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PS3 Has Exclusive L.A. Noire ‘Consul’s Car’ Traffic Case

What's in the trunk? It's not Brad Pitt, is it?

Oh my, the console wars are being fed more ammunition today as it has been confirmed that PS3 is getting an exclusive mission for L.A. Noire called “Consul’s Car”. According to VG24/7, a Rockstar employee commented on one of their news stories that has a picture called “What’s in the … Continue reading

Is Half Life 3 Being Held Back by Steam?

half life 3 logo

Valve is asked, “When will Half Life 3 be released?”, all the time, and developer Stardock’s CEO, Brad Wardell, thinks he has the answer to why it’s taking so long. Stardock had a hand in an online digital service similar to Valve’s Steam called, “Impulse”. They recently sold off Impulse … Continue reading

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Enlists Todd McFarlane, R.A. Salvatore, Oblivion Designer and Minsc

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a new rpg with action-based gameplay. The game is slated for a 2012 release for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, so that gives us plenty of time to get to know it. 38 Studios made it a point to say that this isn’t an action … Continue reading

Nevermind the Humans, Aperture’s Boots Protect the Portal Gun

Aperture’s Cave Johnson is back again, and this time he’s brought boots. Sometimes your human test subjects are going to be doing dangerous stunts and you need to protect your investments. Nevermind the humans, those portal guns are super expensive! That’s why you can now buy long-fall boots, available thanks … Continue reading

PSN Weekly Update: Patapon 3, Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes, Bulletstorm’s ‘Gun Sonata’


Your PSN update for this week includes downloadable games Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, and Patapon 3 for PSP. The Steel Rain map pack for Killzone 3 is relatively new, and still free for Playstation Plus subscribers. Bulletstorm’s add-on, “Gun Sonata” is out as well for … Continue reading

A Giant Fire Finger Attacks a Six-Armed Man – Capcom’s Asura’s Wrath Trailer

Fire Finger, Get!!

At Capcom’s “Captivate” event they showed a new game called Asura’s Wrath. It’s being developed by CyberConnect2 (Silent Bomber, Tail Concerto, Naruto games) and will be exciting and new from start to finish (according to them anyway). Asura’s Wrath will have third-person action sequences, quick-time events, and on-rails shooting. There … Continue reading

Dragon’s Dogma Trailers – Capcom is Competing with Skyrim and Dark Souls

Dragon's dogma hydra

Capcom has finally revealed its new mysterious game, “Dragon’s Dogma”, with a few new trailers. The game seems to allow players to choose different class-types (mages, knights), it has an open-world level design, a 3rd-person view, and you can even leap onto dragons for killing blows! The game’s first trailer … Continue reading

First Screens of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – Zombie Hostages?

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the new game from Capcom that has four on four competitive play also has Zombie hostages. I knew the game was going to have a neutral faction in the Bio Organic Weapons (the monsters), but I never expected zombie hostages – that is so awesome. … Continue reading

Batman: Arkham City’s Open-World Design Details – Bosses a Focus

Batman Arkham City pic 1

If you haven’t played Batman: Arkham Asylum, you missed out on what is possibly the best superhero game ever. Don’t worry though, you have another chance to redeem yourself by playing Batman: Arkham City, which looks even better than its predecessor. There were a lot of details revealed by Rocksteady’s … Continue reading

Fallout: New Vegas’ Expansion ‘Honest Hearts’ to be Revealed Soon

There are a lot of signs pointing to a Fallout: New Vegas expansion probably being revealed at Bethesda’s media event that’s being held in some Utah mountains this week. Bethesda’s publisher, ZeniMax, has trademarked something called “Honest Hearts”. This is apparently a reference to a quote by a real-life mormon … Continue reading

Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Escalation Map Pack Gets Official Release Date


Not too long ago the Escalation map pack’s existence was leaked by an Australian retailer called “GAME”. Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has now confirmed that the map pack will be a timed exclusive for Xbox 360, and will still be coming out on May 5th, 2011. The PC and PS3 … Continue reading

Expel Some RAGE with this New Weapons Trailer

Id’s Rage is back, and it’s packing some heat in this new weapons trailer. What good is a post-apocalyptic world if you can’t shoot at the things that inhabit it anyway? Get a good look at Rage’s “authority” machine gun, scope-equipped pistol, “settler” machine gun, turret, wingstick (the throw-able boomerang-like … Continue reading