New York Comic Con (NYCC) Cosplay Music Video 2015

This year has seen some incredible things from many different incredible people. From original parodies to breakout films, we have seen a fair share of awesome in 2015. This past

Marvel’s Jessica Jones packs a wicked punch at NYCC premiere

Ever since seeing the world premiere of the first episode of Marvel’s Jessica Jones at New York Comic Con this past weekend, I’ve been bursting at the seams to talk

Jared Leto and Mark Ruffalo tricked us all at New York Comic-Con

Edit: The term “trolling” was referring to tricking the audience and not in any way mean harassing the audience. It’s pretty well known for actors to dress up in costume

Power Rangers Legacy Communicator displayed at NYCC 2015

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has never been hotter. It’s been 22 years since the TV series first aired, and in the last few years Bandai has been releasing the Power

VGB! Quickies: TwitchCon w/ Alex Myers, Cory Butler, and more!

Buh-Buh-Buh BONUS episode of the Videogame BANG! This episode features our interviews from this year’s TwitchCon. We are talking to Pro Street Fighter IV player Alex Myers, as well as

New York Comic Con only three days away

North America’s second largest pop culture event is less than a week away, and fans from all over the world are eagerly packing their cosplays and getting ready to have

Nerd Reactor at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015

Written by Kaung Set/Photography by Stephanie Monica Anime Weekend Atlanta, or AWA as the locals call it, holds a special place in my heart. It was the first convention I

TwitchCon 2015: Knights of the Fallen Empire is pretty much Star Wars KOTOR 3

TwitchCon had its convention debut last weekend in San Francisco, CA, and although the event itself had a definite identity crisis, there was a small selection of game developers on

TwitchCon 2015: New features coming to XSplit

XSplit is one of the leading resources for streamers to be able to easily and professionally stream and take their channels to the next level. After talking to the CEO

TwitchCon 2015: Day 1 recap

As we approached the TwitchCon floors, it was already packed! It was an extremely busy first day at the first ever TwitchCon in the heart of San Francisco. With Twitch

TouhouCon 2015 Coverage and Photos

Touhoucon once again comes to sunny Southern California to celebrate all things touhou and Japanese subculture. The second year con moved across the street from the Marriott to the Anaheim

Laguna Film Festival presents a festival of short films this October

The first-ever Laguna Film Festival, a weekend film festival dedicated to short films, will be held next month in Laguna Nigel, California. From October 16 to 18, fans will have the

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Convention coming to Las Vegas August 2016

2016 is a very big year for Star Trek since it marks the series’ 50th anniversary. What better way to celebrate with your fellow Trekkies than to attend the Star Trek 50th

The first ever TwitchCon is happening

This weekend hundreds of Twitch streamers will be descending upon San Francisco for the first TwitchCon. Twitch announced that it will be hosting its own convention dedicated to its streamers

E-40 Choices (Yup) Cosplay Parody Rap Video

Nerd Reactor and Videogame BANG! were at SacAnime last month and the Sacramento Cosplay community showed up in full effect! We were able to cherry pick some of our favorites

Check out the epic cosplay in this Dragon Con 2015 video

Beat Down Boogie has released its Dragon Con 2015 cosplay music video, and it is beyond epic. So far my favorite cosplayers are the female Mad Max guitarist, light-up Deadmau5,

Cosplaying for the first time at SacAnime’s 2015 winter show

Time stood still as the flashing lights surrounded us. Everyone focused their undivided attention upon us while we held a strong pose. Grunting as our childhood dreams came to fruition,

Long Beach Comic Con 2015 ‘Love Myself’ Cosplay Music Video

What’s up, Reactorites! Check out our new cosplay music video we did at Long Beach Comic Con 2015. We had cosplayers lipsync to Hailee Steinfeld’s “Love Myself”.

Dragon Con 2015 Recap and Review

By Kaung Set One week. One week is what most people need to recover from Dragon Con; whether you caught the “con crud” (like this writer finally did after going

Arrow’s Manu Bennett arrested during convention

KENS 5 News is reporting that Manu Bennett has been arrested and was charged for misdemeanor assault. He was in San Antonio for the Alamo City Comic Con when the