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Shredder wants a hug in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pic


Who wants a better look at the Shredder in all his Swiss Army knife glory? Yes, here’s a high resolution image of Shredder confronting poor ‘ol Master Splinter in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flick. Doesn’t it look like Shredder just wants a hug? I guess Master Splinter doesn’t have to … Continue reading

The Art of Watch Dogs (review)

art of watch dogs

Titan Books has released the Art of Watch_Dogs, an in-depth look at the art behind the open-world game where hacking is your ally. The 144-page art book includes commentary by the creators and art ranging from character design to background design. The book is categorized into different chapters. The first … Continue reading

E3 2014 – The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, the ambitious open-world action RPG

witcher 3 b

When going to E3 this year, one of the games I was looking forward to checking out was The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. We were treated with a 45-minute demo from CD Projekt RED showcasing the newly open-world setting, missions, combat and horse-riding action. If you haven’t played the Witcher … Continue reading

This Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot cosplay is already looking uncanny

groot cosplay

Check out this Groot cosplay heavily inspired by Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It’s not even done yet, and it’s already shaping up to be one hell of an outfit. The head is pretty much done, while everything else still needs some work. I was thinking in my head that this must … Continue reading

The Flash cameo filmed for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


One of our writers, Alger, has expressed what he thought on Warner Bros. overcrowding the superhero market. With that said, let’s add another item on the list to crowd the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice flick. We have some news that The Flash’s cameo has already been filmed … Continue reading

Harrison Ford’s injury will set him back 2 months for Star Wars: Episode VII

Han Solo Cantina star wars

Harrison Ford was involved in an accident on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII last week. Now it turns out, he’s going to be out of commission for about 2 months, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Ford broke his ankle and was taken to the hospital on Thursday. This … Continue reading

Giant Superman statue for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice revealed to be…


A bunch of set photos were released last week for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that revealed a giant 15-foot Superman statue. If we had to use common sense, the statue that’s going to be in the film is likely the result of Superman saving Metropolis and the world … Continue reading

Regular Show: The Complete Third Season DVD releases this week

Reg Show Season 3 2D Box

Cartoon Network’s Regular Show: The Complete Third Season will be available on DVD June 17th and will include all 40 episodes from the third season. Join the gang as Mordecai, Rigby and their friends go on a regular-to-crazy journey. The special features contain over seven hours of content and includes “Characters … Continue reading