WonderCon 2015: Kotobukiya showcases 2015 releases

Every year at WonderCon, Kotobukiya holds a panel showcasing what fans can expect to this year. Kotobukiya’s Dan Lujan hosted the panel, showcased the upcoming collectibles from a variety of

WonderCon 2015: World of Capcom panel and Ryu statue coming to SDCC

Capcom was at WonderCon 2015, and fans could visit the Capcom store, Monster Hunter Caravan and autograph signings for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and the Dead Rising Watchtower movie. The first

WonderCon 2016 moving to Los Angeles

Due to the new construction on the Anaheim Convention Center, WonderCon will be moving to Los Angeles, according to this year’s Talk Back panel. The convention will most likely be

LLAP: A Cosplay music video dedicated to Leonard Nimoy

The guys behind The Sneaky Zebra are back again! This time, the team from London dedicated their cosplay music video to the one and only, Leonard Nimoy. Using Nimoy’s commencement speech from Boston

Ottawa Comiccon 2015: Billie Piper, Jessica Nigri and more!

As spring is upon us (unless you live in Canada where snowmageddon is alive and well), we know that convention season is also just around the corner. With a lot

Real life Danganronpa Murder Mystery

April 4th will be your chance to get in on all the fun because NIS America will be hosting a Danganronpa themed murder mystery during San Diego’s Anime Conji. The

Pence for your thoughts: A Libertarian-Republican’s open letter about Indiana’s new law

Photo by Gen Con By Nathan Lichtman I remember the first time I heard Mike Pence speak. It was at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) a few years ago. I

Gaming convention threatens to leave if Indiana governor signs anti-gay bill

Photo by Gen Con Gen Con, the gaming convention that brought in over 50,000 attendees last year, has threatened to take the annual event elsewhere if Indiana governor Mike Pence signs an

Mini-Me from Austin Powers is hospitalized after attending a con

This past weekend at Heart of Texas Comic Con in Waco, there was something more that happened than just a bunch of nerds coming together and having fun. Verne Troyer,

What’s nerdlesque and why is it everything I ever dreamed of?

When geeks go wild, everybody wins. It turns out that geek and nerd culture wasn’t the only thing to have a sort of mainstream resurgence in the mid-2000s; burlesque performances

Sneaky Zebra presents London Super Comic Con cosplay!

The team at Sneaky Zebra went to London Super Comic Con last weekend and have created a happy-go-lucky, feel-good cosplay music video! It showcases all the fantastic cosplays from the

Want a Galaxy Quest convention? We do!

We could make this happen! Fans are coming together to petition the studios, cast, and crew to allow and be part of a convention honoring the 1999 film Galaxy Quest.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer star arrested at convention

It doesn’t seem to be going too well for Xander Harris. Former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Nicholas Brendon was just arrested after an appearance at ALT*Con in Florida. While he

BlizzCon 2015 tickets go on sale April 15 and 18

Blizzard Entertainment made the announcement this past week that this year’s big Blizzard convention will be held on November 6th through the 7th. This is a slight change from last year’s

Cobra Commander gifted key to city – Springfield, Illinois

The villain who once hosted a telethon for fellow terrorist organization has invaded the home of Abraham Lincoln – the end is nigh. In an unprecedented event, Mayor J. Michael

James Gunn says Marvel Studios will be a no-show at SDCC 2015

Marvel Studios has made big splashes for many years at San Diego Comic-Con in San Diego. In 2014, attendees got the chance to see sneak peeks for both Avengers: Age

Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda concerts will be at SDCC 2015

Nintendo fans are in for a treat as both the Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions and The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert series will be playing live during San Diego Comic-Con,

PAX East 2015: What to expect in Final Fantasy XIV RR: Heavensward

Square Enix just finished their PAX East presentation and while they didn’t show a whole lot of new information, they did give us release dates as well as some very

Nerdy Deal of the Day: PAX East Newegg Sale – i7 Gaming Laptop for under $1,000 and more

With PAX East just around the corner (March 6-8), Newegg is giving us some sweet savings on top-notch gaming laptops. If you’re in the market for peripherals or gear, this

Developer Tim Schafer’s inappropriate GDC 2015 joke sparks anger among gaming community

If you haven’t seen it yet, Tim Schafer, best known as the designer of critically acclaimed games like Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, and Broken Age and co-designer of The