Harley Quinn finally gets a Kotobukiya bishoujo statue

Kotobukiya Harley Quinn - 01

Kotobukiya has recently announced that Harley Quinn is joining the DC Bishoujo statue collection, with Batgirl, Catwoman and Poison Ivy already being released. Finally, one of the most popular DC femme fatales gets the Shunya Yamashita touch. What’s a Kotobukiya bishoujo statue without a seductive or sexy pose? Harley Quinn … Continue reading

New Avengers clip with Loki and Tony Stark having a delightful conversation

Avengers Loki Tony stark-feature

You know you don’t want to spoil yourself by watching this new clip from The Avengers featuring an extended scene with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Robert Downey, Jr.’s Tony Stark. But you can’t resist, so you’re going to click on the play button and see this awesome exchange between a … Continue reading

Game of Throne’s Lena Headey to star in Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Series

grimm fairy tale 75 J S Campbell

Game of Throne‘s Lena Headey is set to voice Sela Mathers, the lead character in the Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Series. It’ll be based on Zenescope’s comic book series of the same name. You may have seen Headey as Queen Gorgo in 300, Sarah Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor … Continue reading

With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story exclusive clip – Stan Lee on quitting

With Great Power Stan Lee Documentary

Here’s an exclusive clip from Stan Lee’s documentary, With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story, on why he almost quit comic book writing. The original documentary will premiere on EPIX during “Marvel Heroes Weekend”. From April 27th to 29th, Stan Lee will be hosting the EPIX marathon featuring superhero movies … Continue reading

Comic Book Men Season Finale Recap


In this episode, the guys of the Secret Stash make a pact to all get tattooed in order to force Walter into fulfilling an old promise. Plus, Nerd Reactor‘s Mike and Narvin talk about their adventures at this year’s WonderCon, and Mike gives another heart shattering story of the lost … Continue reading

Nerdy Drag Race: Michael Keaton Batmobile vs. Adam West Batmobile


This one is for all the marbles, Ladies and Gentlemen. At last, the age old question of which one is better will finally be answered as 60s TV show Batmobile takes on the 90s Tim Burton film Batmobile in a drag of epic nerdy proportions. Now obviously, these cars didn’t … Continue reading