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Mr. Robot season finale postponed in light of Virginia shooting

USA Network has postponed the season finale of Mr. Robot to next week in light of the recent shooting in Virginia today. A Virginia news reporter and cameraman were shot and

The Final Girls trailer brings out the funny side of horror

Imagine mixing the idea of Pleasantville with a campy horror film and you’d get The Final Girls. It premiere as part of the Narrative Spotlight section at this year’s South by

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 new poster shows Panem in ruins

Today marks the five year anniversary since the release of Suzanne Collins’ finale Hunger Games book, Mockingjay! With the final movie approaching, Lionsgate has released a new image for The Hunger

Fear The Walking Dead pilot recap and review: A family drama with zombies

Recap Nick (Frank Dillane) wakes up from a high in a drug house (an old abandoned church) trying to find his zombie-fied girlfriend, who happens to be eating a corpse.

‘Blunt Talk’ review: Stewart saves the show from spiraling down

We all know Sir Patrick Stewart for his iconic roles on Star Trek: The Next Generation, the X-Men films, and on stage in the theater. Lately, we have been slowly

Doctor Who: The Doctor gets new outfits this season

It seems like the 12th Doctor is getting a larger wardrobe than his previous Doctor counterparts. First, he was given a complete outfit with the coat being lined with red

Mockingbird lands an ABC pilot order for Marvel’s Most Wanted

Marvel’s Mockingbird may have her own show soon. ABC has ordered a pilot for a Mockingbird spin-off starring Adrianne Palicki as her Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D character Bobbi Morse (aka Mockingbird).

Star Trek Beyond: New set photos!

Today, ScreenCrush released some photos from their visit to the set of Star Trek Beyond. In these photos, they were able to capture footage of Sofia Boutella in costume and

Disney’s Mix & Smash: Marvel Super Hero Mashers app has you blending your favorite heroes

  Love Spider-Man and Iron Man? Why not be Iron Spider?! NOW YOU CAN! Disney has just released a new app called Mix & Smash: Marvel Super Hero Mashers, which

Kickstarter: The Immortal graphic novel

Ever wonder what would happen if you mixed Boba Fett with Frank Miller’s writing and Moebius’ artwork? You’d get Darryl Knickrehm’s new graphic novel The Immortal. Award-winning author, illustrator, and

Doctor Who season 9 second trailer shows more Maisie Williams and Missy

“He hasn’t got a plan yet, but he will and it’ll be spectacular”. – Clara Oswald The second trailer for the ninth season of Doctor Who has been released and

The full ‘The Martian’ trailer is out and it looks awesome

We saw a teaser trailer earlier this year, but the full trailer is officially out and it looks pretty epic. It also looks like the movie stays true to the

James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe present the ‘Victor Frankenstein’ trailer

Another retelling of Mary Shelley’s tale of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster? Yes, but this time… it’s all about Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy) through the eyes of his handsome assistant Igor

Doctor Strange: Even Benedict gets confused on geek movies

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has played the iconic Sherlock Holmes, Khan Noonien Singh in Star Trek Into Darkness, Smaug in Tolkien’s The Hobbit, Shere Khan in the upcoming Jungle Book: Origins,

Disney’s Playmation to include HULK HANDS!

We previously reported the news about Playmation’s Iron Man’s ‘repulsor’ arm piece as the first Avengers Starter Pack, but now you will have a choice to be the Incredible Hulk!

Final Girl director Tyler Shields on his debut movie, #FreeTheNipple, and being a geek

Tyler Shields is not your typical director. He doesn’t have a staff of writers pitching him ideas on what to create. He doesn’t look to movies or books as inspiration

Disney’s Descendants gets ANIMATED this September

With the success of Disney’s Descendants, Disney has announced Descendants Wicked World animated shorts for this September on the Disney Channel. Directed by Phineas and Ferb storyboard artist Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft, these CGI-animated

Nerd Reactor kids play with Disney’s Descendants toys

With Disney’s Descendants premiering tonight, Nerd Reactor was given the opportunity to review several products from their new line. We recruited the SugaryKids’ Keira and Eric to play with Disney’s

Disney Descendants: Noise-isolating earbuds review

Disney is known for its characters, movies, television shows, and music – especially its music. With Disney Descendant’s soundtrack being released, you can now listen to it using the the Disney’s Descendants noise-isolating

Disney’s Descendants: Power bank review

Disney is really targeting their audience, which includes kids, tweens, and teens who are really into technology. Majority of tweens and teenagers own a cell phone and everyone’s biggest fear is