You can become a Walker thanks to The Walking Dead Escape: San Diego event and the show’s Special Make-up Effects team

The Walking Dead Escape -promo-sm

The Walking Dead’s co-executive producer Greg Nicotero and his KNB EFX team are partnering up with The Walking Dead Escape: San Diego, a zombie apocalypse obstacle course taking place at Petco Park during San Diego Comic-Con from July 12th to the 14th. The event celebrates Robert Kirkman’s 100th Walking Dead issue … Continue reading

Bane’s strength is revealed in new Dark Knight Rises trailer

Bane punching through walls

The newest Dark Knight Rises trailer has been released, and it does contain a spoiler that could ruin the story for you. Don’t watch the trailer or read this if you don’t want to be spoiled. Things are not looking good for our dark crusader. The trailer reveals that Bane … Continue reading

Tony Stark gets an intervention from Nick Fury and The Avengers

black widow avengers

Yeah, yeah, Tony Stark has a problem. But who wouldn’t if they were a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist? Old-school Nick Fury and The Avengers try to help out Stark, but their help goes on deaf ears thanks to his drinking problem and narcissism. Raul from Monkey and Apple, best … Continue reading

Zombie apocalypse during San Diego Comic-Con

Petco Park the walkind dead escape

  During San Diego Comic-Con 2012, Petco Park will be turned into a scene straight out ofThe Walking Dead. Petco Park will be turned into an obstacle course, but not just any obstacle course, it will be a zombie apocalypse-themed one. From the looks of it there will be zombie … Continue reading

Mark Hamill and Arleen Sorkin return as the Joker and Harley Quinn after Arkham City


Remember all the disappointed fans out there when Mark Hamill said that Batman: Arkham City was going to be his last time voicing the Joker? He tweeted, “This will be my last, there’s no question about that. But it’s the last hurrah.” With that tweet it looked like it was … Continue reading

Kickstarter project: Tokyo Wonderland


I present to you when cultures collide. Take a story like Alice in Wonderland and mix it with the culture and flavor of Japan and what do you get? You get Tokyo Wonderland. The man who is responsible for thinking up this idea is President Nelson. And yes, apparently that’s his real name. Here … Continue reading

First clip and new images from Superman vs. The Elite

Superman vs. The Elite - 047

We have some new items for you today from DC Comics Premiere’s Superman vs. The Elite animated movie. With four new images being released, we are also treated with a premiere clip featuring the arrivals of The Elite (seen above). Looks like Superman’s way of fighting crime is being put … Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises’ Marion Cotillard denies being Talia Al Ghul…and I’m the Queen of England

Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard denies that she’s playing Talia Al Ghul, Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises movie. Ra’s Al Ghul, who was played by Liam Neeson, was the main villain in Batman Begins and is the leader of the League of Shadows. In a recent interview she … Continue reading

Comic Book Men and Talking Dead get a second season on AMC

Comic Book Men Kevin Smith

Good news if you’re a fan of either Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men or Chris Hardwick’s The Talking Dead. AMC has picked up the second season for both shows, giving us 16 half-hour long episodes. Comic Book Men follows a bunch of comic book nerds/workers at Kevin Smith’s New Jersey … Continue reading

Forget Spider-Man, I want to be Stan Lee! – Preorder bonuses revealed for The Amazing Spider-Man Game

Stan Lee Spider-Man

Marvel and Activision have just released their preorder exclusives for The Amazing Spider-Man game and they both look, well…AMAZING! The game itself places our favorite web-slinger in Manhattan and follows the story after the events of the upcoming film. The story itself was crafted by Hollywood writer, Seamus Kevin Fahey … Continue reading

Captain America 2 will be ‘closely associated with Avengers’

and after

Now that the Avengers movie has hit theaters nationwide, what’s next for our superheroes? The answer to that are Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Captain America 2. Marvel Studios’ President of Production Kevin Feige reveals some details on what we can expect the upcoming single movies, especially for Captain … Continue reading