The White House answers pressing question: How do you pronounce GIF?


In the ever-increasing effort from the Obama Administration to make this the most transparent presidential administration ever, The White House joined millions of hipsters, nerds, and young, sexed-up teenagers on the popular social network, Tumblr, and posted this announcement on April 26, 2013. With the graphic below, The White House … Continue reading

Comic Book Movies: Marvel vs. DC

Ever since they first came out on paperback, there has always been a close rivalry between Marvel and DC. Fans who have a VERY deep passion for their favorite comic book characters will argue to the death how theirs is the best, and how their favorite would never lose to … Continue reading

In honor of Earth Day, learn to make this Captain Planet cocktail


Nothing says Happy Earth Day like making a Captain Planet drink and getting wasted. The guys over at Aggressive Comix has created this tutorial video on how to make the Captain Planet cocktail. The power is yours! Each ingredient represents the different elements (how cute). 3/4 oz Whiskey (earth) 3/4 … Continue reading

Christopher Eccleston’s voice in Doctor Who episode

doctor who eccleston ninth

Sadly, Christopher Eccleston (the 9th Doctor) will not be making an appearance in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, but his voice will be in an episode. In the episode Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, Eccleston’s voice as the Doctor (from the episode Rose) will be played as … Continue reading

Mark Ruffalo fully endorses “Science Bros” meme


One peculiar thing some fans took away from The Avengers long after the movie was no longer in theaters, was the fictional relationship between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. The fan community “Science Bros” has been known for creating numerous images and Gifs, some of them NSFW, that illustrate Bruce and Tony relationship being … Continue reading

Local spotlight: OCC Gamer’s Guild to host tournament for Big Brother Big Sister

Promotional flier

It makes me feel all warm inside to know that there are gamers out there doing good by supporting charity organizations. With that said, we’d like to give the spotlight to our local gaming community, Orange Coast College Gamer’s Guild. Last semester they helped raise funds for the Make-A-Wish foundation. … Continue reading

TMNT’s Shredder gets his own drink with the Oroku Saki-Bomb

We’ve been given the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Ooze drink; now it’s time for the Shredder to get a drink of his own. Aggressive Comix has has uploaded a new video from their Secret of the Booze series teaching us how to make the Oroku Saki-Bomb (named after the Shredder’s … Continue reading

Star Wars Burlesque headed to Anaheim for May the Fourth weekend

Star Girls Burlesque

If you live in or near the Orange County area and are into Star Wars and burlesque shows, you should definitely check out the Star Wars Burlesque show by Live Effects and Devil’s Playground. We’ve been to many of their burlesque shows, and it’s always a fun time. The event … Continue reading

Daft Punk to world premiere Random Access Memories in… Wee Waa, Australia?

Daft Punk Random

Usually the annual Wee Waa Show in rural Wee Waa, New South Wales, Australia, wouldn’t be a fit on anyone’s musical festival guide let alone a go-to festival outside of the area itself. But along with cross cut saw contests, a baby show, and hosting dog high jump (we’re not kidding), the … Continue reading

Don’t have a girlfriend? No problem! A Hugging Coat is all you need!

belt pic 2

Oh Japan, you’ve done it again. I’d seriously pay money to have someone audibly engineer that soundbyte. Why? Because people in Japan always seem to be doing extraordinary things that boggle the hell out of my mind; like say for instance, the “Hugging Coat” developed by a group of students over … Continue reading

Throwing a Doctor Who viewing party? Why not make a Doctor Who drink?

dr who sonic screwdriver

Doctor Who Season 7, Part 2 is premiering this weekend, so why not throw a Doctor Who viewing party with all your Whovian friends? And what’s a party without a Sonic Screwdriver drink? Thanks to Aggressive Comix’s Secret of the Booze, we get to learn how to make one. So … Continue reading