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Doctor Who… in 3D?!?!

According to BBC themselves, Ben Stephenson (BBC’s Controller of Drama Comissioning) revealed their plans for the 50th Anniversary: As part of the BBC’s blockbuster celebrations to mark the Doctor turning

Ice Warrior to make appearance in Doctor Who

The first time Whovians saw the Ice Warrior, it was in 1967 with the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) in “The Ice Warriors” and returned in “The Seeds of Death” and 1972’s “The

New full trailer of Jack the Giant Slayer is out!

A new trailer from director Bryan Singer‘s new movie – Jack the Giant Slayer – has come out. It looks pretty good. With a cast of Nicholas Holt and Ewan

Next Pixar film called Inside Out!

The new Pixar film, which was announced to be released on June 19th, 2015, will be called Inside Out. It was previously given the title: Untitled Disney-Pizar Inside the Mind

Don’t worry, the Doctor will remain IN

Matt Smith, the current Time Lord on Doctor Who, has been cast in a US film, but that does not mean he will be leaving the TARDIS. A spokesperson for

Doctor Who episode: ‘The Last Cyberman’

Doctor Who writer Neil Gaiman has confirmed one of the episodes for the upcoming Doctor Who series 7B. It is called ‘The Last Cyberman’ and he has explained that “It’s

New Star Trek Into Darkness photos!

Entertainment Weekly have issued out some photos for the upcoming movie Star Trek Into Darkness and will also be in their upcoming issue. In these photos, we see our heroes

We know who Benedict Cumberbatch’s character really is… *Spoiler*

According to Entertainment Weekly, which accidentally spoiled the surprise on their website… Benedict Cumberbatch‘s character, who we know as “John Harrison”… is really… wait for it… wait for it… wait

First sneak peak of Bradley as Hartnell… barely.

Mark Gatiss, writer and producer of Doctor Who and the upcoming Doctor Who docudrama about William Hartnell (the First Time Lord), tweeted a low quality sneak peak of David Bradley

Ryan Gosling’s new movie about monsters? Just call The Doctor!

A film about monsters? Fantasy underworld? Who you gonna call? The Doctor, of course! Ryan Gosling has written and is directing, according to the website, a “fantasy noir, horror and

Cranson and Olsen in talks for Godzilla franchise!

Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Elizabeth Olsen (Silent House) are in talks with Legendary Pictures for the upcoming reboot of Godzilla. The script is being written by Frank Darabont (The

Star Trek Into Darkness on Entertainment Weekly this week!

Star Trek Into Darkness‘s Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto land on the cover of the next Entertainment Weekly. There are two different covers to choose from and of

On the set of Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time

Doctor Who’s documentary about the first Doctor Who series has begun production at BBC TV Centre and BBC has posted some photos from the set. In the photo above, you

Avengers cast to reunite… at the Oscars!

The Avengers cast will be reuniting together on stage at the Oscars to present an award together. Show producers Craug Zadan and Neil Meron have announced that Robert Downey Jr,

Disney confirms Star Wars stand-alone movies

Disney has confirmed they will be making a series of spin-off films based on different existing Star Wars characters. Although not yet confirmed which characters, people have been speculating Yoda

Creation Entertainment’s Grand Slam: Star Trek & Sci-fi Summit XVIII

It’s time. This is Creation Entertainment’s biggest Sci-Fi convention in Los Angeles and it’s featuring Star Trek: The Next Generation! This will be one of the biggest reunions for The

The Walking Dead season 3.5 promo photos: spoilers

Entertainment Weekly has posted some photos for the upcoming season. It contains a spoiler for the midseason finale regarding the Dixon brothers. The Governor reunited Merle with Daryl and it

OSCORP prop shown for The Amazing Spiderman sequel

It’s the second day of production! Marc Webb, director of The Amazing Spiderman sequel, has posted a photo of a prop for the film. It is unknown what it is

New Pacific Rim images!

New images have been released for the Guillermo del Toro film Pacific Rim. Set to release on July 12th in IMAX 3D, 3D and 2D, the film tells the story

We are Cobra Special Forces – new campaign for GI Joe Retaliation

A new viral campaign has hit the internet! A new recruitment video for the Cobra Special Forces has been released for the new GI Joe movie, GI Joe Retaliation. Here is