Preacher gets a poster and is coming May 2016

We’ve been getting some photos and casting news for the upcoming Preacher series on AMC, and now show developer Seth Rogen has shared on his Twitter the Preacher poster. Not

Warner Bros. wants more Batman than Superman in Batman v Superman?

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was announced, some fans were wondering whether Batman would be taking the spotlight. They wanted to see a Superman sequel (Henry Cavill does

How secret identities factor into Captain America: Civil War revealed

A majority of criticism towards Captain America: Civil War comes from the fact that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s heroes are known throughout the world. How can superheroes reveal their identity through

The new Hulk is going to be Asian American

Marvel teased that the Hulk will go in a different direction by having a new person take the mantle. Who can it be? Well, Entertainment Weekly has got the scoop, and

Check out Magneto…. I mean Diggle’s new outfit in Arrow, plus new Amell poster

The CW has released two new images for the fourth season of Arrow. The newest one features David Ramsey as John Diggle in a new outfit, and the other is

Mark Ruffalo says The Hulk was this close to being in Captain America: Civil War

We’re getting a lot of different Marvel characters in Captain America: Civil War like Iron Man, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Vision, War Machine, Ant-Man, Falcon and more. What we’re not

Jon Bernthal readies for Punisher and shows off his guns for Daredevil series

Will Jon Bernthal have a big role as the Punisher in the second season of Daredevil? Maybe. Perhaps he’ll be sprinkled throughout, and hopefully Marvel and Netflix are planning for

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige no longer reporting to Marvel

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has been reporting to Marvel Entertainment CEO Isaac Perlmutter since the first Iron Man movie back in 2008. It would make sense, since the studio was

BATMETAL RETURNS (Yes, the caps are necessary)

So around a year ago there was a brilliant piece of animation that came out, combining two of the most awesome things on the planet: Batman and Dethklok. It featured

Andrew Garfield says that he never was Spider-Man?

There are many fans who still wonder what might have been had Andrew Garfield remained as Spider-Man. With the new partnership between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, Andrew’s run as

Comic series Cyber Force moves to LINE Webtoon

LINE Webstoon, a popular digital comic service, has now obtained Marc Silvestri’s classic comic series Cyber Force (also known as Cyberforce). Cyber Force, created by Top Cow, tells the tale

Josh Brolin is ready to bring the wrath upon the Avengers

Josh Brolin is more than ready to bring Thanos’ fury upon the Avengers. He just doesn’t know when he’s going to do it. “I don’t know which [Marvel film] I’m

Pieces of the D23 Captain America: Civil War trailer leak online

One of the huge topics of conversation this year at Disney’s D23 Expo was the Captain America: Civil War trailer. Only attendees who waited through the night to make it

New still from season 2 of The Flash

The CW has released a still of the soon approaching upcoming sophomore season of the hit show, The Flash. In the image, we see Joe (Jesse L. Martin) with his gun

The Avengers have picked sides in Captain America: Civil War, our predictions on who will win

With yesterday’s big announcement by Jeremy Renner, people around the world are noticing that one team seems to be a bit stronger than the other. But considering that the movies are introducing

Captain America: Civil War concept art reveals Cap’s and Iron Man’s teams

Fans are excited to see who’s going to fight whom in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film. We’ve seen a bit of that during the D23 Epo sizzle reel

Why a movie about Blade’s daughter could work

By Michael Rivera There’s a rumor that Marvel is considering bringing back Blade to the big screen, but not in the way you may think. Blade would be stepping back as

Has Marvel found their Bullseye for Daredevil?

While we’re still salivating at the fact that Daredevil will be going up against The Punisher and Elektra (maybe), we forgot about the fact that Bullseye is still a part

Will we see these two heroes go up against another hero in Captain America: Civil War?

While comic book fans are understandably anticipating the super fight between Batman and Superman next year, there’s another versus movie that’s coming out next year that is just as big.

Are the W walkers bigger than we think in The Walking Dead?

Fear the Walking Dead is finally here, which means that The Walking Dead Season 6 is not far behind it. The trailer that debuted at Comic-Con left us with so