Watch the Batman: Arkham Knight launch trailer

Batman: Arkham Knight will be available this Tuesday, and Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released the new launch trailer with Muse’s “Mercy” playing in the background. We

Beyonce to join upcoming Avengers film?

Would you like to see Marvel putting a ring on Beyonce’s finger? Well, if you’re not one of them, then you’re out of luck. According to The Daily Star, a

BIOWARS webcomic issue 1 & 2 review

Recently, pop culture has been obsessed with SCIENCE. Science, as well as being a geek, is the hottest thing to incorporate into our entertainment – TV, movies, books, and even,

Matt Ryan is sad that Constantine is cancelled

NBC decided to ditch Constantine, the live-action series based on the comic book following John Constantine. The show has been looking for another network, and that effort became hopeless. Fans can

Jon Bernthal to play The Punisher in Netflix’s season 2 of Daredevil!

The Walking Dead is one of the most successful comic books to hit shelves, and when they created the television show, its popularity only kept rising. One of the show’s

It’s here! The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice official synopsis

Finally, after releasing the super short teaser to the teaser, the short teaser that still didn’t say much, and yesterday’s official look at the Caped Crusader ride, the Batmobile, Warner

Titan Comics: New trailer for Doctor Who: Four Doctors comic series

Titan Comics just released a new trailer for its Doctor Who: Four Doctors comic book series, featuring all four of the most recent Doctors in a brand new adventure. This

September issue of ‘True Believers’ set to have Women of Marvel theme

On June 6, 2015, Marvel announced at Special Edition: NYC a new set of its $1 introductory titles labeled “True Believers.” This new group is slated to come out in

Marvel relaunches Iron Man with Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez

There’s more big news from Marvel regarding the post-Secret Wars state of their books. Iron Man, possibly Marvel’s most popular character right now, will be rebooted once again. This time

Jason Momoa is ‘super stoked’ with James Wan as Aquaman’s director

James Wan was recently revealed as the director for the upcoming Aquaman movie starring Jason Momoa. The director had a huge hit with Furious 7, which took in over $1 billion for

Marvel Comics reboot to turn Wolverine into a female?

It was revealed this week that Marvel Comics is planning on rebooting its comic books and reverting them back to issue number 1. Some of the changes include Thor remaining

Jason Statham may play Bullseye in season two of Daredevil

Move over Colin Farrell, there may be a new Bullseye on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, and it might be The Transporter himself, Jason Statham. The rumor was just reported

Is changing the race or gender of an established comic book character a good idea?

Comic book movies and television shows have been powering moreso through Hollywood in the past 10 years. We’re at an age where we can just look at a popular comic

Marvel Comics to reboot to No. 1, plus big changes to Hulk and other characters

When Marvel announced that the Secret Wars arc this year was going to change the Marvel comic book universe, fans weren’t sure what Marvel had up its sleeve. Was it

Marvel Studios could be prepping these other shows for a Netflix release

I’m going to get right to the point here and say that Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series was a complete landslide in positive reviews. Even Netflix doesn’t want to give a proper count

James Wan to direct Aquaman

Aquaman finally gets its director, and that is James Wan, as announced by Warner Bros. Wan helmed the recent Furious 7, and now he’s going to bring the aquatic superhero

Han Solo is a man of many wives in new Star Wars comic

Marvel’s Star Wars comic series just revealed something so big, it makes the Death Star look small. Before we go into it, it must be made known that everything in

Martin Freeman’s role in Captain America: Civil War revealed?

While it was rumored before that Martin Freeman would be playing Everett Ross in both Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther, Latino-Review is starting to hear that Martin Freeman

James Gunn provides script update on Guardians of the Galaxy 2

We have a long ways to go before we see everyone’s favorite ragtag team of galaxy guardians again on screen, but James Gunn has provided fans with an update of

Red Hood appears in new Batman: Arkham Knight ad

A new advertisement for Batman: Arkham Knight was released, and here we get our first peek at the Red Hood, aka Jason Todd. It’s promoting the DLC mission featuring the