Geeky Jerseys announces Galactic Cup Playoffs Contest

Galactic cup playoffs

As most hockey fans are glued to their computer and television sets watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs, there’s another set of playoffs happening in a galaxy far, far away. Amongst all of the earthling playoff hockey, the folks over at Geeky Jerseys have their own playoff contest, and fans will … Continue reading

If Star Wars’ Chewbacca had a Contra-like game, this would be it

Star Wars Konami

EA and DICE impressed fans with an in-game reveal trailer for Star Wars Battlefront. Now Konami is stepping up to bat with its own Star Wars video game title called Star Wars: Force Collection. It’s a free-to-play, card-based game starring fan-favorite Chewbacca. The Wookiee will jump and shoot in the mini-game … Continue reading

Under Armour’s new training gear allows you to be an Avenger

under armour

With the new film coming out next month, Marvel and Under Armour have teamed up to create a new kind of training gear for the Avenger in you. They have Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Quicksilver styles to choose from. Marvel’s costume designer Alexandra Byrne worked … Continue reading

Violent video games as teaching tools


Video games have long been condemned for excessive violence and gore, but such games may also provide some teachable moments for gamers and military alike. Scholars, humanitarian groups, and even military officials say that the makers of video and computer games answer a “call of duty” to incorporate the international … Continue reading

IMAX Batman v Superman event exclusive trailer breakdown and new full Bat suit reveal


Nerd Reactor had the awesome opportunity to join the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at the Irvine Spectrum with countless fans. Here Warner Brothers presented an exclusive version of the released trailer with a video introduction by Zack Snyder as he spoke a bit about the recent leak. The rep representing Warner … Continue reading

Sesame Street movie in development

Image: Sesame Street's Big Bird

The Big Bird to hit the Big Screen? After earning 159 Emmy Awards, more than any other televisions show, the characters from the Street are coming to a theater near you. The Tracking Board reported earlier this week that Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to a feature film version of Sesame Street from 20th Century … Continue reading

First picture of the new Rocky spin-off, Creed, has been released


To all my Rocky fans, the wait is almost over. The new spin-off film, Creed, has posted their first picture on Sylvester Stallone’s official Instagram page. Take a look below: Wow! It’s beautiful. This picture symbolizes my childhood all the way straight to my adult years. I don’t know about … Continue reading

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer to be teased this week?


It’s rumored before that the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer would debut in front of Mad Max: Fury Road next month. Now we have a report from Latino Review’s El Mayimbe that the trailer will be teased by director Zack Snyder this Thursday. How short is the teaser? Apparently … Continue reading

Preserving abandoned games, even for museums, is illegal because ‘hacks’

CVG Archive UofM

Are you considering restoring that vintage game to full functionality? Well, perhaps you shouldn’t. The Entertainment Software Association says that restoring the functionality of older video games that are no longer supported by their publisher is “hacking” and all hacking is “associated with piracy.” This statement even stands if the … Continue reading

LEGO joins Skylanders and Disney Infinity with Dimensions


Activision started something when it gave gamers and collectors the ability to transport their toys into the video game virtual world with Skylanders. Soon after, we have Disney doing the same with Disney Infinity and Nintendo with its amiibo figures. Now LEGO is joining the toys-to-life market with LEGO Dimensions. … Continue reading

PlayStation Plus Subscribers: April’s list of free downloadable games


It’s April and you know what that means for Playstation Plus Subscribers? It means that they get a whole new set of downloadable games for your Playstation Library! Sony has been kind enough to consistently give us free games, and it looks like the quality of the releases are increasing every … Continue reading

Fast & Furious: A touching tribute to Paul Walker

paul walker

Universal Pictures and the Fast & Furious family have released an emotional tribute video for the late actor (it was shown at the end of the film). It has some clips from Walker’s performances during his time in the FF franchise with the FF family. Paul Walker passed away in … Continue reading

Game of Thrones beer: Three-Eyed Raven is dark, but the ‘darkness will make you strong’


“The strongest trees are rooted in the dark places of the earth. Darkness will be your cloak, your shield, your mother’s milk. Darkness will make you strong” – Three-Eyed Raven As a big fan of Game of Thrones and breweries, I was excited about the two mixing together. Brewery Ommegang … Continue reading