Spike’s VGA trailer will probably give you nightmares

Spike VGAs

If you’re like me, you hate the VGAs with a passion. Even if you’re not like me, you may still hate them with a passion. Or you may hate award shows in general. That, unfortunately, is not stopping Spike TV from holding their tenth annual VGA awards next week, and … Continue reading

Review: Steampunk Fashion by Spurgeon Vaughn Ratcliffe


Many people are confused on what Steampunk is. Basically, Steampunk is another branch of Sci-Fi that uses steam-based technology in a Victorian/Western/post-apocalyptic vintage setting. The same goes with the fashion of Steampunk culture. Some aspects have a technology look to it and some have a Victorian feel – and it’s … Continue reading

Shatner, Stewart, Fisher and others lend their voices…


Ever wanted to have Captain James T Kirk record your voicemail outgoing message? What about Princess Leia or Captain Jean-Luc Picard? Want to hear Spock say “Live Long and Prosper, [insert your name here]” on your outgoing messages? Now you can! For $299! Autism Speaks, an autism research and advocacy group, has … Continue reading

William Shatner’s new app – Shatoetry! Express yourself like Shatner!


Ever wanted to express yourself like William Shatner? Wanted to have your words heard by using his voice? Send a message to a friend using Shatner’s voice? Now you can! William Shatner has released a new iPhone/iPad app called Shatoetry. Shatner and Blindlight Apps created this idea to put Shatner’s … Continue reading

Star Trek Enterprise bridge restoration – only you can ‘make it so’


Growing up with Star Trek: The Next Generation, I always wanted to walk on the bridge of the NCC-1701-D. I was devastated when it was demolished in Star Trek Generations. My one chance to walk on the set of the bridge was destroyed. That was until this project came to … Continue reading

Sexual harassment in the convention community: A personal account


Every now and then an article will pop up about sexual harassment in the geek community; we have all seen them. Be it harassment in online gaming or at conventions, hundreds have weighed in on the topic. Blame has been cast on all sides and solutions of varying viability have … Continue reading

Fly Air New Zealand and have Gandalf, hobbits and elves give you in-flight safety tips

lord of the rings air new zealand

Tired of the typical, boring in-flight safety videos from your airlines? Yeah? Well I bet that’s because you’re not flying Air New Zealand. If you have the money to fly out to New Zealand and love Middle-earth, Air New Zealand has a treat for you. Their very own Hobbit-inspired safety … Continue reading

Star Trek wedding during London convention


It’s finally happened! A real Klingon wedding ceremony was performed at the ‘Destination Star Trek London’ convention last Friday. Swedes Jossie Sockertopp and Sonnie Gustavsson were inspired by the Star Trek ‘Deep Space Nine’ episode where Klingon Worf marries Jadzia Dax in a traditional Klingon wedding ceremony. “We saw the … Continue reading

Steampunk’s Global Influence

Carnevale Steampunk

Steampunk has taken off recently through social medial sites like Pinterest and Etsy. First prominent in the 1980s and early 1990s, steampunk incorporates Victorian-era style with fantasy, alternate history and speculative fiction. This subculture has been incorporated in music, films, fashion, literature and video games. With over 180,000 items ranging … Continue reading

San Diego’s Haunted Trail

It’s almost that time of the month! If you’re thinking what we’re thinking about, then you are correct! It will soon be days filled with blood and grossness. What? We’re talking about Halloween here! Yes, this holiday creeps us all out too. However, if you went to the Haunted Trail … Continue reading

A new haunted attraction: The Blumhouse of Horrors

Blumhouse Horrors - 16

The producers of Paranormal Activity and the upcoming Sinister film aren’t content with making scary films. Now they’re taking their talents from Blumhouse Productions into Downtown Los Angeles and creating a scary attraction called The Blumhouse of Horrors. The attraction features a guided tour that lasts around 40 minutes throughout the … Continue reading