Awkward Conversations #79: ASTAR Is Born (Maybe Our Most Awkward/Offensive Ep)

astar movie

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Angry Baby’s life partner (best dude friend) has been working hard on a project. It’s ASTAR the movie! A GPS unit gets jealous and hostile. Find out why that is, as many of the creative people behind this short film join us. Also, it really, really, really gets … Continue reading

Awkward Conversations #78: Improv and Comics with a Large Dollop of Awkwardness


Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Joey (The Self Indulgent Podcast and Bacon Improv) and Kittie and Cody (Kittie Cakes Designs) join us for a rousing discussion of comics and improv…and a pervy set of questions about a Communion dress. You don’t want to miss what might possibly be the most awkward episode yet.

Awkward Conversations #77: Any Bites for Bitcoin?


Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS The Awkward Gang gets schooled on what Bitcoin actually is. Can we just create money out of thin air? And will guest host Bernie Bregman start a Bitcoin sex trade? Find out in this episode. Bitcoin expert Sergey Tsalkov and tech guru Michael Mayday also join, and there’s … Continue reading

Awkward Conversations #76: Awkwardly Under the Table

under the table

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Host Anastasia Washington and fellow host Nathan Lichtman chat with the cast of Under the Table about drunken game happenings and their new show! Cast members Xander Jeanneret, Kelly Boardman, Kevin Becker, and Benjamin Thomas get awkward with us and our guest host Bernie Bregman!

Awkward Conversations #75: Comikaze Loves You


Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS In this all-star clip episode, hosts Nathan “Angry Baby” Lichtman and Anastasia “Darth Boobs” Washington interview peeps at the 2013′s Comikaze Expo! It includes, Loot Crate, Graphic Lab Tees, Crab Cat Industries The Nerd Machine and more! Follow Awkward Conversations on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s help Awkward Conversations win a Geekie Award!


Awkward Conversations is a hilarious podcast about… well… awkward conversations. The hosts, Anastasia Washington and Nathan Lichtman, talk everything from geek, sex, and everything in-between. With awesome geeky guests (like Sean Astin, King of the Nerds contestants, etc), these conversations are always so awkwardly hilarious. Awkward Conversations is up for … Continue reading

Awkward Conversations #72: Annie – Not an Orphan!

annie awards

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Animation expert and bromantic partner of Angry Baby, Noah Amrani, joins the Awkward Gang to discuss this year’s animation. He also provides a review of the Annie Awards (the Oscars of animation). To learn more about Noah’s current project, like him at Follow Awkward Conversations on Facebook and Twitter.

Awkward Conversations #70: Lexicomanic Designs


Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS The Awkward Gang is joined by Sunshine Vixen, fashion designer and nerdette extraordinaire. Francesca (Sunshine) is the designer behind Lexicomanic Designs and the exclusive creator of all things Vixen. Her Vixens will appear at the NerdRockers Ball with the AC crew on Jan 31st (and Darth Boobs doubles as … Continue reading

Awkward Conversations: Name and Win it!!!


By: Anastasia Washington Chatterbox Puppets is getting awkward with us! And we can’t wait for you to listen in! But nothing brings joy to the New Year like winning your very own Chatterbox Puppet! This brand new design needs a name and this is your chance to name it and … Continue reading

Awkward Conversations #68: Chatterbox Puppets


Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS The Awkward Gang is joined by Lori from Chatterbox Puppets. She makes handmade puppets, and Darth Boobs and Angry Baby make handmade awkwardness. What’s the worst that can happen? Listen and you’ll see. Also, check out our Facebook page to give a name to the pictured puppet, and … Continue reading

Awkward Conversations #65: Marvel vs. DC


Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Epicness knows no bounds. Would Iron Man win against Batman? Thor or Superman? Awkward Conversations gives consideration to the age-old debate: who wins in a battle, Marvel or DC comic book heroes? Angry Baby and the gang are joined by the most guests ever on the program to … Continue reading

Bent-Con gets Awkwardly Quizzical!

pigaychu and cock and dove at bent-con 2011, westin bonaventure hotel bar

By Anastasia Washington Bent-Con is more than just an LGBT convention. It’s an event that’s like no other with every flavor of nerdom and activity. You’ll walk away with amazing stories and friends. Awkward Conversations enjoyed it so much last year that we are back again! This time with a … Continue reading

Awkward Conversations #63: Chat with Sean Astin and Vox Populi

awkward sean astin vox

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Get ready for extreme awkwardness as Awkward Conversations teams up with Bourbon Lounge to bring you a special episode with special guest star Sean Astin! Sean discusses politics, his podcast Vox Populi and his new Kickstarter campaign Trust us, this is one … Continue reading

Awkward Conversations #62: Seeing the World Through the Prism


Join host Phantom Kitten and the rest of the Awkward gang as we sit down with Ted Abenheim from Prism Comics and discuss the role of Prism Comics in today’s comic book industry, the importance of LGBT characters in comic books, cosplay and other awkward subjects! Download l Previous Episodes … Continue reading