Awkward Conversations

Awkward Conversations presents Comics N Cocktails episode 1 with Club Cosplay’s Bernie Bregman

Awkward Conversations have launched their new show Comics ‘n Cocktails tonight on TheStreamTV. Hosts Anastasia Washington and Nathan Lichtman spoke with Club Cosplay and NerdsLikeUs founder Bernie Bregman about all

Awkward Conversations invites you for some Comics N Cocktails on theStream.TV

Awkward Conversations is heading to the web screen! Nerd Reactor’s own Awkward Conversations podcast have their own show coming out on theStream.TV this September called ‘Comics N Cocktails’ where Anastasia

Awkward Conversations #98: Nerd Shouting

Join hosts Anastasia Washington and Nathan as they get their nerd rage and awkward on with the Nerd Shout boys, Kevin Becker, Mark Cirillo, and James Hartman. Stuff gets loud

Awkward Conversations #97: Coming Out of the Closet! (As a Nerd)

Langdon and his buds from Langdon Nation come on the show to explain how it was harder to come out as nerdy than it was to come out as gay.

Awkward Conversations #96: Angry Baby Fumbles About Video Games

In the wake of possibly the worst football play call in history, the Awkward Gang makes a bad play of their own. They have Angry Baby host a show about

Awkward Conversations #95: XanBonnie

What happens when two reality show stars (Xander from ‘King of the Nerds’ and Bonnie from ‘The Quest’) get seriously awkward with Darth Boobs and Angry Baby? Well, you’ll have

Awkward Conversations #94: Cosplay for the Holidays

Photo by @austinspacepix There’s no place like awkward for the holidays, and this episode we talk all thing holiday with Kit Quinn. Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS

Awkward Conversations #93: She Makes Comics

Awkward Conversations hosts Anastasia Washington and Nathan Lichtman chat with Marisa Stotter about fetishes, comics, oh and her amazing film, She Makes Comics. Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS She Makes Comics tells the

Awkward Conversations #92: Joy Ride This!

Hosts Anastasia Washington and Nathan Lichtman talk with some of the stars of the new web series, Joy Ride. We chat with Becky Sanders and Ben Heyman, share  ride share

Awkward Conversations #91: Good Touch Bad Nerd

Hosts Anastasia Washington and Nathan Lichtman chat with Bryan Scheidler of Good Nerd Bad Nerd, and…well…things get weird. Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS

Awkward Conversations #90: Life in Hollyweird

Actor Chris Murray joins the Awkward Gang to discuss his role in Teen Nick’s Zoey 101, and shows like Mad Men, 24, and Parks and Recreation. He also recants stories

Awkward Converstaions #89: Books and Awkward

We chat with A Wrighton about books, comics, and female stereotypes. Oh, and of course we get awkward! Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS

Awkward Conversations #88: Mystic Awkwardness

Anastasia and Nathan chat with the hosts of Mystic Party Podcast Brea Grant and Zane Grant about their paranormal issues. Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS

Awkward Conversations #87: Star Wars?

What happens when comedians talk Star Wars? Listen in as Anastasia Washington and Nathan Lichtman chat with Morris Black (never seen Star Wars), Sam Jae, and Andrew Paulsen (who knows

Awkward Conversations #86: How to Find a Date at Comic-Con

Ashley Shreve, an award-winning dating coach, joins the Awkward Duo to give listeners advice on how to pick up women, and how to spice up their romantic interactions. You’re not

Awkward Conversations #85: Sexipode

What do you get when you compile the Awkward Gang with a sexual health expert, Allison, and a sexual podcast host, Melissa of Aural Stimulation? You get our answers on

Awkward Conversations #84: Phoenix Comicon 2014

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS We’re back! And more awkward then ever. Check us out live at Phoenix Comicon at our Talk Nerdy to Me Panel!

Phoenix Comicon gets Awkward June 7th!

Phoenix Comicon is upon us and is coming to the Phoenix Convention Center June 5-8th! There will be many things to do including Nerd Reactor’s Awkward Conversations “Talk Nerdy to Me”

Awkward Conversations #83: Episode Remake

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS In this all host show, we talk childhood remakes, anticipations and fear, and of course… we get awkward!

Awkward Conversations #82: Ain’t No Dummies Here

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Christine Barger joins the Awkward duo to discuss ventriloquism, puppetry, women in magic, and often Angry Baby’s inability to ask good questions. Christine is a working professional ventriloquist,