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Check out what it takes to take on the best at Capcom Cup 2015!

Want a closer look at one of the greatest American Street Fighter players in the world? Red Bull TV has released the first of five episodes of their Cultivation web

The finest writing instruments this side of the galaxy, and they can be yours!

Sometimes, one of the biggest signs of a person’s devotion to something is by how they adorn themselves. Using themselves as living shrines, they will decorate themselves to honor their favorite

‘The Walking Dead’ finally casts iconic villain!

As a long time comic book geek and avid reader of The Walking Dead comic series, one question has been on my mind that would finally persuade me into really

Chloe Moretz set to star in Universal Studios adaptation of ‘The Little Mermaid’

Am I the only one who finds the entire Disney film The Little Mermaid a little disturbing? I mean, the story was based on a teenager wanting to do whatever

Nerd Reactor’s Top 10 Horror films of the last decade!

Happy Halloween, Reactorites! Yes, it’s that time of the year where mini ghosts, goblins and ghouls roam the earth, filled with a deep thirst to search for the one thing that

Top-Five WHHAAATT!! moments of Arrow’s latest episode ‘Beyond Redemption’

Last night’s episode was… interesting. It had a strong start and the storyline of the episode had continuity to it, compared to previous episodes, but the episode as a whole sort

Agents of SHIELD latest episode shows “4,722 Hours” is a long time to be alone

As we flashback to the end of last season’s cliffhanger where we saw Jemma Simmons swallowed whole by the Monolith, and transported to a desolate planet, we recount her journey

T.J. Scott’s ‘Death Valley’ brings a chill in the middle of the desert like never before

“Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.” This isn’t a line from the movie, but actually a line from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, act one, scene two. I quote

LINE Webtoon debuts new digital comic ‘Cyko KO’

Have you ever wanted to experience more from your digital comics? Ever wished you could hear the sounds of the lights flicker, or the ominous music as danger approached? Well,

Arrow ‘Restoration’ episode hitting aces (recap)

This week’s episode definitely got the blood pumping, as we see Oliver and Diggle handling business while Thea and Laurel are off raising the dead! We also get a chance to

Loot Crate’s Exclusive NY Comic-Con ‘Creepy’ box does not disappoint!

Going to Comic-Con is great,  you get a chance to meet your favorite stars and characters, see all the great cosplayers, but most of all: get a chance to leave

‘Arrow’ second episode of season slight off the mark (recap)

Last night was a good episode of Arrow, as we get a chance to see some new characters, new villains, and we find out a little more of the mysterious Damien

The Flash S2 E1 ‘Flash of Two Worlds’ Recap

The episode opens right where the first episode explosively left off, as Jay Garrick had just previously walked into S.T.A.R. labs, catching everyone off guard. He begins to explain how

‘Arrow’ season premiere hits the target dead center (recap)

Seriously!? You’re going to end on that?! What the heck! Alright, I don’t want to jump ahead of myself, so let’s do the sane thing, and start from the beginning,

The only review of ‘Pan’ you’ll ever need to read!

When you’re a child, you see the whole world around you in a new light. From sights and sounds to tastes and smells, everything is brand new for you, and you

‘Look to the Sky’ trailer brings Kryptonian Spirit to the big screen

“For this reason, I have given them…you.” Normally, we here at Nerd Reactor bring you stories about movies, comics, video games and gear. We showcase the very best games containing

There’s more than just lions, tigers and bears in full trailer for ‘The Forest’

There’s a big risk in making a film – let alone a horror film – that is either based on true events or around factual evidence. They can either have such

Ridley Scott reveals title for ‘Prometheus’ sequel, and that he’s losing his memory?

I haven’t read much lately about what’s been going on with the Alien franchise and the confusion surrounding Ridley Scott’s comments about the upcoming Prometheus films, but I think I

NBC’s Blindspot pilot review

Ever since NBC brought shows such as Law & Order, Hannibal, Heroes, and more recently, The Blacklist, NBC has had no problem in making people understand the concept of sitting

Woody Harrelson confirmed to face Caesar in upcoming ‘War of the Planet of the Apes’

“Ceasar is home…with Haymitch.” Woody Harrelson has been confirmed to have grabbed one of the leading human roles in the upcoming latest installment of one of FOX’s most successful franchise,