredibly talented man who just cannot seem to catch a break. The screenwriter and producer’s trend of making critically acclaimed shows that end up

Same-sex marriage now legal; Party on with Ian Mckellen and Derek Jacobi

What a time to be alive right now! Just this morning, the Supreme Court ruled a landmark verdict that will allow people of the same sex the right to marriage

Spider-Gwen #1 coming Fall 2015

Spider-Gwen has become a very popular character, especially with cosplayers and artists. Now she’s going to be returning with a new ongoing series, Spider-Gwen #1 this fall. Jason Latour, Robbi

If Star Wars Battlefront had LARPers (video)

Star Wars Battlefront is definitely one of the most anticipated games this year, and somewhere out there, you can bet at least one group will attempt to do a Star Wars

Power Up Box unboxing – The second time

Opening up the Power Up Box for second time was a little exciting. The last box that we opened didn’t quite blow us away, but you have to give it

Gmail is saving your email relationships – you’re welcome

We have all had that moment of panic. That moment when you accidentaly hit that SEND button on an email when you weren’t ready. Maybe you sent it to the wrong

Composer James Horner confirmed to have died in airplane crash

We have received word that acclaimed composer James Horner has died in a plane crash earlier today. He was 61. His assistant Sylvia Patrycja confirmed the composer’s death on her

Preview for Patron of the Valiant card from Magic Origins

The new set, Magic Origins, for Magic: The Gathering is coming out this summer, and we have the preview for one of the cards. Preview the Patron of the Valiant card

According to Sony and Marvel, here’s a leaked list of what Spider-Man can and can’t be on-screen

If you’re looking forward to Spider-Man finally showing up in any future Marvel Studios film, then be prepared for what he’s going to be portrayed as. It looks like a leak

Buy your very own human-sized Gigantor robot for less than $5,000

If you have ever wanted to own your very own ‘life-size’ Tetsujin 28-go (known in America as Gigantor) statue, an eBay user known as pikapikatoys currently has one on sale for $4,790.  It weighs around 70 lbs

Jurassic World and the science behind it all

It has been 22 years since we first saw dinosaurs running on the big screen of Steven Spielberg’s 1992 sci-fi classic, Jurassic Park. The Michael Crichton novel-turned-movie was a huge box-office hit,

WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes passes away at 69

Virgil Runnels, aka “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, has passed away today at the age of 69. Rhodes was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007 by his sons,

Sir Christopher Lee passes away at 93

The Telegraph has reported that Sir Christopher Lee died Sunday due to respiratory and heart failure. He turned 93 in the hospital. Sir Christopher’s wife, Gitte Lee, chose to delay