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Duel with your robot fists in NCSoft’s new Project Hon


NCSoft revealed a brand new PC online game titled Project Hon. The trailer features some really awesome gameplay featuring transforming, boosting, wall-running, and even dueling opposing robots with your robot fist. NCsoft touts it as a Mech MMO, but I see more hints of Platinum Game’s 3rd person shooter Vanquish … Continue reading

First look at HyperDimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Sisters Generation opening and battle screenshots

RE2_battle (1)

Idea Factory continues their streak of ports of HyperDimension Neptunia series with Hyper Dimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Sisters Generation (try saying that with a mouth full of food). The port will bring a host of new content including extra story, characters and even a revamped battle system. We’ve got a bunch of battle system screenshots … Continue reading

Otorimonogatari Limited Edition Blu-ray review


We continue the odd and eccentric third arc of Monogatari Second Season with Otorimonogatari. Middle schooler Nadeko Sengoku begins to notice things aren’t right when she finds a new friend in the form of a talking snake god. Story (Possible spoilers ahead) Nadeko makes her most drastic change out of all the … Continue reading

Air New Zealand unveils the one flight safety video to rule them all


Safety Videos aren’t the most exciting things on a flight, but Air New Zealand is looking to change that. We’ve done some coverage on their continued collaboration with The Hobbit before. Now passengers on Air New Zealand will get to see this nearly 5-minute flight safety instruction video featuring Elijah Woods, Peter … Continue reading

Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigame’s Longest Day (PS3 review): Even the title is an oxymoron


Combining four short films and one video game, Short Peace takes some of Japanese animation’s biggest names and allows them to run free without boundaries. When you have names like Katsuhiro Otomo, a man who we’ve not seen in ten years since Steamboy, there’s certainly expectations to uphold. Centering around … Continue reading

Alien: Isolation review – Hold your breath


The first time I watched Alien was when I was 13. I wanted to engross myself into Ridley Scott’s space horror masterpiece after experiencing the more action-oriented Aliens from James Cameron. There was a sense of tranquil beauty that Scott’s Alien had that really can’t be explained in words. Certainly it’s not one in the trilogy that easily … Continue reading

Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Akagi (figure review)


If there’s something Japan’s been obsessed with lately, it’s personified battleships. Since last year, Kantai Collection (or “Kancolle” for short) has become one of Japan’s most popular online games. Available only in Japan, the game has amassed over 2.2 million users which is impressive when you consider not everyone can register to … Continue reading

Kingdom Hearts III, now built on Unreal Engine 4


With all the fanfare and hype that Square Enix’s been throwing at its amazing Luminous game engine in recent memory, Tetsuya Nomura, director of Kingdom Hearts III, recently confirmed in a Famitsu article that the KHIII is currently being developed on Unreal Engine 4. In an earlier article reported by Siliconera, the team … Continue reading

Pharrell Williams shows off his otaku side in a new music video


Pharrell is no stranger to anime culture. Earlier this year, he helped remix Hatsune Miku’s Last Night, Good Night in a music video produced by famous Japanese designer Takashi Murakami and his Kaikai Kiki production company. Today, the duo return with “It Girl”, a five-minute animated musical adventure that combines … Continue reading

The Final Fantasy XV trailer we’ve all been waiting for


8 years ago, Square-Enix unveiled Final Fantasy XIII Versus, a spin-off title of FFXIII has been compared to the likes of Duke Nukem Forever after being repeatedly scrapped and delayed on multiple occasions. It was only at this year’s E3 that the game was rebranded as the fifteenth installment in the main series … Continue reading

New Fate/Stay Night series premieres on the big screen in seven locations


Fate/stay Night fans may be happy to know that the new Unlimited Blade Works anime adaptation from Ufotable will be premiering in theater screenings across seven cities on September 28th. Three of them will be held in Japan’s Tokyo, Osaka and Tokushima. The remaining international premieres will be held in Los … Continue reading

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (PS Vita Review) – Not a Dead Island yet


Danganronpa knows what it expects from the player. It will tell you all sorts of optimistic yet depressing things, but it won’t ever stop at reminding you that it is a video game first and foremost. The original Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc released earlier in the year was amongst … Continue reading

Pokken Tournament is the Pokemon fighting game we’ve all been waiting for


This is real. The game of my dreams is happening. Namco Bandai and The Pokemon Company are collaborating to develop a full fledged Pokemon fighting game dubbed Pokken Tournament. The name combines the “Pok” in Pokemon and the “Ken” from Tekken.  The first footage of the game features fighting-types Lucario and Machamp … Continue reading

A new challenger appears? Amazon will be acquiring Twitch.tv (UPDATED)


It was reported earlier this year that Google was set on acquiring popular streaming service Twitch.tv for an estimated $1 billion. Now it seems another would-be suitor has also set their eyes on the streaming portal. The world’s largest online merchant, Amazon, is reported to be in the late stages … Continue reading

ATLUS announces Margaret as playable character for Persona 4 The Ultimax


Apparently Persona 4 Golden’s Marie wasn’t the last DLC character in ATLUS’s pocket. Shoryuken reported that the Velvet Room’s assistant, Margaret will also be making her fighting game debut in Persona 4 The Ultimax as a playable character. Details are currently sparse, but she will be fighting with three different … Continue reading