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Genevieve LeBlanc is a contributing writer for and lives in snowy Canada.

“In Time” Won’t Completely Waste Yours

There are few things more satisfying than being pleasantly surprised by something that you genuinely thought was going to suck. As I sat down to watch In Time, which comes

Stan Lee Live & Global from the Sundance Film Festival

Today, Stan Lee gave a live and global webcast with host Gene Simmons from the Sundance Film Festival to promote his biographical documentary which will be screening at the festival

League of Legends Announces Patch for Colour Blind Players

League of Legends has been taking gamers by storm since its beta opened in 2009, and its player base doubled between August and November of last year. Now toting millions

Don’t Go In The Woods Review

 There are two types of horror movies that are equally entertaining for different reasons: those that make you pee your pants with terror and those that make you pee your

Mythbusters’ Cannonball Causes Havoc in Residential Neighbourhood

It seems that a combined forty years of special effects experience doesn’t prevent you from making a mistake every now and then, as Mythbusters hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage

The Silliest Complaint in Gaming: Why the ‘Invisible Wall’ Is Better than the Alternative

The Invisible Wall. Go on any gaming forum and you will be able to find countless posts cursing video game developers for “ruining their immersion.” Hell, even has an