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From Dusk Till Dawn 2×06 ‘Bizarre Tales’ recap & review

By Jes Vu Hope you aren’t too worn out, ramblers! We’re over half way through From Dusk Till Dawn. Appropriately titled ‘Bizarre Tales’, this episode (in showrunner Carlos Coto’s directorial

Nerd Reactor at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015

Written by Kaung Set/Photography by Stephanie Monica Anime Weekend Atlanta, or AWA as the locals call it, holds a special place in my heart. It was the first convention I

National Lampoon presents Full House: The Musical! A Tanner Family parody!

By Josh Kaye In May of 2014, NerdReactor had the chance to see National Lampoon’s production of Bayside! The Musical!: The Saved By The Bell Musical. And it was one

Blacked Out: Discussing cosplay and ‘blackface’

By Matthew “Maguma” Lewis In the cosplay community, there have been many issues of controversy that have been discussed. Some of them are ethical in how a cosplayer conducts their

Heroes of Loot: Shooting dungeon exploring comes to the PS Vita

By Xchel Monroy Dungeon crawling with shooting mechanics… sounds great, right? Well, this popular mobile game is being brought to the PS Vita. It’s called Heroes of Loot, created by a

From Dusk Till Dawn 2×05 ‘Bondage’ recap and review

By Jes Vu THE GECKO BROTHERS ARE BACK. After nearly half a season, Richie and Seth are reunited, and I’m sure you missed their brotherly banter as much as I

New trailer for AFK, a video game/fantasy web series

By Jes Vu What would you do if you were stuck in a video game? Well, that’s what the misfits of AFK have to figure out. The new trailer for

Star Wars Rock and Republic clothing line

By Tee Jay Barillas Wardrobes just keep on expanding along with the Star Wars Universe. This time around fangirls are getting the love from the Rock and Republic Star Wars

The Irregular at Magic High School Set 2 Blu-ray review

By Xchel Monroy Magic and science: it’s something that you don’t encounter very often in anime. The Irregular at Magic High School (also known as Mahōka) is one of those series

EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: From Dusk Till Dawn – Richie is Interrogated

By Jes Vu We’re in for a special treat as Nerd Reactor has an EXCLUSIVE clip from season 2 episode 5 of From Dusk Till Dawn. Last week’s episode marked

The Originals Season 3 – Extended Trailer – A Sire War is Brewing

By Jes Vu We’re less than a month away until the season 3 premiere of The Originals, and the CW has just dropped an extended trailer for the upcoming season.

Capcom announces the Capcom Fighting Network

By Xchel Monroy Capcom has made an announcement of the latest character, Karin, for Street Fighter V. At TGS, the video game company has yet revealed a great service that

From Dusk Till Dawn 2×04 ‘The Best Little Horror House in Texas’

By Jes Vu I’m torn. Torn from thinking there was too much going on for one episode. Torn from wanting to see more. Torn from loving this episode. All at

Tsukimonogatari (Blu-ray anime review)

By Xchel Monroy To start off on this part of the Monogatari series, let me start by saying that this particular franchise has been one roller coaster of an anime.

Dragon Con 2015 Recap and Review

By Kaung Set One week. One week is what most people need to recover from Dragon Con; whether you caught the “con crud” (like this writer finally did after going

From Dusk Till Dawn Director Joe Menendez teases Season 2  (Exclusive Interview)

By Jes Vu Joe Menendez isn’t just a director on From Dusk Till Dawn—he’s a fanboy just like the rest of us. Whether it’s talking about From Dusk Till Dawn

Gravity Rush to get a remake and sequel for PS4

By Xchel Monroy Gravity Rush, the 2012 first­-party game from Sony released for the PS Vita, is getting a major remake and it’s a great one at that. It was

From Dusk Till Dawn sneak peek: Seth Gecko is BACK

By Jes Vu A new sneak peek clip of the next episode of From Dusk Till Dawn just dropped. Seth is back in full swing, kicking ass and smooth talking

The Originals season 3 trailer – ‘You will all fall’

  By Jes Vu Freya’s words already does not bode well. The Originals season 3 trailer finally makes its splash on the web. With the Mikaelson siblings’ parents laid to rest

From Dusk Till Dawn 2×03 ‘Attack of the 50 Ft Sex Machine’ review & recap

By Jes Vu If you didn’t guess by the title, there’s a lot of Sex Machine in this episode. He’s either a character you love to hate or—if you’re like