Phoenix Wright live-action movie to premiere at AM2 Convention in the United States


Objection!! We all knew the live-action Pheonix Wright(Gyakuten Saiban) movie was being made in Japan, and with mixed thoughts, fans eventually rallied behind the movie worldwide. It was released in theaters in Japan four days ago, but we finally get to see some light in the States. It was announced that … Continue reading

Blazblue x GodsGarden Stream Tonight

Blazblue x GodsGarden

Well, technically it’s tomorrow. Blazblue will be at GodsGarden and will feature some extremely high level play that a Blazblue fan or plain old fashioned competitive gaming enthusiast shouldn’t miss. Featuring some of the best players in Japan, it will be quite the spectacle. Mitsurugi Hazama, I’m rooting for you! … Continue reading

Aniplex to Host Puella Magi Madoka Magica Special Meet and Greet Event at Anime Jungle with the English Cast

Fans who follow Aniplex’s Twitter will recognize this picture showing off the heavily anticipated Magic Girl anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, aka Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika, out on Valentine’s day. Ever since the surprise announcement at Anime Expo 2011, tons fans have been anxious for a US Release, which is on February … Continue reading

Anime LA 2012 Con Report: Cosplaying as Scorpion, Videos and Reminiscing About Tentacle Monsters

Anime LA 2012

Thanks to our buddy JR, he has captured what Anime LA 2012 is all about, sans hotel room parties at night. Check out the video below and see all the crazy and sexy cosplay outfits during the convention at the LAX Marriott. For Anime LA, I decided to cosplay as … Continue reading

Blu-ray Giveaways: ‘Redline’ and ‘First Squad: The Moment of Truth’

REDLINE Blu-ray flat

In celebration of its 20th Anniversary, Anchor Bay Entertainment’s Manga brand is set to release two of the most highly anticipated animated films. On January 17, 2012, Katsuhito Ishii’s REDLINE and award-winner FIRST SQUAD: THE MOMENT OF TRUTH will be released on Blu-ray and DVD. ANCHOR BAY and Nerd Reactor … Continue reading

‘Cobra: The Space Pirate’ Fan Film Teaser Gets Me All Excited for the Official Movie


With Alexandre Aja’s Cobra: The Space Pirate coming soon to theaters in 2013, fan Michael Paris has gone ahead to create a fan film teaser that’s based on the upcoming movie and the old-school manga by Buichi Terasawa. Cobra: The Space Pirate stars a rogue space pirate who surgically alters … Continue reading

A New Year for Anime – 2012 Full Lineup


Happy New Year everyone! Didn’t get many presents this year? Not to worry, because we’ve got the full 2012 jam-packed anime lineup for the next few months from a large selection from different genres. While most are original, a few fan favorites make their return in second seasons. Here we … Continue reading

Bandai Entertainment Will Stop Releasing New DVDs, Blu-rays and Mangas Next Month


Last month, Bandai Entertainment closed its online store and only has a select few anime series for sale. Today it was announced that Bandai would stop releasing any new anime series on DVD or Blu-ray. Bandai Entertainment announced they will be changing their focus from releasing series to licensing all their … Continue reading

Cowboy Bebop and Ninja Scroll Live Action? Well, Close Enough

Thousands Pound Action and LBG Chicago

This is what happens when we get two stunt groups joining forces, anime-influenced fight scenes from Cowboy Bebop, Ninja Scroll and Samurai Champloo. LBP Stunts Chicago and Thousand Pounds Action Company have collaborated together to give us Boogie Woogie Feng Shui No. 5. Also check out Thousand Pounds’ Catwoman/Arkham City … Continue reading