Captain America 2 filming, Thor 2’s Sif and set photos, and the connection between The Wolverine and Jean Grey

Thor The Dark World Set Photos - lady sif 2

Out of all the Marvel Phase 2 films, I’m looking forward to Captain America: The Winter Soldier the most. I want to know what happens to Captain America and if he gets accustomed to modern day life. But what I really want to see is the return of Cap’s good … Continue reading

Joss Whedon talks Marvel Phase 2 and approves of James Gunn directing Guardians of the Galaxy

The Avengers (2012)Director Joss Whedon on set

Since the release of Avengers, Joss Whedon has his plate full with the upcoming Marvel Phase 2 (next set of Marvel movies leading up to Avengers 2). Because of his success with The Avengers already grossing $1.5 billion globally, Whedon will be juggling a few different responsibilities. Not only will … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Kwa Hong Yen, AKA Agustinus


From time to time, I would browse around different artworks from different artists in search of someone to spotlight here. For this spotlight, I’d like to showcase the artworks of Kwa Hong Yen, AKA Agustinus, and he’s from Indonesia. Click on the images for a larger image size. Here’s the … Continue reading

Justice League director rumors: No Affleck, David Yates, Wachowskis, and Brett Ratner?!

Over at Warner Bros. the search continues for the director of WB/DC’s biggest potential franchise Justice League. With the success of the Avengers and failure of Green Lantern, Warner Bros is trying to do this right or it risks killing off another beloved DC franchise. First off, we posted earlier that Ben Affleck … Continue reading

New Thor: Dark World casting adds another villain, brings back Kat Dennings and more


In this time of post-Avengers, fans are eagerly anticipating Phase 2 of Marvel’s movie plans. Since a lot of details have already been discussed and ironed out for Iron Man 3 (no pun intended), eyes have shifted to the next release after it, Thor: Dark World. There has been a … Continue reading

Catwoman’s claws are dangerous in Injustice: Gods Among Us gameplay video

A new combatant has entered the DC Universe fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Catwoman, also known as Selina Kyle, has been both a friend/lover for Batman, as well as one tough criminal for him to deal with. Now she takes part in an all out battle that features heroes and villains from … Continue reading

Comic review: Hawkeye #1

“You cowboy around with the Avengers some. Guys got, what, armor. Magic. Super-powers. Super-strength. Shrink-dust. Grow-rays. Magic. Healing factors. I’m an orphan raised by carnies fighting with a stick and a string from the Paleolithic era. So when I say this looks “bad”? I promise you it feels worse.” – … Continue reading