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15 things you need to know about AMC’s Humans

By Josh Kaye On June 28th, AMC’s newest show Humans made its North American debut to a solid audience of about 1.7 million people. While that isn’t quite the haul

AMC’s ‘Humans’ episode 1 review

By Josh Kaye 2015 has been a busy year for artificial intelligence. With Chappie, the surprise hit Ex Machina, and the blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron, the topic is basically everywhere.

John Williams is recording Star Wars: The Force Awakens in LA

By George Shaw There’s no doubt what a huge fan of Star Wars I am. I was so inspired by Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars, that I made Star Wars

Television raised me

By Michael Ramey Let me start off by saying that I have two great parents and this is no way to say they were incapable of raising me. This article

The case for Mad Max: Fury Road’s Immortan Joe

By Peter Bean Mad Max: Fury Road was an amazing spectacle that used practical stunts and understood story better than most action films. In every great tale there is a

Arrow vs. The Flash: Battle of the seasons

By Michael Ramey Before the season began there was a lot of hype towards the Flash television series, so there was no way of it living up to the hype,

Nintendo to help drive mobile gaming to $100 billion mark

By Jessica Oaks The popularity of unofficial Nintendo emulator apps should tell you something about the enduring love those of us who have moved on to mobile have for our old

The VOID, virtual reality experience park

By Michael Ramey It has been described as “the vision of infinite dimensions,” but the VOID also has the promise of infinite possibilities. The VOID is a virtual reality experience

The Suicide Squad in my backyard

By Michael Ramey While Avengers: Age Of Ultron takes control of box offices around the world, the hype for Suicide Squad is in full swing, and luckily for me, I’m

Future Arrow/The Flash spin-offs, Legends of Tomorrow

By Michael Ramey The announcement came just recently that the next spin-off series in the DC Comics/CW partnership will be called Legends of Tomorrow. The show will feature characters from

HBO Go cracking down on ‘free’ users

By Nathan Lichtman Okay, I’ll admit it, I’ve been using HBO Go that I didn’t pay for. I think most of us have made this egregious error at one point

Pence for your thoughts: A Libertarian-Republican’s open letter about Indiana’s new law

Photo by Gen Con By Nathan Lichtman I remember the first time I heard Mike Pence speak. It was at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) a few years ago. I

Fun, fun, fun until daddy takes the T-Bird (Chevy Malibu) away!

By Nathan Lichtman PJ O’Rourke once stated that cheap cars (with nice backseats) were responsible for the baby-boomer generation. Before the backseat, creating a child with your high school girlfriend

San Andreas for a Californian

By Nathan Lichtman Our homes demolished. Our roads condemned. Our offices collapsed. Our neighborhoods flooded. Our memories destroyed. Everything we know and love gone! Does this sound like our worst

Review: Run All Night – Liam Neeson saving his family again

By Arvin Santiago Liam Neeson is back on the big screen doing what he does best, kicking ass and taking names, in the non-stop action thriller (I say that lightly)

26 things that aren’t as old as the oldest woman alive

By Nathan Lichtman 22% is definitely a failing grade, but don’t hold my youth against me! That’s the percentage of years that I have in common with the oldest woman

Net Neutrality: Where’s the Ron Swanson of the Internet?

By Nathan D. Lichtman “I enjoy government functions like I enjoy getting kicked in the nuggets by a steel toed boot.” So sayeth the mustachioed libertarian prophet of Parks and

Valvrave the Liberator Blu-ray Complete Season 2 review

By Kenny Kong Valverave the Liberator Season 2 is now available as a Blu-Ray set bundled with some extras from Aniplex USA. The Blu-ray set features 12 episodes on 3 Blu-ray

Indie Quickies: i saw her too, with lasers

By Patrick Walker i saw her too, with lasers Developer: KrangGAMES is an odd beast to me. Is it still relevant? I think it is. I have the same

I’ve got 5 Minutes: An Indie Game Experiment

By Patrick Walker I love Game Jolt. Why do I love Game Jolt? I’ve got 4 reasons: Almost all of the games are free All of the games are small