Comikaze 2015 and Maroon 5’s ‘Sugar’ Cosplay Music Video

Check out the second cosplay music video Nerd Reactor did at Comikaze Expo 2015. The song used is Maroon 5’s “Sugar”. The first video was Madcon’s “Don’t Worry”, which you

Comikaze 2015 Cosplay Music Video (Madcon’s ‘Don’t Worry’)

Check out the cosplay music video Nerd Reactor did at Comikaze Expo 2015. The song featured is Madcon’s “Don’t Worry”.

Cosplayer Ashphord Jacoway’s Cosplay Life Lessons

By Ashphord Jacoway “To promote the freedom of cosplay no matter one’s race, size, color, shape or gender….” –Chocolate Covered Cosplay‘s Mission Statement When I think of cosplay, I like to

Sneaky Zebra presents the cosplay of BlizzCon 2015

The boys from London are back! Sneaky Zebra made an appearance at this year’s BlizzCon in Anaheim, California, where they captured the amazing cosplays featuring your favorite video game characters

Check out Comikaze Expo 2015 photos and music video

This past weekend marked the end of my con season, and I ended it with Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo. Sure there are some smaller cons around my area going on,

Watch this really, really long Dragon Con 2015 video

Is it that time again? Yes, Beat Down Boogie has released its really, really long Dragon Con 2015 video, and it features 30 minutes of gorgeous cosplay. It took the

Adorable Star Wars Walker and Princess Leia cosplay

Check out these two adorable kids cosplaying as Princess Leia and an AT-ST Imperial Walker. In the video below, you can see the walker in action as it walks around

8 Last-minute, fast, cheap, and easy GEEKY Halloween costumes

Halloween is tomorrow and you STILL don’t have a costume? Just been too busy? Too lazy? Well, you still have that party to go to with NO costume. Fret not,

Top Five Disney Costumes for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner and still don’t know what to dress your kid up as? Well, the Disney Store and have some ideas for you and could

Cosplay motivations questionnaire seeks participants

By Jessica Tompkins If you’ve worn at least one cosplay costume to a fan convention within the past 12 months, you are invited to take part in a study that aims

Cosplay in America V2 LA exhibition reception on October 24

If you’re a fan of cosplay, then you may have heard of Cosplay in America. It’s a simple concept from photographer Ejen Chuang where he captures cosplayers from all over

Indecent exposure: Cosplay photographer controversy

By Jordan Brown There has been a lot of strife in the cosplay community as of late, with many issues being raised about ethical practices when it comes to the

New York Comic Con (NYCC) Cosplay Music Video 2015

This year has seen some incredible things from many different incredible people. From original parodies to breakout films, we have seen a fair share of awesome in 2015. This past

Why cosplay is no longer an escape for most of us

Hey, you. Yeah you! Pull up a chair, or put your phone in your face, pour yourself a cup of your desired beverage, and let’s have a heart to heart

Is it okay to darken your skin for cosplay?

Argentinian cosplayer LadyLemon testing her Vivienne makeup from Dragon Age Inquisition (right) By Arvin Santiago There’s no denying that a big part of today’s nerdy pop culture scene is cosplay.

Nerd Reactor at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015

Written by Kaung Set/Photography by Stephanie Monica Anime Weekend Atlanta, or AWA as the locals call it, holds a special place in my heart. It was the first convention I

Blacked Out: Discussing cosplay and ‘blackface’

By Matthew “Maguma” Lewis In the cosplay community, there have been many issues of controversy that have been discussed. Some of them are ethical in how a cosplayer conducts their

E-40 Choices (Yup) Cosplay Parody Rap Video

Nerd Reactor and Videogame BANG! were at SacAnime last month and the Sacramento Cosplay community showed up in full effect! We were able to cherry pick some of our favorites

Check out the epic cosplay in this Dragon Con 2015 video

Beat Down Boogie has released its Dragon Con 2015 cosplay music video, and it is beyond epic. So far my favorite cosplayers are the female Mad Max guitarist, light-up Deadmau5,

Petco prepares for Halloween with the geekiest of costumes

Petco has released their new Halloween collection that is now available at and in stores nationwide. A variety of costumes are available for your animal friends, ranging from being