Mini Minecraft Movie Massacres Zombies

Oh, wow. I haven’t even played the game Minecraft yet, and this still somehow manages to be awesome. The vid starts off slow, but don’t worry, the music jacks into

Another Real Life Mario Kart? Great Effects

The battle for best real life Mario Kart video has begun! We just posted a video of french man Rémi Gaillard pretending to be Mario on real roadways, but it

Like Beer and Arcade Games? The Gamerator Is the Answer

Gone are the days of pausing a game and going to the fridge to grab a drink. Now you can play your favorite arcade games and get a beer without

Teen Beats and Kills Mom for Banning Him from PlayStation

Kendall Anderson, a 16-year-old kid that killed his mom because she took away his PlayStation, the day after Thanksgiving last year. The mom and son argued for about 90 minutes

Epic Gamer Productions: Black Ops Tournament Gallery

Epic Gamer Productions held their Call of Duty: Black Ops tournament this past weekend at Frank and Sons Collectibles Show with many gamers clamoring for the title of championship, and

Hey Single Peeps! How Was Your Valentine’s?

What single people did on Valentine’s Day. Source: Madatoms

FOCUS: A Documentary Review – Through the Eyes of a Competitive Street Fighter Player

Nerd Reactor gets an exclusive advance screening of FOCUS: A Documentary, a film about Mike Ross, one of America’s most well-known Street Fighter IV players. The cut we were provided

Valentines: Co-Co-Co-Co-Combo Break-Her/Him with Last Minute Ideas!!!

Last minute ideas for him or her on Valentines day with steps to ensure for a successful gift exchange!

Spend Valentine’s Day with 80’s Zelda

Are you aware that it’s Valentine’s Day? Well, if you’re here, you’re probably a nerd like us. Given that, this trailer for an 80’s Zelda movie that doesn’t exist might

No RoboCop Statue Says Detroit Mayor

I didn’t even know this was up for consideration, but Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has announced on his Twitter account that the city has no plans for erecting a RoboCop

Google Celebrates Birthday for ‘Father of Science Fiction’

Today, Google unveiled a new Google doodle on its search page. An interactive underwater sub controlled by a joystick on the right. Using the arrow keys you can dive and

Special Japanese Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Menu

It looks like fans of the Monster Hunter franchise have yet another reason to visit Japan.  It seems that a chain of barbecue restaurants in Japan will be featuring a

Spend Your Summer with the Droids with Star Wars Swimsuits

May the force bless us with these sexy swimsuits from Black Milk Clothing with their take on our beloved R2D2 and C3PO droids. The outfits are named Artoo and Threepio.

Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ Part Deux1.5

Stephen King’s The Stand, and The Dark Tower are moving forward in becoming part of the big screens adaptation; along with a television series.

Sephora’s Hello Kitty Collection

Cosmetics retail chain Sephora announced that it is launching an exclusive limited edition Hello Kitty line created by professional beauticians this month.  The collection includes cosmetics in Hello Kitty shaped cases, Hello

The MPAA’s Global Sting Against Torrent Sites

The MPAA set forth on a global sting against more then 50 torrent sites.

Pokemon as you’ve never seen them before…….

As girls dressed in cosplay. Well, not really, they are actually drawn. I was amazed on how many Pokemon there is now. Last I remember there were only like 151

EVA-02 Head & Evangelion Hotel Room Planned

On Wednesday Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland amusement park announced that it will unveil a true to life scale of the head of the EVA-02 unit in ‘The Beast’ mode from popular

Nerds Everywhere Are in Mourning as Wizard Ceases Publication

For almost 20 years, Wizard magazine has been the go to source for anything going on in the comic book industry. Sadly, the owner of the company, Gareb Shamus, announced

GamesRadar Iphone App

Who needs those fancy expensive $20 Strategy Guides? Popular Gaming Website, GamesRadar, recently released their much helpful iPhone app into the wild. Besides often reading their top ten features, I