Invader Zim comic coming soon?!

Invader Zim was a popular Nickelodeon cartoon in the early 2000s created by Johnny The Homicidal Maniac artist and writer Jhonen Vasquez. The series lasted only two seasons before it was

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If you’re like most people with a Netflix account, you’ve probably wasted  spent an entire afternoon binge watching several episodes of your favourite show or even a trilogy of your favourite

The Parents Television Council isn’t too happy about Family Guy’s recent statutory rape episode 

Family Guy has been on the air for more than a decade now and after all the religion, poop, fart, and vomit jokes, it still doesn’t show signs of stopping.

Gorilla Grodd is coming to The Flash

Gorilla Grodd has been hinted at in the episodes of The Flash. We’ve seen Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) talk to Grodd and we even saw signs of Grodd escaping from

Deathstroke to return in new Arrow episode

Deathstroke is easily a fan-favorite villain in season 2 of Arrow, and now fans should be excited to see his return in the next episode. In “The Return,” Oliver and

Arrow’s Diggle is not going to be John Stewart

There was a theory that said that John Diggle from Arrow was hinted at becoming John Stewart, a Green Lantern. Actor David Ramsey commented on it, saying that it may or

Samuel L. Jackson says Marvel movies are better than DC movies

Nothing gets comic book fans more riled up than a good ol’ fashion debate on Marvel vs. DC. Marvel has been kicking ass in the movie department, and DC has

Gina Carano joins Deadpool; Colossus set to appear as well

I love the smell of casting news in the afternoon. Smells like victory. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that MMA fighter-turned-actress, Gina Carano, has joined Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. Carano is

Looks like Joel Kinnaman might replace Tom Hardy in Suicide Squad

It’s known that Tom Hardy has dropped out of playing Rick Flagg in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad back in mid-January. There’s a rumor saying that he left because of the

Incredible fan-made Spider-Man and Avengers teaser trailer

Given all the hubbub over Spider-Man entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems natural that someone would make an Avengers trailer featuring everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood wall crawler. There have

Samuel L. Jackson’s contract is almost up for Marvel

Samuel L. Jackson was the inspiration to the Ultimates version of Nick Fury. And now that he has been playing Nick Fury in the Marvel cinematic universe for a while,

AMC’s Preacher to change this character’s race?

Many movies and TV shows based on comics have been updating their characters, like changing a character’s race and/or gender. And every time they do it, some fans get really upset.

Ryan Reynolds reveals Deadpool prototype outfit

Yes, we’re finally getting a Deadpool movie. Ryan Reynolds is going to play the titular character in Fox’s Deadpool film, and now he has posted a photo of himself and

‘Spidey-Sense’ – The future of Spider-Man in the movies

Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man! It has FINALLY happened, straight from the horse’s mouth. The Web-Head is heading to the MCU. Since Iron Man back in ’08, people have

Sinister Six and Venom movies will continue without Marvel’s Kevin Feige

The Spider-Man deal will be helpful to both Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios. Having Spider-Man be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to help boost hype, and

The Flash ‘Fallout’ trailer reveals time travel?

Warning: Spoilers Ahead Wow, last night’s episode of The Flash on The CW was emotional and crazy. We finally get to see Ronnie wind down, but it turns out that he’s

Dwayne Johnson on Black Adam as an anti-hero and being in the DC Cinematic Universe

This week has been crazy for Spider-Man, Marvel and Sony, but we can’t forget about what DC is working on, especially with the live-action Shazam movie starring Dwayne Johnson as

Sony eyeing Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien for new Spider-Man?

In our list of actors who should play the new Peter Parker, we mentioned that actor Logan Lerman (Fury) would be a good fit for the teenage superhero. Now there are

See Ultron Prime in all his detailed glory with Hot Toys’ Avengers: Age of Ultron figure

With the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer giving us a glimpse of Ultron and some artwork being released, fans got a taste for the look of the killer robot who’s going

All-new character posters for Avengers: Age of Ultron

Marvel just recently released these new character posters for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron, featuring the main heroes. Noticeably missing are the Maximoff twins: Scarlet Witch and Quicksliver. Paul