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Highly sociable and having been entrenched in Nerd\Geekdom since he was a kid, Alger has seen it all. During his spare time he loves to go out clubbing, sing karaoke, and attend parties. This Nerd is no wallflower. He'll always greet you with a warm smile and a drink in hand.

Nova in Guardians of the Galaxy?

It’s the Green Lantern!! No…no…wait, that movie was garbage. What I meant to say was, it’s NOVA! Before you go knocking me on that Green Lantern comment, yes, I know

The future of Iron Man uncertain?

After a successful overseas launch of Iron Man 3 coupled with the United States launch this past weekend, you’d think that Robert Downey Jr. would say with confidence that he

Ghost Rider finally returns to Marvel! Oh, and Ant-Man script re-write updates as well!

Good news everyone! Ghost Rider’s back! And by “back”, I mean that he has returned to the loving arms of Marvel Entertainment. No longer will we see crappy Nicolas Cage

Comic Book Movies: Marvel vs. DC

Ever since they first came out on paperback, there has always been a close rivalry between Marvel and DC. Fans who have a VERY deep passion for their favorite comic

Satechi BT TOUCH Wireless Speaker Review

  Today we’ll be reviewing the BT Touch Handsfree Wireless Portable Speaker from Satechi. Now before we jump right into it, here are the specifications for this amazing piece of

Adam Orth resigned from Microsoft? Whaaat?

Well well well, if this isn’t karma then I don’t know what is. Remember Adam Orth? He’s Microsoft Creative Director for their next-gen console who pretty much insulted more than

No Planet Hulk in Phase 3

Whaaaat?! Is pretty much what I said when I heard about this news. Apparently Marvel has absolutely no plans on bringing in the Planet Hulk saga within the 3rd Marvel

Suicide Girls: Hard Girls, Soft Light (hardcover review)

The term “model” has changed through the past couple of years and the SuicideGirls are a great example of that. If I asked you what your definition of a beautiful

The Rise of the Kickstarter

It’s already 2013 and I’m still backed up on games. Yes I know this sounds like a personal problem, but there are a lot of new games constantly being released

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – Overview

When it comes to multiplayer games online, there are several juggernauts that need recognition. Games such as Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Day of Defeat, etc.; The list

Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas Review – Going to the theater in style

If you don’t like going to the movies, you might as well stop reading. However, if you DO love going to the movies, then look no further! Our team at

Stan Lee’s With Great Power – Documentary Review

Most everyone who reads comic books knows who Stan Lee is. He is a living legend who helped to usher in comic book superheroes such as the Fantastic Four, The

YouTube sensation Epic Lloyd

If I asked you, “Do you know Epic Lloyd?” What would your answer be? If I asked you, “Do you watch Epic Rap Battles of History?” Most of your answers


Yes, yes. We all know. I want him. You want him. We all want him. Who am I talking about? Well if you didn’t read the title to this article

San Diego’s Haunted Trail

It’s almost that time of the month! If you’re thinking what we’re thinking about, then you are correct! It will soon be days filled with blood and grossness. What? We’re

Review: Dinosaur Art – The World’s Greatest Paleo Art

Do you like waffles? Do you like pancakes? If you do, then this isn’t the place to be looking. Go to buy some breakfast or something. However if you like

Universal Pictures removes 47 Ronin Director

Just in case some of you haven’t heard, Universal Pictures recently delayed their Samurai Epic entitled “47 Ronin” for a 2013 release. If you don’t know who or what the

Girls and Gaming and Girls on Gaming

Now before I begin, this article is about presenting the fact that there are a variety of girls that are into gaming now. Why is that? I was intrigued by

Joss Whedon signs 3 year deal with Marvel!

As most of you fans heard earlier today, Joss Whedon has agreed to write and direct the sequel to The Avengers. Not only will he do this, he is also

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy attains a new screenwriter

As you may know, this upcoming movie is one of Marvel’s most ambitious projects. More so than the Avengers. A lot of the characters from this movie are from Marvel’s cosmic opera,