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Legends tell of a princess captured and raised by Ninjas to be their future leader. Jada was trained from an early age to max the luck stat, always strike first and to never surrender.

Tanya joins Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat has just released their 2nd installment of DLC for everyone who owns the Kombat Pass, and it contains our 2nd of the four promised characters, Tanya, along with

League of Legends’ Ekko: The Boy who Shattered Time spotlight

League of Legends just released Patch 5.10 and with it we get one of their special videos showing off their newest champion Ekko in action. While he isn’t available as

Need for Speed Underground 3 teaser released

Racing fans rejoice! EA just released an official teaser featuring all in-game footage that was captured for the next game in the Need for Speed franchise, and graphically it looks pretty

More HyperDimension Neptunia coming sooner than you think

HyperDimension Neptunia RE;Birth2: Sisters Generation just got a new release date announced as well as a pretty sweet bonus for fans who pick up the game within the first few

Gary Anthony Williams to play Bebop in TMNT 2?

If you’re excited for next year’s TMNT film, then get ready for some more news. Deadline is reporting that Gary Anthony Williams is being tapped to play Bebop, one of the most

Meet League of Legends’ next champion Ekko the Boy

This next upcoming champion for League of Legends meets all the required elements for the hype train. Cool looking sword: check. Crazy hair style: check. Ability to rewind time: check.

Nintendo Direct is squidfull of news

Nintendo released a new episode of their personal live stream event and this time it was all focused on the details for their upcoming 3rd-person shooter, Splatoon. We learned details

Jason’s fatalities, brutalities, and X-rays in Mortal Kombat X

It’s finally time and our favorite machete wielding mass murderer Jason Voorhees has come to Mortal Kombat X. After spending some time with him, I am a bit underwhelmed by

Omega Quintet (PS4 review)

The world is on the verge of extinction and our only hope is five teenage pop idols. As crazy as that premise sounds on its own, the team over at

Scooby-Doo! And Scrappy-Doo! Season 1 (DVD review)

Grab your Scooby Snacks and get ready for 16 puppy-infused episodes that are full of mysteries that can only be solved by those meddling kids over at Mystery Inc. Now

Mortal Kombat X review

NetherRealm’s newest installment in their most popular franchise is back featuring Scorpion, Sub-Zero and 23 other Mortal Kombatants. The fighting game is back for the most visceral and over-the-top deadly kombat

Idea Factory International Inaugural Press Event 2015

Idea Factory International recently held their inaugural press event detailing and showing off their upcoming games for 2015 including multiple Hyperdimension games such as Neptunia U, Re;birth 2 and 3,

8 sweet indie games featured at the Sacramento Indie Arcade Gaming Expo 2015

The International Gaming Development Association, or IGDA for short, has hosted for the second year in a row the Indie Arcade Gaming Expo. It’s a convention for local indie developers

Project X Zone 2 to add a new company to the mix?

Even though Idea Factory International CEO Harusato Akenaga was unable to attend the inaugural press event recently, he did have a message for all those attending. It started off with a

Square Enix and Team Ninja join forces

Square Enix has recruited the highly talented team over at Team Ninja to help with the development on the new Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade game that is releasing in Japan

Rodea the Sky Soldier officially soars into stores this September

Earlier this year I had a chance to attend a press event for NIS America. While most games made by NIS end up on Sony platforms, this year they had

Life Is Strange Episode 2 ‘Out of Time’ review: Everyone has limits

Six weeks has already passed since DONTNOD and Square Enix launched the first episode of their new IP, Life is Strange. It received solid reviews around the web including a 4.5 out

Six Flags Magic Mountain: Monster Hunter Caravan Tour

Last weekend I was one of the many who got to spend some time with Monster Hunter 4’s very own Caravan as a part of the Capcom Monster Hunter Caravan

J-rock band SCANDAL comes stateside

One of Japan’s biggest rock bands, SCANDAL, is officially setting its sights on the rest of the world with its “Hello World” tour, which is going to be touring across

Real life Danganronpa Murder Mystery

April 4th will be your chance to get in on all the fun because NIS America will be hosting a Danganronpa themed murder mystery during San Diego’s Anime Conji. The