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Piano Opera: Music from Final Fantasy world tour announced

If you want to hear music from the Final Fantasy series live, you are in luck. La Fée Sauvage and Sound of Faeries have announced Piano Opera: Music from Final Fantasy, a new

Aniplex announces five simulcast anime series for the summer

Aniplex of America announced five new simulcast series that will be airing this summer. The series include Classroom Crisis, Charlotte, Wagnaria!! 3 (also known as Working!!!), Durarara!!×2 Ten (continuing where Durarara!!×2 left off), and God Eater (based off

E3 2015: Project X Zone 2 hands-on preview

Crossover RPGs don’t make it out to the West very often, and they leave fans missing out on some really fun games that are about giving the fans what they want.

E3 2015: Hands-on with J-Stars Victory VS+

Last year Namco Bandai released J-Stars Victory VS for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, and much like the Jump Super Stars series for the Nintendo 3DS, it was thought that the game

E3 2015: Lego Dimensions is going to shake up the toy-to-game market

The Lego video game series are fun, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the chaotic and immensely fun adventure from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment known as Lego Dimensions. I went in knowing

Listen to your favorite Pokémon songs with Pokémon Jukebox for Android

If you have an Android phone and love Pokémon music, you might want to check out the Pokémon Jukebox app. It’s free to download and features songs from nearly every Pokémon handheld game.

E3 2015: Disgaea 5 features plenty of overlords… and prinnies

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is heading to the PlayStation 4 later this year, and at E3 NIS America was showing off just what fans can expect from the sixth installment

‘Yo-Kai Watch’ anime series heading to Disney XD

Dentsu Entertainment USA and Level-5 Inc is bringing Japan’s hit anime Yo-Kai Watch to North America later this year on Disney XD. In Japan Yo-Kai Watch is so huge that kids and parents

E3 2015: Polk Audio’s new Striker line preview

While E3 is normally all about the line up of upcoming games, it’s always nice to take some time to also see what type of gaming accessories and peripherals we

Bandai Namco unveils first Tales of Berseria trailer

A few weeks ago during the Tales Festival in Japan, fans were treated to the announcement of the next title in the Tales series, Tales of Berseria. The game is in development

Final Fantasy VII coming October 16… the PS4 port version

I need to start off by saying that this isn’t the Final Fantasy VII you are looking for….well it might be, just not the remake we heard about at E3.

Pac-Man’s newest glitch in Super Smash Bros pulls the floor from under your opponent

Do you remember hearing the words, “Do you want to see a magic trick?” Well now Pac-Man can show you the ultimate trick ever as a new glitch has been

Blue Microphones’ Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition review

After weeks of using Blue Microphones’ Blackout Yeti USB Microphone, it’s become one of the most important tools I have on my desk and in my bag to use with my laptop.

E3 2015: Hands-on with Rare Replay, the collection of 30 classic Rare games

While fans might have been expecting a brand new Rare title at E3, Microsoft announced that they would be releasing 30 of Rare’s most popular titles on the Xbox One

E3 2015: ‘Skylanders’ gets SuperCharged with cars and Nintendo’s amiibo

While we’ve seen a huge growth in “toy-to-life” video games, Skylanders has one of the biggest followings and library of figures with over 300 “toys” that can both be collected and

E3 2015: Hands-on with Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

This year’s E3 Nintendo Direct had some nice surprises, but the one that caught my attention the most was Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam for the Nintendo 3DS. Set to

E3 2015 – Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

Shortly before E3, Natsume made the announcement that they were developing a brand new Harvest Moon game titled Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. I was interested in hearing more about the game and

Momoiro Clover Z making their US debut at Anime Expo 2015

In celebration of Momoiro Clover Z’s first United States appearance at Anime Expo 2015, a special “Who is Momoiro Clover Z?” video was released over the weekend. The Japanese idol group is known for

E3 2015: Hands-on with Mighty No. 9

Back in September 2013, Keiji Inafune and his newly formed company, Comcept, launched the Kickstarter for Mighty No. 9, the spiritual successor of Mega Man. 30 days later it raised over

Earthbound Beginnings is heading to the Nintendo Wii U eShop

It’s only Sunday and Nintendo is already revealing so many surprises, which includes the addition of the new Super Smash Bros. characters DLC and are available now. Also, during the