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TOPANGA Super Street Fighter 4 AE.

Super street fighter 4 Arcade edition DLC is only a few months away. Many major tournament such as Evolution will be switching over to Arcade edition. This past weekend in

Mayhem to the UFC

Jason “Mayhem” Miller just signed a multi-fight deal with the UFC. Not much detail has been given other than that it’s a standard deal. Many of you might remember the

Fedor vs Henderson?

You might have heard rumors that Fedor Emelianenko was going to drop to 205 after 2 disappointing losses at heavyweight. But that idea might be put on hold for a

UFC 128 Predictions

Alright just under 24 hours left before UFC 128 happens (at 6PM now, not 7PM), so here’s a breakdown from a nerd. I’m sure you guys really want to hear

It’s Official, UFC Is a Monopoly

We pretty much all saw this coming, but now it’s official. The UFC is officially a Monopoly. In an interview with Ariel Helwani, Dana White said “It’s literally official right

Dana White’s Big News!

It’s THURSDAY! And that means Dana White is about to announce some big news that he promised. I have to admit it’s pretty big. The WEC and the UFC will

BlizzCon 2010: Cosplay Gallery & StarCraft 2 Tournament Recap

This was the first big tournament in North America for StarCraft 2. It was being broadcasted live on PPV and streamed from the Blizzard site, so there was a lot

Nerd Reactor at BlizzCon 2010 in Anaheim

IT’S BLIZZCON TIME!!! Well…..just about. Here’s what’s in the goodie bag this year for those of you that couldn’t make it. It’s pretty much like last year where they have

MMA Rumors and Rematches

Lots of M.M.A. rumors floating around the net lately.  One of them being an immediate rematch with Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen. Many fans on the underground have been asking