About Fernando Caire

Fernando Caire is a cosplayer, an artist, an aspiring Video editor, a prop builder, a writer, and a cinephile, with a PHD in awesome. He loves cinema, both good and bad. You will catch him once a month with a group of like minded masochists who endure 8 hours of the worst movies in cinematic history...for fun. He loves video games (shows off his "team Ps3" shirt) and loves writing about them when he gets the chance (though the only ones he ever received for review have been bad). The San Diego Comic Con is what he considers to be his once a year vacation. You will find him in line for Hall H bright and early and if you are between him and any kind of free swag...God help you.

New ‘Fright Night’ Footage Finally Shows David Tennant


I love the original Fright Night. It was silly 80’s horror at its best. Princess Bride’s Chris Saradon played the cocky playboy vampire while Roddy McDowall stole the film as Peter Vincent, Vampire killer. The perfect mix of practical effects with some funny, yet effective, narrative made this an instant … Continue reading

Marvel releases 18 ‘I am Captain America’ Variant Covers


To promote the upcoming ‘Captain America’ film, Marvel will release eighteen variant comic covers in June and July. A multitude of high profile artists have contributed to the inspirational series of covers. I really love these, as they are both clever and well done. Displaying average citizens as real life … Continue reading

New ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2′ Poster Underwhelms


A new poster for the final installment in the Harry Potter franchise, The Deathly Hallows Part 2, was released today. So this poster shows me two things: the movie stars Daniel Radcliffe and … alright that’s all I’ve got. I can rant about the laziness of the modern movie poster, … Continue reading