X-Men and Blade Anime Coming Soon

Animax has just announced that it has 2 more Marvel animes on the way, X-Men and Blade. Mad House’s production of Iron Man is in its final episode, which is

REDLINE Movie Review: This Movie Sh*ts NOS

It seems nowadays that anime has been saturated with all sorts of cutesy, bubblegum shows about girls playing in school bands or chibi-fied Sherlock Holmes. Crashing onto the scene is

Our Home’s Fox Deity Review

From Nippon Ichi Software America, Our Home’s Fox Deity Volume 1 comes packed with 12 episodes on two discs, plus an artbook giving character bios on major characters and scenes

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II Released In Japan

Blazblue: Continuum Shift II has been released in Japan. Not so much a sequel to BBCS as it is a balance patch, as characters moves and frame data are changed,

5 Minutes of the Live-Action Space Battleship Yamato AKA Star Blazers

Check out the 5 minute footage of Space Battleship Yamato. It’s a live-action adaptation of the anime, known in the states as Star Blazers, about the crew of the Space

In the LA/OC Area? Come Support Nerd Reactor at JVAC Mini-Con This Saturday!

We here at Nerd Reactor will be having our own booth at JVAC Mini-Con this Saturday on December 4th, 2010 at Pasadena City College. So come out and support us

Update: In His Rage Michael Bay Reveals the Transformers 3 Trailer Will Be Attached to Tron and Narnia

Update: The statement was released on Michael Bay’s official website and has since been taken down. Last Saturday, Director Michael Bay addressed some of the rumors swirling around the production

Did You Like Voltron? Then Watch the Original, GoLion!

American fans remember growing up with one of the first giant robo series to reach US shores from Japan, Voltron. What most people didn’t know was that Voltron was a

Script Details Reveal No Clown Gang or Tetsuo in the Americanized Version of AKIRA – WTF?!

This is probably the most movement we’ve ever seen out of the AKIRA live-action adaptation and it’s already off to a bad start. The guys over at Screen Rant were

Hughes Brothers Confirm No Zac Efron for AKIRA

You could almost hear a gigantic sigh of relief from the anime community. Today, the Hughes Brothers shot down the rumor that High School Musical star Zac Efron would play

Zac Efron and Morgan Freeman Rumored for “Akira” Live Action Adaptation

For those that don’t know, Katsuhiro Otomo’s legendary “Akira” anime and manga series is being adapted to a live action film. The movie is being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian

Pandora Hearts Volume 1 Premium Edition Review

NISA continues strong with their anime line-up as they bring us Pandora Hearts Volume 1 Premium Edition DVD. This DVD set, as with Persona ~Trinity Soul~ and Toradora, contains 2

Persona -Trinity Soul- Review

Continuing Season 1 of the Persona ~Trinity Soul~, season 2’s box set comes with the complete second season on two disks containing episodes 14-26 and an art book featuring mini

Head Writer of the Pokemon TV Series Passes Away

Takeshi Shudo was the head writer for the series from 1997-2002. He also wrote the 3 first movies. Over the weekend, he was found collapsed at a train station in

Dragon Age Anime Goes Forward with Director Fumihiko Sori

BioWare announced before that they were teaming up with FUNimation to work on a Dragon Age anime. A director has been announced, and he is Fumihiko Sori, (Ping Pong, Vexille,

Toradora Review

Toradora Volume 2 As a continuation of their anime project, Nippon Ichi Software America has brought over what is left of the anime Toradora. This season of Toradora picks up

Cosplayers Invade New York for NYCC!

The New York Comic Con and Anime Festival took place last weekend. East coast cosplayers were poised to roam the streets of New York. Check out these stunning NYCC/NYAF cosplay videos created by Ackson Lee!

Invader Zim Creator Comments Gainax’s Gir Look-Alike

If you’ve never seen Jhonen Vasquez ‘s Invader Zim then don’t even try to talk to me. The show had a very short run on Nickelodeon, but it had built

Funimation Strikes Deal with Netflix

Funimation and Netflix have just recently announced a partnership that will let users stream just over 30 anime series for a limited time. Some of the content will include Afro

Gantz Live Action Film: New 90 Second Trailer

A new 90 second movie trailer has been released for the Gantz live action Japanese film. It is based on the on-going manga Gantz by Hiroya Oku which was adapted to anime in 2004. Gantz revolves around the male character Kei Kurono, a high school kid who looks at the world negatively and hates adults. One day Kei and his friend Masaru get into a fatal train accident. Strangely, they are partially revived by a black sphere called Gantz and then forced to play a game to fully regain their lives. The objective of the game is to hunt and kill aliens disguised in human society. Players of the game get a cool perk: skin tight rubber suits that enhance their speed and power. Not to mention some funky futuristic weapons.