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For as long as he can remember, Robert asked the questions that others wouldn't about love, life, and death which brought about his interest in the human psyche and moral compass, resulting in an infatuation with comics, zombies, and movies leading to a long standing relationship with his imagination.

Max Brooks’ Shadow Walk comic review

When I first heard that Max Brooks was writing another graphic novel called Shadow Walk, I was immediately filled with glee. Well, he didn’t write this exactly but consulted on

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug review

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is the second installment of The Hobbit trilogy and one that made people worry whether it would live up to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Let

Godzilla teaser trailer is officially up

[UPDATED: With brand new one sheet] Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have just released the teaser trailer for Godzilla today, and what a teaser it is. Not only is the trailer

A night at Queen Mary’s Chill

Queen Mary has long been a history monument in the heart of Long Beach, CA, and it is known for many things, including Dark Harbor. Soon it will be known

Entourage movie gets a start date!

The much-awaited HBO hit series, Entourage, finally has a confirmed start date for the movie! After many hold ups and back end issues, producer Doug Ellin tweeted an Instagram pic today that it will have

Another reason to Love Channing Tatum, sorry Jean-Claude Van Damme

If you didn’t already have a reason to love Channing Tatum, he is now giving you another one. The title of his biography should be “The Comedian Who Came Out of

Affleck admits to not being the best Batman; Bale agrees!

Fooled you!!! Well kind of but not really. Ben Affleck tweeted (which is pretty rare by the way) that he is not going to be the best Batman ever. Although

Guillermo Del Toro breathes life back into DC Cinematic Universe

As a long time DC fan, I was quite happy with the news that Guillermo Del Toro was going to help DC out by breathing some life into their cinematic

My first experience at the third annual Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo

This past weekend I had my first experience with the third annual Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles California. What is Comikaze you may ask? Well if you are

Fangasm’s fan-favorite Andrew Duvall has a web series, The Apartment!

Andrew Duvall, a fan favorite from Syfy’s Fangasm has a new hilarious web series out called The Apartment. As described in the YouTube tag line “The Apartment is a documentary-style comedy

The Wolf Among Us: Chapter 1 review

Before I go into detail on The Wolf Among Us: Chapter 1, some of you might remember an article I wrote (Top 20 Comic Book Heroes) where I gave Bigby

HUGE Walking Dead casting announcement could mean…

There’s a HUGE Walking dead casting announcement that was unveiled during New York Comic-Con, meaning there are some big changes to The Walking Dead story line. I remember reading a few

Lego version of The Lord of the Rings’ Helm’s Deep!

I was baffled when my friend told me that there was a Lego-built version of Helm’s Deep sweeping the internet by storm. I am a HUGE The Lord of the Rings and The

Marvel’s Peggy Carter is getting her own TV show!

With the recent news release of Marvel wanting to create more female-based heroes and media, they began to take the first step by announcing that Marvel’s Peggy Carter is getting

The new Robocop trailer reveals a lot

The new Robocop trailer answers many of the questions that we had about the new Robocop. Why is Robocop black? What happened to the original design? Is he going to say the

The Flash episode of Arrow is filming on…

The Flash episode of Arrow is set to begin filming on September 30th on the CW. He’s planned to be on three episodes; the eight, ninth, and twentieth episode. “We’ll have to

Stephen Amell tweets Arrow season 2 trailer

Green Arrow fans will be excited to know that Stephen Amell tweeted the first trailer of Arrow Season 2. As many of you know, some of our favorite supporting characters

Why Ben Affleck as Batman is awesome news

Two-time Academy Award Winner Ben Affleck was cast as the new Batman, and let me tell you why it’s awesome news. The internet has been overfilled with hate that he’s

Batman universe villains to appear on Arrow

With the unexpected success of Arrow, DC is pushing out more DC universe characters to the show including some Batman universe villains. Long ago Ra’s al Ghul was rumored to

Mark Millar and Todd McFarlane NEVER said ‘Comics aren’t for women’

A recent article came out which stated that Mark Millar and Todd McFarlane said “Comics aren’t for women.” What a crock of bullshit. Some of you might not know this, but part