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Kickstarter: ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ epic fan film

hunger games 2

Produced by Kristen’s Reality, this 10-minute fan film, based on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, will show a realistic side to the war between the Capitol and District 13. Fans of the movie and the books will see a real dark approach to the fighting, similar to the details in Suzanne Collins’ third book Mockingjay. … Continue reading

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’ possession test prank!


Paramount Pictures’ Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones released an online possession test for fans to see if they were possessed… little did they know, they were pranked by the production team! Check out the possession test here before reading on… it’s ok. We’ll wait. Okay… now that you’ve seen it. Check out … Continue reading

90s shows that should have their own spin-off for this generation!


With the anticipated premiere of Girl Meets World coming on the Disney Channel this fall, it will tie in together this generation and the kids of it’s previous show Boy Meets World. Now, we can have some common ground. Boy Meets World was introduced to us in 1993 and gave us Cory … Continue reading

Review: ‘Transcendence’ fails to transcend into a good film


Transcendence had all the elements to be a great movie. It had top-notch actors (Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy, Kate Mara), an inventive storyline, and an award-winning cinematographer debuting as a director (Wally Pfister). Even with all that, it failed to achieve greatness. The storyline is like … Continue reading

Check out ‘Shatner’s World’ at a theater near you!

Shatner's World Williamthumb

William Shatner’s one-man show Shatner’s World is coming to a theater near you! Now you could experience the one man show that has gotten raved reviews! The critically acclaimed show is now on sale to be shown on Thursday, April 24th as part of Fathom Events. William Shatner is an American TV … Continue reading

Malcolm McDowell Q&A for ‘Star Trek: Generations’

Malcolm McDowell Star Trek Generations

Last night marked the end of The Malcolm McDowell Series of Q&A Screenings with Star Trek Generations. The Alex Theatre and Glendale Arts Prospect House Entertainment honored the legendary actor by featuring three of his greatest films – A Clockwork Orange, Time After Time and Star Trek: Generations. The Q&A … Continue reading

Why everyone should watch Hulu’s ‘Deadbeat’

deadbeat hulu

You’ve seen it everywhere. This image above. It’s there on your browser and when you’re watching your online show – there are advertisements everywhere for Hulu’s new online series Deadbeat. Just what is Deadbeat?  Created by Wilfred writers Cody Heller & Brett Konner, Deadbeat stars Reaper’s Tyler Labine as slacker medium Kevin Pacalioglu who spends his … Continue reading

Interview with John Barrowman for The Hollywood Show


John Barrowman. You may recognize him from Doctor Who, Torchwood, Frisky Business/Animals at Work, Anything Goes, and most recently, CW’s Arrow. He is a household name and face in the Geek world. He’s become a fixture at shows, conventions, fan events and anything that is geek. This weekend, he is going … Continue reading

‘The Evil Within’ trailer looks horrifyingly good

the evil within logo

Bethesda just released their newest gameplay trailer for The Evil Within, just in time for PAX East. And, it looks pretty scary. From the minds behind Resident Evil, the game features Detective Sebastein Castellanos and his partners to investigate a gruesome mas murder. Castellanos’ colleagues are viciously slaughtered by an unknown force, … Continue reading

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff comes out on April 10th

NEW ASSET -- The Quest For Stuff Title Art

Family Guy has finally done it! They’ve created a game app for their fans… and it’s fun! The game is called Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff! The premise of the game is simple – Quahog has been destroyed by one of Peter and Ernie (the giant chicken)’s epic fights. It … Continue reading

The 2014 Labyrinth of Jareth XVII Masquerade Ball is near!

labyrinth of jareth 3

The annual Labyrinth Masquerade Ball is heading this way again at the historical Park Plaza in Los Angeles. This year, it will be during fourth of July weekend – Friday, July 4th and Saturday, July 5th. Sypher Art Studio would like to welcome you to their spectacular ball! The Labyrinth of … Continue reading

New ‘Penny Dreadful’ character posters!

penny dreadful3

With the new series Penny Dreadful coming out on Showtime on Sunday, May 11th, Showtime has released new character posters. It features the characters of mysterious witch Vanessa Ives (Eva Green), charming American Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett), Irish immigrant Brona Croft (Billie Piper), vain Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney), and mad scientist Dr. Victor Frankenstein … Continue reading