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This hardcore animated music video needs to be an actual platforming video game

Animator Guy Collins and music producer Leslie Wai have teamed up to give us a very cool and hardcore animated music video called Kaizo Trap. It’s inspired by the Kaizo

Cosplayer Ashphord Jacoway’s Cosplay Life Lessons

By Ashphord Jacoway “To promote the freedom of cosplay no matter one’s race, size, color, shape or gender….” –Chocolate Covered Cosplay‘s Mission Statement When I think of cosplay, I like to

Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife joins Super Smash Bros roster!

By Xchel Monroy We’ve seen Cloud appear in a few Nintendo video games in the past, but nothing like this. Nintendo has revealed that Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII will

Check out Nuke the Fridge Con in SoCal this Saturday

Nuke The Fridge is having its convention again this year at Frank & Son in SoCal, and Nerd Reactor will be there with its own booth. Come visit and say

Superbeat: XONiC (PS Vita review)

By Xchel Monroy The PlayStation Vita seems to never be in a shortage of good rhythm games, and SUPERBEAT: XONiC proves that there’s still room in the its library for

007 things you didn’t know about Quentin Tarantino’s rejected James Bond movie

The wait is finally over, SPECTRE comes out this weekend all over the country, and with it, a legion of James Bond fans eager to see Daniel Craig’s  – and

Alice Through the Looking Glass teaser trailer debut

Alice returns in an all-new adventure with Alice Through the Looking Glass. Disney has debuted the teaser trailer featuring the crazy world of Underland. Now Alice must go back in

Watch this really, really long Dragon Con 2015 video

Is it that time again? Yes, Beat Down Boogie has released its really, really long Dragon Con 2015 video, and it features 30 minutes of gorgeous cosplay. It took the

Halo 5 Spartan dance battle

Halo 5 is now available on the Xbox One, and if you’re craving for more Halo, check out this new dance battle from The Warp Zone. Here we have the

Halo gets an Honest Trailer

Smosh Games has released a new episode of Honest Game Trailers, and this time it’s about the Halo series. They poke fun of Cortana’s boobs getting bigger in each new

Star Wars: The Force Awakens gets an Honest Teaser

Check out the new Honest Teaser from Screen Junkies as they make fun of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Han Solo says it’s true… all of it. That includes

If Fallout had condoms

The radiation may get you in the Fallout wasteland, but at least you’ll prevent mutated babies with one of these Fallout condoms. It’s as sturdy as a vault. Source: Imgur

Nintendo will host special Pirates vs. Ninjas match this Halloween via Splatoon

by Xchel Monroy It’s that time of year again: Halloween is upon us and Nintendo has a great surprise for Splatoon players. Nintendo will try to settle the score between

From Dusk Till Dawn post-finale interview with showrunner Carlos Coto (exclusive)

By Jes Vu From Dusk Till Dawn ended its second season on a high note Tuesday night with the epic battle against Carlos at Jacknife Jed’s, the Gecko brothers leading

From Dusk till Dawn Season 2×10 Finale ‘Santa Sangre’ Recap

By Jes Vu It’s finally that time, Ramblers! The epic conclusion to From Dusk Till Dawn season 2 is finally here, and it was everything I wanted and more. Because

From Dusk till Dawn Season 2×10 Finale ‘Santa Sangre’ Review

By Jes Vu Read Recap here. Ramblers, are you still not over that mind-blowing finale? The season may have had a slow start, but quickly picked up and led to

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series season 2 finale, giveaway & exclusive clip

By Jes Vu Attention Ramblers! With From Dusk Till Dawn season 3 renewed, are you ready for the finale tonight? To celebrate the season 2 finale tonight, we’ve teamed up

From Dusk Till Dawn renewed for season 3

By Jes Vu Great news to all you Ramblers out there—El Rey Network’s From Dusk Till Dawn was renewed for season 3! The announcement broke out on From Dusk Till

From Dusk Till Dawn 2×09 ‘There Will Be Blood’ Recap/Review

By Jes Vu Once Upon 1912 In 1912, an oilwell digger (Gary Busey) discovers oil; however, the liquid absorbs into his open wound. Outside, the well bursts and the other

Rooster Teeth’s RWBY series develops a great hack-and-slash game

By Xchel Monroy For fans of the animated series RWBY (created by Rooster Teeth), the series is getting a hack-and-slash video game. The title for this game is called RWBY: