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Star Wars: The Force Awakens passes the $1 billion milestone in record time

“There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?” It was also everyone boarding the hype train. Which by the way just arrived at the newest milestone of passing $1

10 things the Star Wars prequels gave us that were good

Looking back over all of the Star Wars films, it’s pretty easy to see why people loved the Original Trilogy. They were campy, the practical effects surpassed their time, and

Lucasfilm may resurrect Star Wars 1313

I remember a few years ago while attending E3, sitting in a meeting with Lucasarts as they debuted the early in-game footage of their then upcoming game Star Wars 1313.

Every vehicle from the Star Wars original trilogy to scale

Of the countless times that I’ve watched the original Star Wars trilogy, I’ve never fully comprehended the true size of most vehicles that are shown. I mean sure, I know the

Take control of your game with Kontrol Freeks Galaxy thumbsticks (Xbox One review)

As an FPS player, you always want to have the best edge when playing competitively. Now the guys over at Kontrol Freeks know a little bit about helping to enhance your

Idris Elba conducts the battlefield in new Rainbow Six Siege live-action commercial

It’s been 7 years since fans have seen a Rainbow Six game, with the last time being 2008’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Now it’s down to only a couple weeks

Disney teases new Star Tours scene from The Force Awakens

Ever since Disney announced their plans to expand both Disneyland and Disney World to include an upcoming Star Wars Land, fans have been aching for any new information on what

Dragon Ball Z: Fall of Men is the best fan film you’ll see this year

Dragon Ball Z is a franchise that is near and dear to the hearts of its fans, and will continue to live on for a long time. It was one

Anna Kendrick dies in new live-action Star Wars: Battlefront commercial

We’re only a week away from the long-awaited release of Star Wars: Battlefront. It’s a game that many (including myself) have been anticipating for quite some time. In this newest

Star Wars: The Force Awakens TV spot features new footage

We’re only just over a month from the release of The Force Awakens, and fans (including myself) just can’t wait to get to see the film fast enough. By now,

Need for Speed launch trailer gets your adrenaline pumping

Fall is always a difficult time of the year for gamers. It’s pretty much the best time of the year for us to go broke with all the Fall and

Did the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer reveal a huge spoiler?

I’m sure you’ve probably seen the new Force Awakens trailer at least a hundred times. Is that just me? If you’re one of the few people in the world that

New Halo 5 launch trailer will get you hyped

There’s less than 2 weeks until the release of the much anticipated Halo 5: Guardians and Microsoft has given us another trailer to salivate over. This time though, it’s the official

The sound Awakens with these Star Wars speakers

With The Force Awakens release right around the corner, it’s no surprise that you’ll begin to see a large influx of new Star Wars products hit the market. If you

Master Chief is a fallen hero in new Halo 5 commercial

The last time we saw Master Chief, he was onboard the UNSC ship Infinity. Since then, we’ve heard that he’s been branded a traitor, and that Commander Locke and his

EA unveils Star Wars Battlefront beta start date

   Star Wars and video game fans alike have been awaiting the release of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront for quite some time now. Even though the game doesn’t release

Star Wars Poetry is as beautiful as it sounds

  One thing that’s evident, is that most Star Wars fans were not happy (that’s putting it lightly) with the prequel films. They were cheesy, had a sub-par Anakin Skywalker,

The Force is strong with customizable Star Wars sneakers from Adidas

So we’re still a few months from the release of Episode 7, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get some really cool Star Wars stuff until then. We already

Disney Princesses and Villains look great as Star Wars characters

With Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise, it would be normal occurrence seeing more and more mashups between the two. Our most recent mashup comes from artist Isaiah Stephens

Boba Fett fan trailer will make you beg for a full-length movie

Many Star Wars fans that are familiar with the EU, have always known that Boba Fett never really perished in the Sarlaac Pit. And if you’re one of the few that