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New Outsiders promo focuses on Hasil and Sally Ann’s relationship

WGN America’s hit series Outsiders are beginning to tease fans with little teasers to prepare for the second season, coming this January. Last season, Sally Ann and Hasil went their

Prep for Salem’s third season with a recap of last season

We’re about one month away from Salem’s third season premiere! To better prepare you for the new season, WGN America has posted a recap video from last season. The 3:26-minute

Hello Kitty announces her candidacy for President with some cool swag!

Move over presidential candidates! There’s a new politician in town and her name is Hello Kitty! Leading the Friendship Party, Hello Kitty is throwing her bid for president this coming

DramaFever premieres new K-Drama ‘One Percent of Something’

With the conclusion of Cinderella and the Four Knights coming to an end this weekend, DramaFever is offering a new drama for you to lust over starring Ha Suk Jin and

Hulu’s Freakish is a horror thriller for teens

Hulu has released a new teaser for their upcoming original horror series Freakish, which is set in a high school in a town that has a huge chemical plant. With the

Supergirl teams up with Superman in new promo

Supergirl returns Monday, October 10th on its new network The CW. Our hero is teaming up with her cousin Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) to tackle on some missions – two episodes

Doctor Who’s spin-off ‘Class’ answer your questions

Not much is known about the Doctor Who spin-off Class. It is based out of Coal Hill School, the school where Clara Oswald taught at (as well as the first two companions

Discover your Patronus on Pottermore

The Patronus Charm, first introduced in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, was a defensive spell that produced a silver, animal guardian used to protect a wizard from Dementors.

The Walking Dead: Meet King Ezekiel

In the new trailer for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, we are introduced to King Ezekiel, a man with his own group of survivors aka The Kingdom. Last

Salem’s new trailer has ‘Gone to Hell’

WGN America has released new images and a new trailer showcasing more of what to expect this season and it looks NUTS. Mary is alive and it looks like she’s

Joss Whedon recruits Super Friends to encourage Election Day voting

Director Joss Whedon has a lot of pull in the entertainment world. He created the iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the cult following Firefly, and of course, brought the Avengers

Salem’s new promo warns you to ‘Stay away from witches…’

WGN America’s Salem released a new promo clip with more details on the end of the world. In the clip, we see several witches, demons, Native America, and for the

Check out Dragon Con 2016 through the eyes of Sneaky Zebra

Dragon Con, the con for all the cosplays. This is a place where even the pets dress up in costume. There is no escaping a cosplay at this convention, held in

LEGO Dimensions welcomes a new member into the Alien Club

LEGO Dimensions has added a new member onto their team. To introduce this out-of-this-world character to the audience, they had Meet that Hero host Lego Supergirl welcome him. LEGO Dimensions

Batman: Ryan Potter on his viral Tim Drake video

There have been talks to bring Tim Drake aka Robin’s story to the big screen in the DC Film-universe, but nothing yet concrete. With the Justice League Universe coming to

Star Trek celebrates fifty years… and Beyond!

Happy Birthday, Star Trek! Can you believe it has been EXACTLY 50 years since the first episode of Star Trek: The Original Series aired?! ‘The Man Trap’, first aired on

Salem releases new poster ‘Everything in Salem has gone to hell’

WGN America’s Salem is coming back soon. We can feel the excitement. Salem just released a teaser poster of an empty chapel and asked fans in a old nursery rhyme: Where are

The Walking Dead releases Negan promo “I am everywhere”

With The Walking Dead season premiere coming real soon, AMC has been slowly releasing clips to satiate our thirst. Who did Negan kill? Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan has already been moved

Doctor Who returns April 2017

We are getting more details on this upcoming season of Doctor Who and straight from Peter Capaldi’s mouth. During Doctor Who’s break in filming, the cast took time to take

El Rey is coming to Paleyfest Fall Previews

Fans of El Rey hit series From Dusk Till Dawn and Lucha Underground rejoice! The cast and crew from both series are coming to the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California