Judge Dredd comic publisher endorses Dredd movie sequel petition

Karl Urban judge dredd

Dredd, starring Karl Urban, didn’t do well at the box office. However, once it hit the Blu-ray/DVD market, it did great, showing us that somehow the promotion was terrible for the theater campaign. Even with that said, it’s still sad to see it bomb at the box office, especially with … Continue reading

Mark Millar and Todd McFarlane NEVER said ‘Comics aren’t for women’


A recent article came out which stated that Mark Millar and Todd McFarlane said “Comics aren’t for women.” What a crock of bullshit. Some of you might not know this, but part of the media’s job is to create headlines that will catch your attention, even if they are all false. But … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Realistic DC Superheroines with Jeff Chapman


It’s not a new thing to see people manipulating photos, but what comic-enthusiast Jeff Chapman has done with his artworks is truly amazing. He takes existing photos and touch them up in such a way that they look like a big-blockbuster superhero poster for non-existent movies. What kind of movies? … Continue reading

Looks like Vin Diesel might be the voice of Groot for Guardians of The Galaxy

Is this true? We’ve all known that Vin Diesel has been in talks with Marvel, but he was reluctant to speak about his possible upcoming role in any of the Marvel movies. However recently on his Facebook page, he posted a pic of a character that seems somewhat familiar to … Continue reading

D23 Expo: Captain America: The Winter Soldier clip description


After Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was next to be revealed by Kevin Feige during the Marvel Studios showcase, everyone in the D23 Arena was treated to the footage that was shown in Hall H at this year’s Comic-Con. Which you can read about here. After the … Continue reading

Hit-Girl’s Chloe Moretz responds to Jim Carrey’s non-support for Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2 stills_03

Jim Carrey has made it public that he won’t be supporting and promoting Kick-Ass 2 due to the Sandy Hook event. With him pulling out, what does his fellow co-star, Chloe Moretz, think about the whole situation? In an interview with The Sun, Moretz pretty much says that if you think … Continue reading

NR Podcast #12: DC vs. Marvel Cinematic Universe and Cyberbullying


Download | Itunes | Subscribe to RSS | Previous Episodes Hey guys and welcome to the latest episode of the NR Podcast. We discuss Warner Brothers’ plans for their cinematic universe including Justice League and the Batman/Superman film, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, Doctor Who’s newest Doctor and cyber-bullying. Hosts: Alger Alama, Jose Gutierrez, Mark … Continue reading

Joss Whedon never planned for Thanos to be the villain in Avengers sequel

THANOS Rising_02 Avengers

With The Avengers mid-end credits scene featuring Thanos, a lot of fans assumed that he would be the main villain in the second Avengers film, which is now titled Avengers: Age of Ultron. Joss Whedon revealed in an interview with Total Film magazine that Thanos was never intended as the … Continue reading

5 reasons Clancy Brown would be a great choice for X-Force leader Cable

ClancyBrown cable

Recently it was announced that X-Force, a team of mutants similar to the X-Men but more aggressive, would be getting a feature film in the near future. Naturally, there’s been speculation that the team’s first leader, Cable, might be in the film. In the comics, Cable has a pretty complicated … Continue reading

Kevin Feige has the Marvel Cinematic Universe planned up to 2021!

Holy incredible planning, Batman!! Errr…that’s the wrong superhero in the wrong universe. Let me rephrase that, “FEIGE SMASH!!!” – there, that’s better. This piece of news absolutely INSANE. Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) isn’t even complete yet! With Avengers: Age of Ultron looming in the distance, what other … Continue reading

The original writer of ‘The Wolverine’, Chris Claremont, speaks his mind about the recent film.

Let’s face it, if I asked a majority of strangers who Wolverine is, they would definitely know who I was talking about. Since Wolverine is an iconic character, he definitely belongs at the top of the ladder with Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers. The only difference with … Continue reading

Cyclops will not be in the upcoming X-Men movie

What? What is this garbage?! So Cyclops ISN’T going to be in the new X-Men: Days of Future Past movie?! This makes no sense to me since Cyclops is the iconic leader of the X-Men. Most of us know how much of an impact his character makes on the team, … Continue reading

Zack Snyder and Frank Miller in talks about the upcoming Superman and Batman movie.


We all know that when it comes to rumors in Hollywood, we all usually take it with a grain of salt. However in this recent trend of rumors, there’s word going around that Frank Miller and Zack Snyder are supposedly speaking about the upcoming DC Movie team-up of Batman and … Continue reading

NR Podcast #11: Danger, Spoiler Alert!


Download | Itunes | Subscribe to RSS | Previous Episodes Here’s episode 11 of the Nerd Reactor Podcast. We spoil The Wolverine and Man of Steel and talk about online multiplayer in Batman: Arkham Origins, Fox expanding the X-Men universe and the biggest Star Trek Convention. Hosts: Holly Amos, Jose Gutierrez, Mark Pacis, … Continue reading

Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox review


Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox poses the question, what would happen if The Flash’s Barry Allen used the speed force to run back in time and stop the death of his mother? Well if you can imagine it, he screws everything up. It isn’t entirely his fault though, since his … Continue reading

Grant Morrison’s Annihilator gets a cover

Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman) is working on a new comic book project called Annihilator since its announcement last year. Legendary Comics has just released the cover art featuring artwork by Frazer Irving. A release date will be announced soon. Synopsis: Hellraising screenwriter Ray Spass has one last chance to restore … Continue reading

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox now available on Blu-ray and DVD


Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. I had a chance to watch the flick, and me tell you, this is the edgiest DC Animated Movie I’ve seen to date. The animation design and quality are well done as well. There were a lot of … Continue reading