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Ridge Racer Goes Xtr3mE


Ridge Racer – it’s the series that keeps on truckin’…or racing, or…whatever it does. Anyway, Namco has released a teaser trailer to rev up excitement for the new title called, “Ridge Racer: Unbounded”. It’s currently being developed for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. It doesn’t yet have a set … Continue reading

Possible Proof that Rogue Anonymous Members Are Involved in PSN Outage


A Youtube user named, “TheAnonPress”, has just issued a video in which it is suggested that Sony may be blaming hackers for PSN being down when it may just be their own internal issues with their servers. Youtube user, TheAnonPress, claims that Anonymous takes no official responsibility for the apparent … Continue reading

Composers of Fallout 3, Black Ops, Uncharted, Bioshock to Attend Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con

Wizard World Comic Con logo small

Video game composers are arguably the often unnoticed supporter in video games and movies. That’s why it’s all the more important for all of the fans to get out there and show our own support and appreciation of the music that greatly enhances the experiences we all love. There are … Continue reading

Shadows of the Damned Opens Up Grindhouse Hell on June 21st

Did Robert Rodriguez just make a video game? No, but it almost seems like it. Shadows of the Damned is pretty much what a grind house film would be if it could transform into a video game. With your British-accented skull-torch named Johnson, slick leather jacket, and three-layered cheese dialogue, … Continue reading

Sonic Generations Rides the Wave of Nostalgia – New Pics, Gameplay Video

Sonic Generations pic 1

I always feel like there aren’t enough Sonic games coming out each year. Fear not, Sonic lovers, because Sega is planning on releasing Sonic Generations during the Holiday season of 2011 for Xbox 360 and PS3 to celebrate Sonic’s 20th anniversary. What can we expect from this new game? Well, … Continue reading

Uncharted 3’s Multiplayer Details and Video – Split-Screen FTW

Get ready for a ton of new details regarding Uncharted 3’s multiplayer. Naughty Dog is going all out to prove that Uncharted can be competitive in the multiplayer arena. For starters, how would you like to be able to play with split-screen online with your friends? Done. Your friend wants … Continue reading

Interview With Kouichi Yotsui, Lead Designer of Strider, Moon Diver

moon diver title screen

We were fortunate enough to get a little bit of time with Kouichi Yotsui. Who’s that, you ask? Well, he’s been the director for a few small movies such as “Run”, and has been the lead designer on many other smaller video games like the crazy, “Suzuki Bakuhatsu”, a bomb … Continue reading

Section 8: Prejudice Brings 32-Player Multiplayer for $15

section 8 prejudice thumbnail

You may not have heard of Section 8: Prejudice before, but thanks to this handy dandy launch video, you’ll be quickly brought up to speed. Section 8: Prejudice is the sequel to Section 8, which was a full-priced retail game. TimeGate Studios has decided to price the sequel at $15 … Continue reading