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Watch this group’s amazing Attack on Titan inspired dance

While anime and hip-hop may appear to be an unlikely combo, this video proves that when combined they can be truly awesome. At this year’s Ultimate Brawl XIIV presented by

First impressions of Orphan Black’s season 2 premiere

After months of seemingly endless waiting, the surprise hit show Orphan Black has returned for its second season. Fans fell in love with star Tatiana Maslany and her powerful performances

Interview with actor D.C. Douglas

I imagine it’s difficult to be cast as the main villain in a long-running horror video game series only to have the character killed off (for real this time). But

Revisit video game history with Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition (review)

If there is a series that I can claim near encyclopedic knowledge of, it’s Resident Evil. I’ve played nearly every game, despite the original being released when I was only

Ottawa Geek Market supports mental health initiatives

This past weekend saw the return of the Ottawa Geek Market, a local event that harnesses geek power in support of a different charity at each event. Visitors braved the

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #2 keeps flying high

It’s hard to describe the bond that geeks have with Joss Whedon’s space-cowboy adventure Firefly; it was gone far too soon, however much of its cult status comes from its

Lara Croft returns in Dark Horse’s Tomb Raider #1 (review)

Geeks that couldn’t get enough of the new and improved Lara Croft from last year’s reboot video game, rejoice! Dark Horse is continuing their tradition of bringing beloved series from

The Last of Us: Left Behind’s bold move

This article contains major character spoilers for the DLC The Last of Us: Left Behind. The Last of Us was my favourite game released in 2013, and it has been

Ellen Page comes out

Actress Ellen Page is no stranger to geek culture, appearing in indie hit movie Juno, intense horror flick Hard Candy, triple A video game Beyond: Two Souls, and playing Kitty

Top 10 geeky guys we want for Valentine’s!

Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air, but not everybody has that special someone to snuggle up to. Thankfully, as human beings we’ve been gifted with the

Capital Geek Girls launches in Ottawa

You don’t have to pay very much attention to geek culture nowadays to realize that it isn’t always the most welcoming place for members of the female gender. Whether it’s

Disney photoshops Black Widow into Barbie

Photoshop disasters are nothing new, but it seems not even Disney is too big to fail miserably at the photo alternation game. The company behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Hentai’s age problem could get you in handcuffs?

There is a serious issue within our geek community with the potential to change thousands of lives, and yet very few of us seem profoundly aware of it. In a

Reporter sexually harasses female game developer, apologizes

I’ve seen a lot of sexual harassment in my geek community during my time as an active member, but the example that was made public today blew me away. Reporter

Norman Reedus gets zombie pranked!

Many fans dream of meeting their favourite celebrities face-to-face, but imagine if you actually got to prank one? Nick Santonastasso, with the help of The Walking Dead cast a crew,

YouTuber Clash blasts Machinima’s poor management

“Stay away from Machinima.” That’s a powerful statement from someone who’s been working with the network for over two and a half years. Click here to view. Yesterday, Clash, a

First KITE trailer revealed and my struggle with this cult classic

Back in September we discovered that not only was Hollywood actually making a live-action adaptation of the 1998 cult-classic anime OVA KITE, but that it would also be staring Samuel

Woman sexually assaulted by her husband on PS4 stream, nobody cares (Opinion)

The month of November has seen a lot of news coverage about the new generation of consoles, especially the PS4 and Xbox One. Saturday saw the arrival of a new

Stephen Amell talks Arrow season 2 at SDCC

The CW’s hit TV show Arrow, based on the DC Comics character The Green Arrow, is coming back for a second season tonight. We here at Nerd Reactor have been

Katie Cassidy and David Ramsey talk Arrow season 2 at SDCC

The CW’s hit TV show Arrow, based on the DC Comics character The Green Arrow, is coming back for a second season tomorrow. We here at Nerd Reactor are pleased