Ben Affleck teases major Batman villain? What does it mean?!

Update: A report is saying that Deathstroke will be the main villain in the upcoming solo Batman flick. Little is known about the solo Batman film that Ben Affleck is

Watch the hilarious ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ mockumentary which shows what Thor did during ‘Civil War’

If you weren’t a part of the SDCC Marvel Studios panel this year then you’re in luck! One of the best things to come out of the panel this year is

‘Captain Marvel’s’ shortlist down to 3 as Marvel Studios zeros in on their director

Slowly, but surely, Marvel Studios is closing in on a director for Captain Marvel. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Niki Caro (McFarland, USA), Lesli Linka Glatter (Showtime’s “Homeland”) and Lorene

Marvel and DC formal wear is finally here!

You may remember, not too long ago, when we were spouting off about those of us who just want to keep our inner fanboy an outward expression though the clothes

DC’s ‘Justice League Dark’ lands former ‘Gambit’ director

Well, it seem like we’re never going to get that Gambit film, starring Channing Tatum, off the ground. Darn. According to Variety, it seems that Director Doug Liman of the aforementioned

New Iron Man, Riri Williams, will take on different code name

Consistent with Marvel’s new trend of replacing the alter egos of its most famous superheroes with a more diverse cast of characters, it was reported earlier this year that Tony

Marvel and Harley Davidson team up

Marvel has recently created a new alliance in its never-ending quest for world domination. Marvel and Harley Davidson have unveiled an unbelievable lineup of custom motorcycles inspired by some of our favorite

More Community cameos coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Recently, we reported that The Guardians of the Galaxy would be appearing in Avengers: Infinity War. Well, that isn’t the only ragtag group making an appearance. Keeping the new tradition

Vin Diesel says Guardians of the Galaxy will be in Avengers: Infinity War

This probably wasn’t meant to get out this soon, but a Guardians of the Galaxy star just spilled some very interesting Marvel news. He probably should’ve just stuck to the

Details of Zendaya’s key role revealed for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming

Not since Tom Holland’s outstanding performance have fans been more excited to see Spider-Man on the big screen again. Many moviegoers cringe to think about the incoherent The Amazing Spider-Man

Sir Patrick Stewart says next Wolverine movie could be last

By Patrick Snipes In an interview with ITV, Patrick Stewart says about the Wolverine franchise, “I would imagine this is probably the end of this franchise for me. But the

Adam West and Burt Ward to fight crime again in new animated Batman movie

By Patrick Snipes Last year, it was announced that Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar would star in new animated Batman film. Now, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Adam

Marvel’s ‘The Runaways’ is coming to Hulu

The long-gestating live-action adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona’s The Runaways is finally coming. Marvel has announced that The Runaways would be coming to Hulu as a television

Unreleased Fantastic Four film subject of new documentary

There have been some pretty amazing comic book movies that have come out in the last few years, but for some reason they just can’t get it right with The

Suicide Squad director discusses cut footage involving Slipknot

Slipknot spoilers ahead If you don’t remember the character Slipknot from Suicide Squad, you’re probably not alone. With his omission from the opening character introductions and lack of screen time

Grodd will return to The Flash’s season 3

During the TCA Press Tour, Andrew Kreisberg spoke with Collider and finally has confirmed that Grodd will be back in season 3 of The Flash. Kreisberg said: Yes, we’re going

New ‘Luke Cage’ trailer sees the rise of a Defender

There’s little more than a month to go before Luke Cage graces our screens and today, as promised, Marvel and Netflix have released a trailer. It’s going to be that much

Brie Larson prepares for Captain Marvel role

(Credit: @brielarson instagram) Brie Larson shows us how she’s already preparing to join the MCU as Captain Marvel. Tweeted this weekend, she is seen reading “Captain Marvel Volume 1: Higher,

Action Comics #1 sells for almost $1 million

Action Comics #1 is pretty much the holy grail of comics. People seek it out for its incredibly high value due to its age and the fact that it contains

New and sexy look at Poison Ivy in Fox’s Gotham

Ivy Pepper, aka Poison Ivy, was played by Clare Foley in the first two seasons of Fox’s “Gotham”. With the third season coming up, the show will be replacing Foley (currently