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Have this Persona 5 trailer steal your heart away

There’s good news and bad news for people looking forward to Persona 5 this year. The bad news is ATLUS has delayed Persona 5 to summer of 2016. The good news?

Canon joins the VR fray

Canon may not the be the first name you think of when it comes to Virtual Reality technology, but that could change. At the yearly Canon Expo in New York,

Former ‘Halo’ and ‘Destiny’ composer Martin O’Donnell emerges victor in Bungie lawsuit

After a long and well fought court battle, it seems that the former composer may be getting his pay day after all. Martin O’Donnell, the man behind the music of the

Take a trip down Memory Lane with Kojima’s final Metal Gear Solid V trailer

This is it, ladies and gentlemen. Metal Gear Solid V finally drops in on the public in less than one week. My excitement for this game cannot be any more

Madden 2016’s trailer is probably the coolest trailer ever

Another year, another Madden game. EA’s marketing team cranks up the stakes in this new trailer (probably more accurate as a short movie) with Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and even

The Boondocks’ LeSean Thomas bustin’ us an interview

LeSean Thomas has one hell of a resume. From directing the award winning The Boondocks (Season one and two) and Black Dynamite to being the first American to work in a Korean

Composer possibly slips news about Final Fantasy XII remake [UPDATE]

At the recent Distant Worlds concert in Pittsburgh, Arnie Roth, the lead conductor behind the Final Fantasy concert tour, might have let slip some news that was not meant to

AX 2015: Livin’ the animation dream with Thomas Romain

If you’ve ever watched Cartoon Network or Disney’s Jetix, chances are you’ve seen some of his creation as Code Lyoko and Oban Star Racer. He’s also worked on anime titles such

AX 2015: Talking mystery with DanganRonpa’s Kazutaka Kodaka

During Anime Expo 2015, we had the opportunity to sit down with Kazutaka Kodaka-san, the main scenario writer for the DanganRonpa series. We talked about his inspiration and what goes into

SDCC 2015: Bryan Cranston talks to us about SuperMansion

Bryan Cranston’s been keeping his head low since Breaking Bad. Now he’s back in animated form as a washed-up, old Superhero in Crackle’s new original series, SuperMansion.  Produced  by the Stoopid Buddy

AX 2015: Interview with Ayako Kawasumi, voice of Fate/Stay’s Saber

Ayako Kawasumi’s been in the voice acting business for over 20 years voicing iconic characters from over the years inluding Lafiel from Crest of the Star and Saber in Fate/Stay Night. We had a

Giveaway: Supernova Alpha Keys

The awesome people at Primal Games Studio, developers of the upcoming space MOBA, Supernova, have hooked us up with some alpha keys to give away! You can read about our preview

E3 2015: Supernova mashes together MOBA and RTS

The MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre has seen an explosion in the past few years with the boom of competitive games like League of Legends  and DOTA 2. The success of

Same-sex marriage now legal; Party on with Ian Mckellen and Derek Jacobi

What a time to be alive right now! Just this morning, the Supreme Court ruled a landmark verdict that will allow people of the same sex the right to marriage

E3 2015: Kickin’ it with Street Fighter V

One of the games I was most excited for during E3 was none other than the next saga in Capcom’s signature fighting game, Street Fighter V. The series has persevered for close to

Persona 5’s new trailer slips in gameplay footage

Update: We’ve updated with another location of the trailer. During E3 I was disappointed to see the same trailer for Persona 5 that came out several months prior, and now we might

E3 2015: Xenoblade Chronicles X suits up for the West

A few years back, Xenoblade Chronicles was a sleeper gem on the Wii. Now, Nintendo is giving JRPG fans some love at E3 this year with their announcement of a brand

E3 2015: Decide your fate in Fire Emblem FATES

The newest Fire Emblem coming for the 3DS was given a new title for the international release, Fire Emblem Fates. The game was originally revealed for the Japanese market as Fire Emblem

E3 2015: Star Fox Zero will let you transform your Arwing

There’s a new Star Fox in the works announced at the Nintendo Digital Event at E3 2015 for the Wii, Star Fox Zero.  With it on Wii U, this is the

E3 2015: Yu Suzuki is going to revive Shenmue III with a Kickstarter

In an unexpected turn of events, Yu Suzuki took to the stage tonight at Sony’s E3 Press Conference to announce one thing: SHENMUE III Yes, the long awaited sequel to