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The Dark Knight Rises DVD and Blu-ray will not include Extended Director’s Cut

There goes the hopes and dreams for many fans that Christopher Nolan would include deleted scenes or and extended cut for The Dark knight Rises. This originally spawned from a

Transformers 4 gets new robots so toy sales can increase, but no Optimus Prime?

Hasbro’s President and CEO Brian Goldner, unveiled the new (possibly temporary) logo for the upcoming Transformers 4 film by Michael Bay. Goldner also gave a bit of insight on potential

Artist Spotlight: Interview with Michael Jean-Francois

Today’s Artist Spotlight, we interview Michael Jean-Francois, a very talented artist. He loves to create different renditions of popular characters from video games, comics, and movies. I’ve also had the

Y: The Last Man film might finally come true

For anyone that has read the Y: The Last Man graphic novel series, you know that it would actually make a good film, but a better TV series. For those

Joss Whedon talks Marvel Phase 2 and approves of James Gunn directing Guardians of the Galaxy

Since the release of Avengers, Joss Whedon has his plate full with the upcoming Marvel Phase 2 (next set of Marvel movies leading up to Avengers 2). Because of his

Justice League movie to possibly include Lobo played by The Rock

There’s been so much news lately surrounding the Justice League movie. Most recent would be who is in the running for directing duties on the film. We do know that

Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake gets a distributor and movie synopsis

When everyone first heard that Spike Lee was doing a remake of Chan-woo Park’s classic Oldboy, we freaked out. The only thing that was going through my head was “He’s

The CW creating Wonder Woman origins series called Amazon

Hollywood really knows how to beat a dead horse. Seeing as how The CW had a great run with Smallville, they figured “let’s try another.” So they came up with

Season 4 of Arrested Develepmont confirmed as movie lead-in

Recently, Arrested Development series creator Mitch Hurwitz, sat down with Vulture to discuss the upcoming and highly anticipated 4th season of the series. About a year ago is when it

Assassin Creed’s Altair takes a run through a modern city

Ever wonder what it would be like if Altair were to traverse a city in modern times? In this video, parkour afficionado Ronnie Street dons Altair’s garbs and takes a

Screenwriters give insight to upcoming God of War film

The God of War movie, is an idea that has been tossed around since 2008. Since then, not a lot has been spoken about the film until not. Recently, Piranha

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stops burglary on the set of Fast Six

Obviously if you’re stealing something, the cops will be on your tail. So what’s worse than that? Having The Rock chase you down if you’re stealing. Apparently while filming was

Bane goes into telemarketing as Bane the Telemarketer

So what did become of Bane after the events of Dark Knight Rises? It seems that he went to prison and was finally paroled out. Being in prison for seven

Michael Keaton will replace Hugh Laurie as main villain in RoboCop

Yesterday we reported that Hugh Laurie had dropped out of RoboCop and that MGM were looking for replacements. Many, including myself, thought that Clive Owen was at the top of

RoboCop runs into a lot of trouble with a disgruntled director, a major dropout and Clive Owen?

As if it seems that the RoboCop remake is already heading in a downward spiral, things continue to look even more dismal. Last week, a possible script leak revealed that

New Thor: Dark World casting adds another villain, brings back Kat Dennings and more

In this time of post-Avengers, fans are eagerly anticipating Phase 2 of Marvel’s movie plans. Since a lot of details have already been discussed and ironed out for Iron Man

Watch Birdemic, the worst movie ever with Mystery Science Theater 3000

Sometimes you watch a movie, consider it bad and that you’d never watch it again. Then there are those few rare moments when you come across a movie so bad,

Ellen DeGeneres returning as Dory for Finding Nemo 2 and Partysaurus Rex short before Finding Nemo 3D

That cute, but scatter-brained tang fish is back! Ellen DeGeneres is currently in talks to bring her voice back to Dory for Finding Nemo 2. When the original role of

Tech company creates hover vehicle similar to Star Wars speeder bikes

As a kid, seeing those speeder bikes in Star Wars made me always want one. Now that I’ve grown up, I still want one. Seeing technology similar to that in

Penelope Cruz as Mario in new Super Mario Bros. 2 ad

Nintendo has always been good about keeping attractive women in their corner. If you’ve ever been to E3, you’ll know that their booth is full of beautiful girls. In this