Frederik Pohl author of ‘Gateway’ dies at 93


The best genre fiction is used as allegory. When we see a world populated by apes, or a space army populated with children, we recognize these concepts as costumes for larger ideas. The best writers in science fiction and fantasy know this, showing us utopias made real on other planets … Continue reading

Being Iron Man IRL: How to (kinda) dress like Tony Stark every day


In this new geek style series, we explore major characters in the nerd-world and their preferred choice of fashion. Let this be a guide to how you can add to your wardrobe to emulate these popular specimens in real life, but not actually cosplay as them everyday. See the first … Continue reading

Hear Danny Elfman’s music from Tim Burton’s films in concert (Los Angeles)


Tim Burton’s films are usually dark and morbid, so what perfect timing than to have a concert featuring Danny Elfman’s score from his Tim Burton films on Halloween this year. Located at the Nokia Theatre LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles, the concert will feature music from movies like Batman, Edward … Continue reading

Organ Trail: Surviving zombies in a retooled classic


“Abigail has dysentery” If those words seem familiar to you, you likely remember the computer sensation that was Oregon Trail…and if those words are familiar to you for a different reason, well you should probably get Abigail some medical attention. I remember vividly sitting in my school computer lab, trying … Continue reading

Five comics that need television/movie adaptations

Bone landscape

It’s a no brainer for properties like Spider-Man and Batman to get adapted for film, but there are still other graphic novels out there that seem to be begging for a place on the big or small screen. Below are five picks for comics that should be adapted into television … Continue reading

Watch Tigrex meet its match in Monster Hunter 4’s new opening cinematic


Capcom’s upcoming wyvern slaying phenomenon, Monster Hunter 4, for the Nintendo 3DS recently released its opening cinematic. It features the ferocious Tigerx battling against a duo party of hunters (one wielding the new Insect Staff while the older veteran hunter sports a heavy bowgun.) It features a small surprise at the … Continue reading

Looks like Vin Diesel just confirmed to do Groot’s motion capture


Vin Diesel is a busy busy man in Hollywood, and he’s getting ready to start work on Fast and the Furious 7. We do also know that he’ll be voicing Groot from Guardian’s of the Galaxy. Vin did just release to the via ShockTillYouDrop, that not only will he voice Groot, but … Continue reading

Harlan Ellison is on YouTube!


You can’t be familiar with science fiction and fantasy literature without being acquainted with the name Harlan Ellison. His is a name who strikes terror into the hearts of both copyright thieves and overreaching fanboys alike. However, Ellison is most memorable for some of the most well written and best … Continue reading

Tomes & Talismans: Post- apocalyptic ‘Edutainment’

My wife recently got a job at one of our local libraries. This is a job she has wanted for a long time and I couldn’t be happier for her. We are a reading household and both of us were raised to believe in the power of the written word, … Continue reading

Being Doctor Who IRL: How to (kinda) dress like the Eleventh Doctor everyday


In this new geek style series, we explore major characters in the nerd-world and their preferred choice of fashion. Let this be a guide to how you can add to your wardrobe to emulate these popular specimens in real life, but not actually cosplay as them everyday. Childish. Arrogant. Brash. Lively. … Continue reading

Happy birthday, Ray Bradbury!


“It was a pleasure to burn.” It was with those words, that I was first introduced to Ray Bradbury. I became acquainted with Bradbury’s work early in high school, when my freshman English class was assigned what many consider to be the author’s seminal work, Fahrenheit 451. From the first … Continue reading

Space Team! It’s Sci-fi themed yelling for your mobile device


The mission to benevolently explore space has never had a problem before, when all of a sudden my control panel erupts into a cacophony of flashing lights, sparks and spewing green ooze. The starship is crashing, and all because someone won’t “Coddle the Humming Bolt”…wait, what? What the hell is … Continue reading

Happy Birthday H.P. Lovecraft!


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”—H.P. Lovecraft Writer, H.P. Lovecraft, creator of such stories as The Call of Cthulhu, At the Mountains of Madness and Shadow over Innsmouth would be celebrating his 123rd birthday today, … Continue reading

Will SyFy’s ‘Heroes of Cosplay’ series be good for the cosplay community?


SyFy has just released the first episode of their six-part series about cosplaying entitled “Heroes of Cosplay” to the public (our review is here). Prior to that though, there were some members of the press that were able to not only preview the first episode, but review it as well … Continue reading