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We’re getting a 90-minute Walking Dead season finale!

AMC announced this week that the season six finale airing on Sunday, April 3rd, will be 90 minutes in length. They made the same extension last year for the season

Game of Thrones dragon to make landfall in major US cities

(Image via HBO) In anticipation of the Game of Thrones Season Five Blu-Ray release on Tuesday, March 15th, and Season 6 premiere in April, there will be dragon crash sites

Potterheads rejoice! ‘Magic in North America’ stories coming this week on Pottermore

Just announced on Pottermore, J.K. Rowling has penned four new stories about the history of magic in North America. The first story will be released on March 8th at 9

New Harry Potter ride is causing employees to spew

The new rides at the Harry Potter Wizarding World, Universal Studios Hollywood have begun testing this week, and the Forbidden Journey, a 3D broom ride through Hogwarts, is causing employees

Sword Art Online comes to life thanks to IBM and VR technology

The popular anime Sword Art Online takes place in 2022 where players are trapped in a virtual world and their nerve gear headsets are hijacked to kill them in real

Someone made a real, working Weasley family clock from Harry Potter

In the second book/movie of the Harry Potter series, Harry is sprung from his muggle prison by his friends Ron, Fred and George Weasley, and taken to their home to

Colossal Titan invades Japan for the Annual Sapporo Snow Festival

Images via Sapporo Every February in Sapporo, Japan, massive snow sculptures are carved on display for a week attracting visitors from around the world. This year’s festival is honoring the