Stan Lee vs Jim Henson in Epic Rap Battles of History finale

It is on! Stan Lee, the man who co-created many of our favorite Marvel heroes, is going up against Jim Henson, the man behind the Muppets, in the season 4

Agent Carter to battle Madame Masque in season 2

Madame Masque is a Marvel villain who wears a mask. She has encountered Tony Stark in the past, even becoming his lover. Now her role will be different in the

Fantastic Four is on track to disappoint at the box office

Fox is screwing up with Fantastic Four. The critics have bashed the reboot film, director Josh Trank admits that the movie wasn’t great, and now the box office numbers are

Batman v Superman early screening gets standing ovation, plus more Ben Affleck Batman films?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice doesn’t hit theaters until next year, but apparently the film had an early screening filled with Warner Bros execs and its film crew, according

Captain America: Civil War: Team Iron Man and Team Captain America rosters revealed

One of the biggest questions going into Captain America: Civil War is what character is siding with who when Captain America goes up against Iron Man. For those of you

Three actresses in the running for Belladonna Boudreaux role in Gambit

After being on the brink of getting cancelled, Gambit has now set its sight on the female lead. Deadline is reporting that Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation), Léa Seydoux

Marvel teams up with MLB for clothing collection

By Tee Jay Nerds are crossing over to jock territory. For the last few years Star Wars has had quite a presence in Major League Baseball, with events happening on

Fox is set on doing the live-action X-Men series

It’s been reported that Fox is interested in doing a live-action X-Men series earlier this year. The deal hasn’t been closed yet, and after the Fox TCA presentation, Fox Television Group

The Human Torch spotted in New York!

Much like the stunt they did for  Josh Trank’s previous film, Chronicle, “viral video agency” Thinkmodo has done it again, and did something that is cool and ingenious, yet borderline insane!

Doctor Strange described as Marvel’s ‘Fantasia,’ plus first reaction to concept art

Are you ready for something strange? The recently hired Director of Photography, Ben Davis, shed some light on what we can expect from the Scott Derrickson film. Speaking with Screen

Keiynan Lonsdale joins The Flash as Wally West

Uriah is coming to Central City. After it was announced that Wally West is coming to the second season of “The Flash,” Entertainment Weekly has announced that Insurgent star Keiynan

Did Captain America and Agent Carter do the deed?

Happy Hump day, fellow Nerds! Oh, speaking of hump…. During one of the panels at Boston Comic Con, Hayley Atwell was asked one of the questions that many of us

Are we going to see Cable in a Deadpool movie?

With the new red-band Deadpool trailer premiering last night, we were treated to an appearance of X-Men’s Colossus. Will we be seeing other X-Men-related characters? And if we don’t see

Fantastic Four Review

It’s been quite a ride for Fantastic Four since its announcement back in 2012. There have been a few highs but overall there’s been a lot of negative buzz around

Executive producer says Purple Man will own half of Jessica Jones series like Kingpin owned half of Daredevil

Jessica Jones executive producers Melissa Rosenberg and Jeph Loeb revealed some new information about the Marvel and Netflix series during the TCA press tour last week. We get to learn

Could Spider-Man’s next foe be revealed?

Spider-Man has certainly been in the news lately. With the information that the Vacation writers were headed to Marvel HQ to check out some Spidey footage in the upcoming film Captain

A new challenger arrives for Tyrese and Green Lantern

Tyrese Gibson (Furious 7, Transformers) has been campaigning to get the part of John Stewart as Green Lantern. We’ve seen many fan art of him as the DC hero, and he

Spider-Man to have more than a cameo in Captain America: Civil War?

It was revealed last week that there was a scene already shot involving Tom Holland as Peter Parker in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie. It was speculated that

Channing Tatum to become Gambit after all?

There was worry for those supporting Channing Tatum as Gambit, since there was a report saying that the actor might drop out of the project. Now we have The Hollywood

Deadpool gets a trailer for its trailer

“From the studio that inexplicably sowed his ****ing mouth shut the first time, comes 5-time Academy Award viewer Ryan Reynolds as a man on an eHarmony date with destiny.” Now