Ghost in the Shell’s Motoko Kusanagi: S.A.C. gets a Good Smile Company figma


I never expected to the see the Major get turned into a figma, but Good Smile Company announced via their Facebook page that Ghost in the Shell’s Motoko Kusanagi will be arriving in December. Good Smile has decided to focus on her Stand Alone Complex look, which is probably her best … Continue reading

New Dragon Ball Z movie coming next year


It seems Akira Toriyama is keeping himself busy. The September issue of Shueisha’s V Jump has confirmed that there will be a new Dragon Ball Z movie out next year. At least for Japan, with US and other countries most likely at a later date. Mr. Toriyama is currently writing screenplay … Continue reading

AX 2014: Vocaloid shows off new music (panel report)

vocaloid anime expo

The long-awaited annual Vocaloid panel “Mirai no Neiro” was once again a popular event as usual at Anime Expo this year. Attendees–much like last year–maxed out the giant room the panel was scheduled in. This year, two Vocaloid panels were scheduled. Part 1 was more media-focused, where producers and staff … Continue reading

AX 2014 – Bluefin Tamashii Nations

BlueFin Tamashii Nations

Bluefin Distribution/Tamashii Nations have been a big name for collectors with their different offerings from anime, video games, and pop culture franchises. While Tamashii Nations is well known in Japan for releasing some exclusive items, Bluefin Distribution makes it possible for fans outside of Japan to have a chance to get some of these … Continue reading

AX 2014: Sword Art Online 2 (Gun Gale Online) Premiere


Sword Art Online was perhaps the most popular anime of 2012m with the second season directly following the first. For myself, I count Sword Art, Alfheim, and Gun Gale as three separate seasons, while officially, the new series is called Sword Art II – Phantom Bullet. This new episode beacons the … Continue reading

Anime Expo 2014 – Funimation panel


The Funimation Panel started an hour later than planned, but once everyone filled Petree Hall, the panel began. It was hosted by Funimation Brand Manager Michelle Lee and Senior Manager of Social Strategy and Development Justin Rojas. Justin and Michelle began the panel by talking Funimation’s social media which includes Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and … Continue reading

AX 2014: Production I.G news roundup


We checked in to Production I.G panel this year to see what new titles they have in store for the fans. For the uninitiated, Production I.G. is behind some of the most iconic animes of all time; their portfolio includes the influential Ghost in the Shell and last year’s massive phenomenon Attack on … Continue reading

AX 2014 – NIS America Anime panel


Day 3 of Anime Expo was quite chaotic with the line situations. With a bit of a late start, the NIS America anime panel began as Marketing Manager Armin Collosi, and Marketing Coordinator David Alonzo talked about NIS America’s big push in social media with contests and discounts for active members on Facebook and … Continue reading

AX 2014: Crunchyroll panel coverage


During Anime Expo 2014, the Crunchyroll booth featured giveaways, special guests and showcasing anime. During Saturday’s Crunchyoll panel, brand managers Tiffany Chen and Danika Harrod began by introducing themselves as well as the Crunchyroll mascot Hime-Chan. After a small talk on all the different devices Crunchyroll is available on, they … Continue reading

AX 2014: Riot booth and League of Legends cosplay (Skin code giveaway)


While many would find it odd that a company which developed the world’s most popular video game would sponsor an anime convention, it wasn’t much of a shocker to me. Knowing plenty of Rioters myself, I can safely say that a large population are indeed fans of anime. Judging strictly … Continue reading