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Gurren Lagann Volume 2 Blu-ray review

GL 7

A series which can be described as extravagant, mesmerizing, visually stunning, and emotionally intense truly deserves a Blu-ray release. Gurren Lagann is a legendary anime, and this disc contains the infamous episode #7, “See you, buddy,” along with 6-10 of course. The series is one of those rare shows that’s simply … Continue reading

Review: Nisekoi Volume: 1 Blu-ray

Nisekoi Thumb

Love sucks. At least, the heart-wrenching monogamous allegory called love that we’re presented with in the real world. Thankfully, in the bright and cheerful realm of ecchi romance harem anime, it’s an adventure through the life of one unbelievably lucky individual and his many pseudo-girlfriends. I’ve never liked guys like these. … Continue reading

YouPorn sponsors DOTA team Play2Win


That’s right folks, with the recent trend of eSports sponsorship from companies previously dissociated to any sort of video game content, one caught my interest in particular. Adult media giant YouPorn has just finalized their sponsorship of team Play2Win, which will now be flying the YP banner. We’ve seen fitness … Continue reading

Review: Logitech’s Daedalus G302, the click re-invented


Logitech’s Daedalus G302 proves once again that refined design outweighs the bells and whistles of its competition. Pros: Lightweight, sturdy, clicks like heaven              Cons: Little to no rubbarization, sub-par grip Tasteful lighting and look                       … Continue reading

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Unlimited materials/gold exploit (PS4 tested)

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20141121140903

BioWare’s newest title, Dragon Age: Inquisition, has been a shockingly insane improvement over its last iteration, Dragon Age 2. A massive, sprawling world awaits you as you battle demons, dragons and all sorts of beautifully rendered beasts. Defeating some of these has proven to be a real challenge (Hard – … Continue reading

Hands-on with Blizzard’s Overwatch


So what could rampaging genius space apes, spunky British teleporters, and Japanese archer ninjas possibly have in common? Well, aside from sounding like the cosplay show floor of Anime Expo, these vibrant characters are all part of Blizzard’s newly announced IP – Overwatch. If you’ve been a fan of Team … Continue reading

Overwatch’s Tracer statue is now available for online pre-order

Tracer 1

Blizzard has never failed to impress me with their proprietary merchandise. Year after year, I leave Blizzcon spending hundreds of dollars on exquisite robes, mugs, and high quality apparel. Character statues have been improving significantly in the past few years and can now be graded among some of the best … Continue reading

Blizzcon 2014’s mystery costume contest winner was an amazing Grand Empress Shek’zeer


BlizzCon’s yearly cosplay contest has been famous for attracting some of the world’s most talented amateur costumers. This year’s con (2014) was met with an interesting, unfortunate, yet absolutely understandable accident. While only having had a brief glimpse of the winner’s costume, I was absolutely shocked. It’s rare to see such amazing … Continue reading

Hearthstone’s first full expansion announced: Goblins VS Gnomes

Goblins vs Gnomes Logo

If you’ve been playing Hearthstone, you’ll be ecstatic to learn that not only will Hearthstone be released on Android in December, but a new expansion will follow that promises over 120 new cards. Goblins vs Gnomes looks to be a truly unique expansion, and hopefully will change the meta for … Continue reading

New Blizzard IP announced: Overwatch – A team-based multiplayer FPS


Possibly the biggest announcement this year from Blizzcon is the first original IP from Blizzard in over a decade. Overwatch is a team-based first person shooter going into Beta as early as next year. From what we’ve heard, Overwatch has been in the works for over 17 years, and will … Continue reading

Logitech unveils its new MOBA gaming mouse, Daedalus G302

ProEXR File Description=Attributes=cameraAperture (float): 36cameraFNumber (float): 8cameraFarClip (float): 1e+030cameraFarRange (float): 1e+018cameraFocalLength (float): 40cameraFov (float): 23cameraNearClip (float): 0cameraNearRange (float): 0cameraProjection (int): 0cameraTargetDistance (float): 200cameraTransform (m44f): [{-0.0715033, -0.997311, 0.0160648, -54.2542}, {1.73472e-018, -0.016106, -0.99987, 1.0213}, {0.99744, -0.071494, 0.00115163, -4.318}, {0, 0, 0, 1}]channels (chlist)compression (compression): PizdataWindow (box2i): [0, 0, 4999, 4999]displayWindow (box2i): [0, 0, 4999, 4999]lineOrder (lineOrder): Increasing YpixelAspectRatio (float): 1screenWindowCenter (v2f): [0, 0]screenWindowWidth (float): 1type (string): "scanlineimage"=Channels=A (half)B (half)G (half)R (half)

The Logitech G1 has been known as a premier standard mouse of many, if not most, Korean ADCs who play at a professional level. With the Daedalus 302, Logitech hopes not to recreate, but improve their MOBA specific branded mouse line. We’ve seen just how much Logitech has been improving their … Continue reading

Top 5 PC/console games for a horrifying Halloween


Horror gaming has been a tradition among my friends and I where we try to finish off every successful night of Halloween action. There are tons of titles out there claiming to stain your britches, but these five specific masterpieces are time-tested and approved by most enthusiasts of this sickening genre. … Continue reading

Destiny’s Iron Banner event is ‘pointless, poorly designed, lazy, and falsely advertised’


In what could only be described as a monumental blunder for Bungie and Activision, Destiny’s Iron Banner event receives unprecedented dislike throughout the game’s online community. Many have begun to question the title’s future content, and the validity of Bungie’s promises for the next 10 years. While I’ve only been able to … Continue reading

Destiny’s first PVP event: The Iron Banner – Everything you need to know!


In what can only be described as a fiery, glorious massacre, the Iron Banner PvP event is now LIVE on all Destiny servers. For those who remember the Iron Banner from beta, it’s basically a slightly different version of The Crucible (Control) where gear and weapon levels are supposed to … Continue reading

The Asus Transformer Pad TF103C, an Android that more than meets expectations

Tablet R 13

I need a tablet. That’s a thought which has been on many of our heads for the past few years. As new, thinner, and significantly more powerful models roll by with every quarter, we watch and wait for that perfect one. From notepads to iPads, it has been the seemingly evolutionary direction … Continue reading

Destiny: Strange bug reveals upcoming content in this video

Destiny Planets

YouTube user Kinsey_92 has had an interesting day when his Destiny client seemed to have bugged out and revealed every upcoming possible mission, strike and crucible zone that is to come. This could be the most revealing and spoiling bug ever to be shown for an online title; hopefully Bungie gets this contained … Continue reading

Blizzard scraps ‘Titan’ after seven years in development

Titan Death

Having worked in software development for the past few years, I can fully understand how heartbreaking it can be to cancel a project you’ve been working on for weeks because it just doesn’t coincide with a client’s interests. I could never imagine how immensely painful it must be to discard seven … Continue reading

Nvidia unveils ‘Big’ Maxwell Mark 2, the GeForce GTX 970 and 980


If you’ve been watching Nvidia’s “Game” 24 Hour PC gaming marathon, you’re well aware of the “Titanic” announcements made over the past day by one of the world’s top GPU manufacturers. If you’ve been unable to catch the stream over at Twin Galaxies, then we’ve got you covered! Let’s begin with … Continue reading

Capcom’s publisher weekend Steam sale: 50-70% off top titles


It’s the weekend! This means everyone who hasn’t been absolutely occupied with Destiny will be online and decimating Dreg by the millions. For those who’ve already burnt out grinding heroic strikes, we’ll be looking for a new fix to the gaming bug without further endangering our wallets. Capcom has partnered … Continue reading

BlizzCon Virtual Ticket is now available for purchase


BlizzCon has been one of my favorite non-media cons since my first one back in 2009. Returning to Anaheim yet again this year, Blizzard is back with four titles, an expansion or two, and the rumored Hearthstone port for Android devices. If you weren’t able to score tickets, or can’t … Continue reading

Check out Destiny’s Playstation exclusive, Dust Palace, in this quick walkthrough


So maybe you don’t like spoilers, in which case, turn back now. For those who don’t care and would love to gain an edge when it’s time to tackle this high level dungeon, check out the following video full of important and useful information about the upcoming PlayStation exclusive dungeon, Dust … Continue reading