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ANARCHY REIGNS ‘Whistling’ Gameplay Trailer

Here’s a new gameplay trailer for SEGA and PlantinumGames’ Anarchy Reigns online multiplayer brawler with Jack, Big Bull, Zero and Sasha strutting their stuff. Anarchy Reigns is expected to be

David O. Russell Keeps Insisting on Family in Uncharted Movie

Remember when David O. Russell was talking about the family dynamic for the Uncharted film? And remember when Naughty Dog was saying otherwise? Well forget what Naughty Dog is telling

New L.A. Noire Trailer Shows Off First Gameplay Footage

Here’s a new trailer for L.A. Noire called “Orientation” showcasing the core mechanics of searching for clues, interrogating witnesses, and classic gaming elements like brawling and shooting. The trailer uses

Superman Goes Disney in This Short

Here’s a cool Superman short from Disney animator Robb Pratt called Superman Classic. This is an homage to the classic Superman cartoon in a “Disney” style set in the 30s.

New Details on ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ and ‘Wanted 2’

Here’s some exciting news for fans awaiting the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie and not so exciting news for Wanted 2. A reader at /Film attended a panel with producer

Get Killzone 3 Stuff by Visiting Participating Walmarts

Killzone 3 is coming February 22, 2011, and if you can’t wait until the morning to get your copy, you can get it at midnight at a 24 hour Walmart.

The Dark Knight Rises Script Is Really Phenomal While Production Is Ready to Shoot

Tom Hardy sporting a Batman shirt Batman cinematographer Pfister recently read the script to The Dark Knight Rises and had this to say: “I read the script two weeks ago,

Galactus Artwork and Screenshots for Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Here are artwork and screenshots of Galactus in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Enjoy this behemoth of an alien being and see why he is to be feared. Marvel vs. Capcom

Dragon Age II Gets Naughtier with Fellatio

BioWare has been known to add sexual relationships in their games from Mass Effect to Dragon Age. Dragon Age II will have once again an option for players to seduce

Full Episode of the Cape: Goggles and Hicks Online Here

We now officially have four more episodes until The Cape is over. With low ratings, the show was canceled, but The Cape will forever live on in other films in

Watch Full Episode of ‘Chuck’ Online Here: Chuck vs. the Seduction Impossible

If you missed last night’s episode of Chuck, you can watch the full episode below for “Chuck vs. the Seduction Impossible” that aired on February 7, 2011. Chuck and Sarah’s

Nothing in This World Has Prepared You for Mortal Kombat on Blu-ray

Oh happy yes! It looks like the Mortal Kombat buzz is so high this year that the the Mortal Kombat films will finally make their debut on Blu-ray. Thanks to

‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’ Turns Off Critics

It looks like all those delays and the big budget didn’t help much in terms of anything for the troubled Broadway show, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. The most expensive

January Jones Talks About Her Emma Frost Outfits for ‘X-Men: First Class’

MTV interviewed January Jones (Mad Men) on her character Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. She talks about her sexy outfits and her favorite one is the one seen above

PDP Releases Marvel Edition Vs. Fighting Pad for MvC3

PDP has announced that they are releasing the Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad for Xbox 360 to coincide with the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

The Hobbit to Begin Filming March 21

Production company 3Foot7 Ltd has announced that Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit will begin filming on March 21. Production has hit a snag when Peter Jackson was ill and had to

New Sucker Punch Banner Has Emily Browning Facing Mini-Gun Wielding Samurai

Here’s a new banner for Sucker Punch. The evil samurai is seen wielding a mini-gun, trying to annihilate our heroine into pieces. Emily Browning plays Babydoll, who is stuck inside

Wonder Woman and Green Lantern in the Same Movie

As What’s Playing pointed out with their title, Tanit Phoenix (rumored to be NBC’s Wonder Woman) has just signed in to a film called Safe House with Ryan Reynold (who’ll

Get Your Hi-Res Captain America Wallpapers Here

The official Captain America site has just been updated with a prequel comic book and wallpapers for the Captain America: First Avenger movie. It will be in theaters July 22,

CALL OF JUAREZ: THE CARTEL Announced and Comes Summer 2011

Ubisoft has just announced the development of Call of Juarez: The Cartel, the third installment from the Call of Juarez series. Developed by Techland, it will be available for the