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Cast revealed for Goon sequel Goon: The Last Enforcer

So 2011 had some great sports movies, from Warrior and Moneyball to Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn pt.1 (well, at least sports movie in the fact that it became a drinking

Legendary producing math and science documentary

Everyone loves to learn when they go to the movies, right? Well, that notion might change, as Legendary is gearing up to produce a feature length documentary that will do

First look at X-Files revival

“The truth is out there.” Those words used to send chills down my spine as I read the words coming across the screen at the end of the opening credits.

It’s here! The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice official synopsis

Finally, after releasing the super short teaser to the teaser, the short teaser that still didn’t say much, and yesterday’s official look at the Caped Crusader ride, the Batmobile, Warner