Go behind the scenes on Injustice: Gods Among Us


[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyL6uod1_Cw[/youtube] For those curious on what has been going on behind the development team for upcoming DC fighter Injustice, NetherRealm has provided a bit of a glimpse for you. A short video showcases some of the development team’s thoughts on the project, what technology they have produced for the title, … Continue reading

Warner Bros. wins copyright battle against Superman co-creator Joe Shuster’s heirs

In the long, trying Superman copyright fiasco yesterday has now put closure on at least half of the copyrights to the Man of Steel. According to the Hollywood Reporter, U.S. District Court Judge Otis Wright ruled “that the 1992 Agreement, which represented the Shuster heirs’ opportunity to renegotiate the prior … Continue reading

Mark Millar wants Avengers, Spider-Man and X-Men to ‘complement’ each other

Avengers vs X-Men

Mark Millar, co-creator of Kick-Ass and Wanted and writer of Marvel’s Civil War, pretty much wants what all of us Marvel fans wanted, to have all the characters in the Marvel film universe to “complement” each other. It’s cool that FOX’s comic book movie advisor thinks that way, but will … Continue reading

Welcome back, Daredevil, to the Marvel Studios family


It’s official. The Daredevil movie rights has returned back to Disney and Marvel. Fox’s rights to making Daredevil movies ended on Wednesday, October 10. I wonder if Marvel is going crazy over having the blind hero back, and when we can expect production to start rolling. Right now, Marvel Studios has a … Continue reading

Guillermo del Toro and Grant Morrison announce two all-new projects from Legendary Comics


With New York Comic-Con right around the corner it’s going to be a busy week in terms of news and footage. Before that Guillermo del Toro and Grant Morrison announced two new graphic novels to be released next year. One is a graphic novel which will serve as a prequel … Continue reading

X-Men producer wouldn’t mind having the mutants ‘mingle’ with The Avengers

Avengers vs X-Men

Here’s something I never would have expected. Lauren Shuler Donner, producer of the X-Men films, is interested in having X-Men characters “mingle” with the Avengers. The main problem is that it’s the studios that decide whether a character will have an appearance or not. Since Fox owns the rights to … Continue reading

Green Arrow revealed for Injustice roster


Green Arrow has been getting a surprising amount of attention lately. Not only is he getting his own series on the CW channel, titled Arrow, Entertainment Weekly revealed earlier this morning the sharpshooter will also be making an appearance as part of the Injustice: Gods Among Us roster. A welcome … Continue reading

The most epic of DC cosplay gatherings

DC Cosplay Distractotron

If you want to get the most epic display of DC cosplayers gathering around in one area, you can always count on Dragon*Con to deliver. Distractotron has released their DC Comics Epic Cosplay Video 2012 featuring Dean Cain. We’re given an overload of visual treats from multiple Supergirls, Supermen, Batmen, … Continue reading