Michael Rooker thinks Guardians of the Galaxy is something the fans are going to go ape***t over when they see it!


Michael Rooker has done many projects in the past, however at present he’s well known as Merle Dixon, Daryl Dixon’s brother from The Walking Dead. His latest project that we’re all very much anticipating is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Rooker, along with the rest of the cast have already had the … Continue reading

Fanmade Futurama in realistic CG is mindblowing


Russian 3D artist Alexey Zakharov created this amazing 30-second 3D animation test of the world in Matt Groening’s Futurama. Using a variety of software that includes 3DSMax, Adobe Photoshop, Nuke and After Effects, Zakaharov creates an absolutely beautiful rendition of New New York complete with a very different look for Planet Express’s iconic spaceship. Take … Continue reading

Not an April Fool’s Joke: Homestar Runner is coming back!


Hold on to your “Sweet Cuppin’ Cakes” and prepare for things to get “Dangeresque” because Strong Bad and all his pals are coming back! Earlier this year, fans of the long running web series were treated to a brand new video from the Homestar Runner website on April 1st. It had been … Continue reading

The Legend of Korra – Book Two: Spirits (DVD review)

Legend of Korra - Book 2 DVD_00

The Legend of Korra – Book Two: Spirits is now available on Blu-ray and DVD! With the return of Korra, Mako, Bolin, Asami, Tenzin and his family, take on a new threat after the defeat of Amon and the conflict within Republic City. The 14-episode set chronicles Korra’s journey as a … Continue reading

Support ‘Kitchen Overlord’s Illustrated Geek Cookbook’ Kickstarter!


Are you a geek? Throwing a Doctor Who premiere party? How about a Superhero themed party? Need some good and quick recipes for the event? Well, you’re in luck! Kitchen Overlord’s Chris-Rachael Oseland is releasing her illustrated recipes into a book! Together with artist Tom Gordon, Oseland has created over 120 recipes starring … Continue reading

‘Epic Space Opera’ coming to Mashed!


From the people who brought you Tooncracy’s Spoofs and Mr. Weebl, Mashed presents it’s newest animation – Epic Space Opera. This space opera is inspired by 80′s action/adventure cartoons, anime and will include – HEAVY syn electronic music. Not the annoying kind, but the fun kind! The story is about Pilot … Continue reading

PlatinumGames to work on The Legend of Korra video game

legend of korra ps4

The Legend of Korra is a popular animated TV series that will premiere its third season this Friday on Nickelodeon. Now Nickelodeon and Activision have announced that a The Legend of Korra video game is in the works. This will be the first time the series will be getting a video … Continue reading

Regular Show: The Complete Third Season (DVD review)

Regular Show_ S3_ DVD

WHOOOOOAAAAAA!!!! Cartoon Network’s very own Mordecai and Rigby’s season three antics are now available on DVD. For those unfamiliar with the off-beat, man-child world that J.G Quintel has created, I’m not sure that this collection of episodes is the absolute best place to start. For those already initiated, the season … Continue reading



      Hafthor Bjornsson, better known as “The Mountain” in Game of Thrones, was rumored to have been spotted on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past. According to a couple inside sources, he was spotted donning the crimson armor of none other than…The Juggernaut. After the movie … Continue reading

Ant-Man’s movie villain revealed!


After the entire Edgar Wright debacle of leaving Ant-Man, I’m glad that there’s finally forward steps to getting the movie rolling. With that said, we already know that Paul Rudd will be playing Scott Lang who steals the Ant-Man technology from Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas. However the question … Continue reading

Regular Show: The Complete Third Season DVD releases this week

Reg Show Season 3 2D Box

Cartoon Network’s Regular Show: The Complete Third Season will be available on DVD June 17th and will include all 40 episodes from the third season. Join the gang as Mordecai, Rigby and their friends go on a regular-to-crazy journey. The special features contain over seven hours of content and includes “Characters … Continue reading

Calvin and Hobbes creator secretly returns to the comic pages

Calvin and Hobbes

If you read comic strips at all in the late 80′s and early 90′s, there is pretty much only one answer to the question, “What is your favorite comic strip?” I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Beetle Bailey. Without a doubt, the most revered cartoonist of the 90′s was Bill … Continue reading

Hello Kitty Con is happening in Los Angeles


It’s about time! Sanrio lovers rejoice! Sanrio has announced their very first Hello Kitty Con! It will be from October 30th to November 2nd, 2014 at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Downtown Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo District. They will have speakers, panels, interactive workshops, cosplay, … Continue reading

Spider-Man could possibly appear in Avengers 3!


Yes, this is NOT a joke. It is NOT April Fools. This is very very real. Rob Liefeld the co-founder of Image Comics and X-Force creator recently tweeted to his followers that Marvel Entertainment is attempting to undercut any and all support of the X-Men franchise. 20th Century Fox who owns both … Continue reading

How To Train Your Dragon 2 – Early Screener Reaction


 **THIS IS NOT A REVIEW AND CONTAINS NO SPOILERS** How To Train Your Dragon has grown in popularity throughout the years and with its own television series doing fairly well, I think this train is going to keep moving forward. I just returned from watching How To Train Your Dragon 2 via an … Continue reading

X-Men: Days of Future Past – WTF moments


**X-Men: Days of Future Past spoilers in this article!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!** I just watched X-Men: Days of Future Past, and I have to say that it was an entertaining ride. The movie basically reboots the entire franchise and I believe crosses out X2, X3: The Last Stand, … Continue reading

Disney and Marvel’s Big Hero 6 gets a teaser trailer


Check out the debut teaser trailer for Big Hero 6, a Marvel property that is being produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. In the teaser we see child prodigy Hiro Hamada building a robot, showing off Disney’s style of humor. Big Hero 6 hits theaters on November 7, 2014. Source: Disney

My Little Pony parodies Maleficent trailer shot by shot

my little pony

The Hub Network’s having a Villaintine’s Day Marathon this Friday, and it has just released a trailer that parodies the Maleficent trailer shot-by-shot. Instead of Maleficent, we get Discord, and Sleeping Beauty is replaced by Twilight Sparkle. Tune in Friday, May 23rd to check out Discord on My Little Pony: … Continue reading

Marvel/Disney releases a trailer teaser and poster for Big Hero 6


Walt Disney Animation Studios has been on top of their game with their recent releases. Starting with Tangled then onto Wreck-It Ralph and last year’s ginormous hit Frozen, Walt Disney Animation Studios has been setting the bar higher and higher with each subsequent film. So how do you follow up … Continue reading