The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D stage performance

Majora's Mask Skit (featured)

The other day, I stumbled across an article by Gamer Motion that gave me the absolute chills! I’m particularly fond of watching skits from conventions. You know, the ones that they do at the masquerade for an award? In my day, I’ve watched some pretty cool ones, but we’ll save … Continue reading

San Diego Comic-Con tickets on sale

SDCC downtown

So, the time has come. The life changing, difficult, war worthy challenge has come to get Comic-Con tickets. Yes, that’s right folks. This Saturday, February 21st, San Diego Comic-Con tickets go on sale. This is your post to remind you to go and get some! Personally, I think it’s worth … Continue reading

Miss Sinister does Metal Gear Solid’s Gray Fox body paint

mgs grey fox

Miss Sinister is a cosplayer who loves to do gender-bend cosplay. You may have seen her as Kratos from God of War or Sagat from the Street Fighter series. Now if you’re a fan of Metal Gear Solid, then you will get a kick out of her as the cyborg ninja, Gray Fox, in body … Continue reading

Gallifrey One 2015 Cosplay Gallery


It’s that time of the year again, Whovians. The annual West Coast Doctor Who fan convention Gallifrey One was held this past weekend. With over 3,000 people in attendance, you should expect some amazing cosplay. We had some awesome and creative costumes this year ranging from the Disney TARDIS mash-ups … Continue reading

Jessica Nigri cast as Super Sonico in English dub

SS - Jessica Nigri

Most of us know and love Jessica Nigri, right? I mean, I think she’s a pretty swell person. I first found out about her when Kassem G interviewed her on his show. Man, has she come a long way. Cosplay to cosplay, franchise to franchise, this girl has taken every … Continue reading

You can now buy Katy Perry’s Halftime Show ‘Dancing Sharks’ costumes


This will probably be the single greatest thing that anyone takes away from this year’s Super Bowl. Shortly after their appearance during Katy Perry’s Halftime Show, the Internet exploded and made the “Dancing Sharks”an internet sensation. Across all forms of social media, numerous memes and gifs were made. After hearing the … Continue reading

Released illustrations show the Fantastic Four reboot suits


With all the “wonderful” news that’s been surrounding this reboot, it looks like there’s additional information that’s been revealed from this production. Our lovely geek-tastic friends over at Nerdist have released a video showing illustrations on the suit designs for the Fantastic Four. If you don’t have time to watch through … Continue reading

Weekend BANG! Episode 45: SacAnime & Epic Yaya Han Story

yaya han videogame bang

The Weekend Bang has made its triumphant return, and we know you missed it. Sir Aaron Carter is back in full effect with tons of information about SacAnime. Cory V, Steven G, and Jerry P are all in attendance to give their two cents about SacAnime because they went too, … Continue reading

Incredibly terrifying Five Nights at Freddy’s Foxy The Pirate cosplay


If you’re walking around the exhibit halls of SacAnime this year, watch out because lurking on the showroom floor is Five Nights at Freddy’s very own Foxy The Pirate. This incredible costume comes from FNAFBot. They made the costume with a fully functional animatronic Foxy head. The eyes move and light up, and his mouth also … Continue reading

Ottawa Pop Expo 2014 Cosplay Gallery

Pop Expo 001

Braving the rain and cold temperatures, cosplayers from all across the National Capital region and beyond descended on the EY centre (Colloquially known as the ‘Ewok Centre’ or ‘MickEY’ centre by some) in Ottawa to showcase their costume making prowess. While only in its second year of existence, the con … Continue reading

Star Wars, DC and Marvel cosplay photos done as renaissance art

cosplay renaissance hulk thumb

Some of these images look so surreal that you would think they were paintings or Photoshopped images, but these are the real deal. Photographer Sacha Goldberger held an exhibit in Paris at the Grand Palais that incorporated Renaissance themes to popular characters in cosplay including the Hulk, Catwoman, Darth Vader, … Continue reading

Blizzcon 2014’s mystery costume contest winner was an amazing Grand Empress Shek’zeer


BlizzCon’s yearly cosplay contest has been famous for attracting some of the world’s most talented amateur costumers. This year’s con (2014) was met with an interesting, unfortunate, yet absolutely understandable accident. While only having had a brief glimpse of the winner’s costume, I was absolutely shocked. It’s rare to see such amazing … Continue reading

Interview with Karen Sakai, the cosplayer who’s crowdfunding her breasts

Karen Sakai photo by Riamux Creations

Photo by Riamux Creations We posted about cosplayer Karen Sakai and her GoFundMe campaign where she is asking her fans to help support her breast augmentation to aid in her cosplay and modeling. Many in the cosplay community weren’t too pleased with that. We recently interviewed Karen so that she can tell her side of … Continue reading

Cosplayer Miss Sinister graces the cover of Geek Fantasy Magazine

geek fantasy tracie kratos rivera

We’re pretty excited about this news. For one thing, seeing a cosplayer on the cover of a magazine is always cool. Second? Our very own Mike Rivera was the photographer. During Dragon Con, Rivera did a photoshoot with Miss Sinister Cosplay in her female Kratos outfit, which looks killer. A photo … Continue reading