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Momoa out, Bautista in for Guardians of the Galaxy?

Well I guess Jason Momoa isn’t going to be Drax the Destroyer after all! MovieWeb is reporting that former WWE superstar Dave Bautista is meeting with Marvel this week regarding

Oz the Great and Powerful Review

When the first concept art for Oz the Great and Powerful first premiered two years ago at D23 I was instantly excited, primarily because of the cast and director that’s

New action-packed Iron Man 3 trailer reveals the Iron Legion

The media push these past two weeks represents the final marketing push for Iron Man 3 – and the beginning of Phase Two in the Marvel cinematic universe. Marvel and Disney have been

Snippet of Daft Punk’s new album featured in SNL ad

If you were watching SNL last night, you probably watch SNL’s version of the Walking Dead. You also might’ve heard a commercial with a catchy, funky beat. If you weren’t

Amazing Iron Man 3 poster revealed; New trailer’s release date confirmed

With all the character posters finally revealed, Yahoo! movies has just released the possible final poster for the Shane Black helmed threequel. In my opinion, this is by far the

Iron Man 3: A rundown of the new armors in Tony’s ‘Iron Legion’ (potential spoilers)

Next week’s release of Oz: The Great and Powerful may bring about the brand new trailer for Marvel’s Iron Man 3. According to Bleeding Cool who’ve seen the new trailer, we can

Rumor Patrol: Assassin’s Creed IV’s hero a pirate?

UPDATE: Videogamer reported that Ubisoft will release Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag before the end of 2013, the game is the works by Ubisoft Montreal, Annecy and Bucharest. Several LinkedIn profiles

Robert Downey Jr. hints at his possible return as Tony Stark after Iron Man 3

As some of you may know, Robert Downey Jr’s contract with Marvel Studios ends after Iron Man 3. While everyone cannot fathom the thought of any other actor filling the

Iron Man 3 media blowout: Pepper’s poster, Empire magazine cover, and new stills

Here’s Pepper! The next (and final?) character poster has been revealed, and the poster seems to be keeping in line with the overall theme of the battle damaged Iron Man

Iron Man 3’s Mandarin character poster revealed

First it was Don Cheadle’s War Machine Iron Patriot poster, then came Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian poster. Next up comes Ben Kingsley as Tony Stark’s greatest and most infamous foe, The Mandarin. Everyone

Mysterious viral site launches for Iron Man 3

Well, this is VERY intriguing! Josh Wilding of comicbookmovie reported that a new site has recently launched where “test subjects” can become Iron Man. While there are no details about the

BioShock Infinite is now gold

BioShock Infinite was originally going to be released next week until Irrational Games announced that the next BioShock installment would be delayed. Many disappointed fans (including myself) wondered about the possibility of BioShock

New Iron Man 3 artwork revealed via international marketing

With Iron Man 3 being released to international theaters a week before domestic release (April 25th, 2013), the foreign marketing campaign for Marvel’s upcoming techno thriller has revealed new promotional Iron Man 3 artwork featuring

Marvel: Avengers Alliance gives you a chance to win an original portrait of the Punisher by artist Mark Texiera

If you’re a Marvel: Avengers Alliance player like me, then chances are you’ve spent a lot of time using your Challenge Points to fight people in Marvel: Avengers Alliance’s PvP

Harrison Ford to return as Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode VII?

There have been a LOT of Star Wars news as of late, I mean a lot. With news that a Yoda, Boba Fett, and even a Han Solo spin-off movies

Game of Thrones actor cast as Drax the Destroyer

UPDATE #2: El Mayimbe is sticking to his report, tweeting that “Momoa is asking for DOUBLE the Marvel asking price for the role. He is the only one who flew to

Beautiful Creatures Review

When the first Beautiful Creatures trailer hit the web a few months ago, many dismissed the project as another Twilight rehash – Twilight with witches. As someone unfamiliar with Twilight

Power Rangers celebrates its 20th anniversary by taking over New York

Wow has it been twenty years already? I still remember to this day the first time I’ve ever watched a Power Rangers episode and getting caught up in the Green

New ‘Find Your Way to Oz’ trailer hits the web

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen plenty of colorful marketing for Oz The Great and Powerful so far, but Disney is also taking a more interesting approach to advertising

Ubisoft announces Assassin’s Creed IV: New hero and time period

In a third-quarter earnings conference call with investors, Ubisoft Chief Executive Officer Yves Guillemot announced that fans of Assassin’s Creed can expect the next installment in the franchise to hit store shelves sometime around April 2014.