Stranger in a strange land: My time at Colorado’s Animeland Wasabi

FLCL Scooter copy

Fifteen degrees and a dusting of snow heralds in the first full day of Animeland Wasabi. After seeing the cosplay at registration yesterday, I wonder how some of the attendees will manage this weather. I’m clothed top to tails and I’m shaking like a dog passing carpet tacks. Nervously I … Continue reading

New Winter 2014 Wonder Festival Exclusives from Good Smile Company


This past week, toys and figure invade the bi-annual Wonder festival! Japanese collectible toy maker Good Smile Company leads the charge with seven new figures for us to enjoy this coming year. First up is a wonder festival exclusive. The cute and adorable virtual idol with a magical winter twist, … Continue reading

Tiger & Bunny the Movie: The Rising playing in select theaters in March


Elven Arts, Inc. and Viz Media are bringing Tiger & Bunny the Movie: The Rising to select theaters in the US starting March 14, 2014. The film will be released in Japanese theaters starting this month. North American audiences will get to see the movie one month after. In a brand … Continue reading

Namco Bandai brings Short Peace compilation to western shores


I’ve kept tabs on Short Peace since it hit theaters in Japan last year and have waited for someone to pick it up for western releases. What surprised me is that a video game company would step forth in doing so. Namco Bandai announced yesterday that they will be bringing over anime anthology Short … Continue reading

Snow White’s Rupert Sanders to helm live-action Ghost in the Shell film

Ghost in the shell major Motoko batou  tachikoma

There are two anime that many otaku consider as the pièce de résistance of anime, and those are Ghost in the Shell and Akira. Rupert Sanders, the Snow White and the Huntsman director who dated Kristen Stewart (Twilight), is said to be directing the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie. According to Deadline, Sanders … Continue reading

New Fate/Stay Night anime coming in Fall


It’s been confirmed that a new Fate/Stay Night anime series will be released during the Fall 2014 season via Type-Moon Ace magazine. Anime studio ufotable will be producing the series and Takahiro Miura will be directing the series. Fate/Stay Night will incorporate any of the three different scenarios Fate, Unlimited … Continue reading

Good Smile Company opens preorders for Levi, Ryuuko, Luigi, establishes new international distribution company


Announced in a press release today, popular toy and figure maker Good Smile Company celebrates the establishment of a new distribution company, Ultra Tokyo Connection. Base in Southern California, the company aims to become a direct source for fans and collectors to get the latest anime toys and accessories straight from … Continue reading

Hentai’s age problem could get you in handcuffs?


There is a serious issue within our geek community with the potential to change thousands of lives, and yet very few of us seem profoundly aware of it. In a way, this entire article can be blamed on Samuel L. Jackson. I became aware of the live-action remake of the … Continue reading

Animeland Wasabi heads to Colorado starting February 28th

Animeland Wasabi

This upcoming February, I have the opportunity to attend my very first anime convention. Animeland Wasabi will be taking over the Crown Plaza Hotel in Denver, Colorado February 28th through March 2nd. Founded by Andrea Cortright and Miller Timmons, Animeland, Wasabi is dedicated to providing a “New Way to Anime” … Continue reading

First KITE trailer revealed and my struggle with this cult classic

Kite 02

Back in September we discovered that not only was Hollywood actually making a live-action adaptation of the 1998 cult-classic anime OVA KITE, but that it would also be staring Samuel L. Jackson. Recently, Bloody Disgusting got their hands on the first trailer as well as a 5-minute clip from the … Continue reading

These anime pizzas featuring Tiger & Bunny look so good you can’t eat them


The Japanese branch of Pizza company, Dominos, is known to have whacky ad campaigns. Earlier in the year, they introduced a smartphone app featuring Hatsune Miku, awkwardly introduced by the president of Dominoes himself. This time, in preparation for the next Tiger and Bunny movie, Tiger & Bunny the Movie … Continue reading

Manga Studio EX5 (review)


Smith Micro released Manga Studio EX5 not too long ago. With an organized interface and various tools, this is an intuitive program for those who already have experience in either Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and/or Corel Painter. Combining key traits from the aforementioned program, Manga Studio EX5 needed someone who … Continue reading

Puella Magi Madoka Magica -Rebellion- Premiere Event + Review


Red Carpet Premiere Event Nerd Reactor was fortunate to attend the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Part 3: Rebellion premiere in Hollywood this week. Anime fans from all over LA came out on a Tuesday night to attend the long awaited sequel. Guest of Honor in attendance was the President of … Continue reading