Run like an Avenger in their half marathon!


Avengers Assemble! Want to participate in a superhero half marathon? Well, now you can! Disney’s Avengers will have it’s first ever Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend at Anaheim’s Disneyland® Resort on November 15-16. This event weekend will be filled with mighty runs, surprises, a cool goody bag, a night … Continue reading

Kickstarter: The Secret Identity Show needs your help!


What would happen if you had Superman, Batman and Spider-Man living in the same place in the City of Sin? With this show, you could find out… except they aren’t actually the superheroes. What if they were street performers who wanted to become their personas? The Secret Identity Show is … Continue reading

Shitty asteroid telescopes, Upton up in space, Project Tango in motion and more you should know this week

kate upton defies gravity

Google sets into motion Project Tango, which is an effort to “give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.” Basically that means your smartphone’s camera can become a 3D scanner easily, and gamers everywhere are excited for the possibility of augmented reality gaming. Read more about Tango on … Continue reading

Science & Engineering-based toys to inspire your little girl


I was looking into getting some toys for my niece for her birthday. I thought about getting the standard Disney princesses, Barbies, or a makeup stand, but then I thought, how will this help her in the future? Who wants a doll that they are going to play with for … Continue reading

‘Prisoners of Gravity’ created thoughtful debate in scifi

Art by Ty Templeton

It’s difficult to believe, with comic book films topping the box office every year and science fiction/fantasy literature being taught in classrooms, geek/nerd culture wasn’t always mainstream. There was a time when discussions of Spider-man’s dual life and the Christ-like imagery of RoboCop were relegated to what some called adolescent … Continue reading

Staad Laptop BackPack safely takes your gear around in vintage style

staad laptop backpack by waterfield

You’ve got a full-time job. You meet with people. You have to look nice because, well, you meet with lots of people. You also attend cons and travel a great deal. You even meet with friends on side passion projects every so often, and you like to take your work … Continue reading

Dave and Buster’s media day for the opening of its first Los Angeles location


It’s amazing to hear that Los Angeles, North America’s second biggest city, is finally getting its first Dave & Buster’s location. Sure, there are other locations outside of L.A. that you can visit, but visiting Ontario, Arcadia, Orange or Irvine is quite the drive in Los Angeles traffic. That is … Continue reading

Star Wars meets the runway, TWC and Comcast hooked up, and more to know this week

rodarte fashion week star wars dresses

Looks like money can buy love and it can happen for brands as well this Valentine’s Day. Comcast purchased Time Warner Cable for over $45 million, combining the two largest cable providers in the U.S. What will happen to the customers on both sides? Read more on The Washington Post. Nerdy … Continue reading

Rocket Raccoon and Groot test footage!


We all know that the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer will be hitting the net in a couple days, but we are fortunate enough to show this. It’s the test footage of Rocket Raccoon blasting baddies while standing on his best bud’s shoulder, Groot. Rocket Raccoon will be voiced by … Continue reading

Phat Collectibles’ Walking Dead screening party in Orange County

Phat Collectibles is a staple of the nerd community in Southern California and offers some of the best community events around! The store recently organized a Walking Dead screening party at Dave & Buster’s in Orange, California. If you didn’t know, Phat Collectibles is the premier collectible, comics, toys, video, games, … Continue reading

Allie Goertz sends love letter to Rob Bottin with ‘Special Affect’

Allie Goertz

Allie Goertz is a singer/songwriter who has found success by pairing music with her interests and it so happens that Goertz’s interests run to the “geeky” side of culture. She writes songs about things like Dungeons & Dragons, Sam Weir from Freaks and Geeks and the Citizen Kane of bad … Continue reading

Frozen’s star Idina Menzel will sing ‘Let it go’ at The Oscars!


If you’ve been a fan of Disney’s Frozen, you’re in luck. Idina Menzel, the powerful voice of Queen Elsa from the movie, will be singing live at this coming Oscars. She will not be lip syncing, so it will be her live voice completely. If you aren’t familiar Idina Menzel, … Continue reading

“Blackfish is propaganda” says SeaWorld

blackfish poster tilikum

If you haven’t seen the much-lauded documentary Blackfish about the mistreatment of killer whales, particularly Tilikum, then you’ll need to see why people hate on SeaWorld so hard. Go watch it, now. It’s on Netflix, and CNN aired it again last night for the umpteenth time. Here’s the trailer: The … Continue reading

The hunt for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Dragon Dagger (available now)


If you go to the Toys “R” Us website right now and search for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Dragon Dagger, you will see a pre-order link with a release date of March 18, 2013 and a price of $79.99. Yesterday there was a post on The Official Power Morphicon Convention Facebook Page … Continue reading

Microsoft has hope.. Satya Nadella selected as new CEO


It’s Twitter official, folks. Microsoft has selected Satya Nadella as the company’s new CEO. Nadella replaces the legendary pitchman, Steve Ballmer, who announced retirement last year. Much was made of who was going to inherit the iron throne of one of America’s most legendary tech companies. Many were hoping to … Continue reading