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PS Plus Vote to Play Winner and September free games announced

And with the final tally counted, the winner for the PS Plus Vote to Play is Grow Home for PS4. But for those that voted for Armello or Zombie Vikings,

Pokken Tournament coming in Spring 2016

The Pokemon fighting game, Pokken Tournament, is coming to a Wii U near you this spring. During the Pokemon World Championships in Boston, The Pokemon Company announced that there will

Represent Darth Vader with the Star Wars Limited Edition PS4

During the D23 Expo weekend, Sony announced that there will be a Star Wars Limited Edition PS4. It sports a portrait of the very badass Sith Lord himself, Darth Vader,

Vote to Play starts Thursday, choose your free PS Plus game

As we posted last week, Sony is letting fans choose one game for the PlayStation+ Monthly Instant Game collection. Today we get more details on how it will work as

Star Wars: The Force Awakens TV spot has been released

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens TV spot has been released for Korea. From the looks of it it’s a mixture of what’s already been released and a few new

PlayStation lets fans choose next free game

Usually for the monthly Instant Game Collection, PlayStation+ games are chosen by Sony, but soon it will hand it off to the fans to choose. It is calling it “Vote

Razer buys Ouya

Razer has stepped in to acquire the struggling Android-based console. It seems that it also acquired its software assets as well as its games and store and plans to integrate them

Hints of Hideo Kojima being pushed out in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes?

Recently there have been talks on the net that Kojima knew he was being ousted. Two Redditors named HBK3234 and IronLionZion304 found a YouTube video uploaded (video below) by timesplitter88, showing

Marvel and ESPN team up for The Body Issue: Super Heroes Edition

With ESPN’s The Body issue just recently released, they have teamed up with Marvel to release a Super Heroes Edition. ESPN’s The Body is a special edition magazine which showcases

J-Stars Victory Vs+ (PS4 Review)

J-Stars Victory Vs+ is a brawler-type game featuring a compilation of Shonen Jump characters from the past and present. As a fan of manga and anime, I knew I had

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opening with GTA V

The folks at Merfish are tugging on a lot of people’s childhood memories. First it was “Full House,” and now it’s “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” As with the previous video, they are

New Vampire Hunter D series in the works

There is a new Vampire Hunter D in the works. AnimeNewsNetwork was told by Unified Pictures studio that a CG-animated series based on Hideyuki Kikuchi’s long-running Vampire Hunter D novel

Olivia Munn does fancy sword work in preparation for X-Men: Apocalypse

Olivia Munn uploaded a video of herself doing some crazy sword-spinning moves in preparation for her role as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse. Also in the background is her NFL quarterback star

Marvel and Sony have found their Spider-Man and director

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have found their Peter Parker/Spider-Man and its director for the next Spider-Man solo movie. There were rumors that Asa Butterfield was the next to don

Sony introduces PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition

Sony has released a video of its Ultimate Player 1Tb Edition. Everything looks to be physically the same, except for the hard drive that’s used to save your games. This is

Darth Vader taking care of business in Star Wars Rebels clip

Star Wars Rebels season 2 will start in just a couple more days and we get to see a small teaser of what’s to come. Here we see Darth Vader

Kevin Feige sends congrats to the folks who did Jurassic World

Sometimes people in Hollywood get a bad rap, but once in a while we see people actually do good or just be a good person. Ever good guy Kevin Feige

E3 2015: Final Fantasy 7 remake is coming

After years and years of being teased, it looks like the fans’ prayers have been answered. Sony has released a teaser trailer of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but no word on a

E3 2015: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3 trailer

Konami has just released the new E3 trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In the opening we hear Skull Face narrate the video talking about how he

Review: Blue Mo-Fi headphones

High-end headphones have been around for a while and many of the makers are household names like Sennheiser, Sony, Shure, Bose, AKG, and Audio-Technica. Now a new player to the