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Amazing cosplay from Orlando Megacon


If you haven’t heard of it, we don’t blame you. Orlando megacon is a fairly new convention in Orange County, Orlando, Florida. The con took place from April 10-12, 2015, and produced some seriously amazing cosplay this year. We have two that stood out significantly and even made front page of reddit/r/gaming. … Continue reading

New video games no longer cost $60


 Next time you want to buy a game, consider how much it really costs. You’ve likely read articles in the past filled to the brink with tears of writers desperately pleading for a unanimous boycott of titles featuring paid downloadable content upon release. This isn’t one of those. It is simply a … Continue reading

Bloodborne PS4 review – Less souls, more blood, same rage quits


Emerging gloriously from a six-day hiatus fueled entirely by knockoff Dew, stale Cheetos, and what was once considered in human terms a “Hot Pocket”, a mixed celebration of prideful shame gave this writer the emotional roller coaster one could only receive from the sadistic genius mind of Hidetaka Miyazaki and his … Continue reading

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare world finals, and why you shouldn’t miss the next one


First of all. I’ve never played Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. However, I have experienced the past 4 or so COD titles and therefore have been told that unless I’m sweating for a jetpack-marine, I don’t need to stress about it. Having played Destiny religiously for the past few months, … Continue reading

NA League of Legends Championship Series Week 9 Day 2 – C9 secures a Sneaky 3-0


What a day. May the C9 hype train commence with smiles all around for the return of an NA favorite. Not to say they were down and out, but watching Sneaky pull incredible feats of ADCBadassery this past weekend has convinced us of this team’s incredible resolve. We’re going to … Continue reading

League of Legends Champion Series (March 21-22): The rise of Urgod


This is perhaps the most entertaining LCS matches of the year. While that may seem strange at first, watching North America’s top midlaner lose to an Urgot pick is absolutely our highlight of the season. But hey, when you’re that high up in the standings, only Gravity can stop you. Stunning … Continue reading

New League of Legends figures, shirts, and more for sale now!


If you have the pleasure of making your way down to the LCS studio sometime soon, you’ll be greeted with these beautiful doors to merch heaven. There isn’t much you couldn’t want in this store, from beautiful new posters, to amazing Chibi figures, and glorious full quality with Thresh and … Continue reading

IEM Katowice 2015: GE Tigers take a decisive lead


IEM Katowice is well underway with its first bracket coming to a close. Group A has been absolutely dominated by the team many consider to be Korea’s new #1. LMK’s GE Tigers eliminated all in their wake with massive gold leads as well as absolute map/vision control through each game. Riot … Continue reading

Bungie takes action against data mining, changes made to Xur’s inventory


Over the past few months, Reddit user Megamanexe4 has been the messiah of fortunes through his data mining methods, accurately deciphering the seemingly random inventory of every Guardian’s favorite Friday morning vendor, Xur, as well as next week’s Nightfall/Weekly. Bungie has finally taken notice of these actions, previously refusing to make comment, … Continue reading

Nerdy Deal of the Day: PAX East Newegg Sale – i7 Gaming Laptop for under $1,000 and more


With PAX East just around the corner (March 6-8), Newegg is giving us some sweet savings on top-notch gaming laptops. If you’re in the market for peripherals or gear, this would definitely be the week to watch out for. Here’s what we’ve seen so far, but will have updates throughout … Continue reading

Developer Tim Schafer’s inappropriate GDC 2015 joke sparks anger among gaming community


If you haven’t seen it yet, Tim Schafer, best known as the designer of critically acclaimed games like Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, and Broken Age and co-designer of The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge and Day of the Tentacle, recently made what the web has deemed … Continue reading

Riot releases stunning new animated short, Bard: Mountain


Like a clip directly from Legend of Korra. Bard: Mountain is Riot’s new animated short aimed at giving us a look at some history behind the upcoming champion in League of Legends. This marks yet another step in the production quality within Riot’s cinematic team. We’ve seen these guys release absolutely beautiful work … Continue reading

IEM Katowice groups for League of Legends announced!


The Intel Extreme Masters is always an event to get excited for! It’s where some of the world’s top gaming teams come together for a few days of mutual destruction. We have two groups announced for the Spodek arena on March the 13th. IEM’s group stage begins with double elimination. The … Continue reading

Review: Kill la Kill Volume 4 – Limited Edition Blu-ray

Klk v4 5 or thumb

How would you describe a great story? Would you begin by introducing a cast of unusual, colorful, and lively characters? Will this story have plot twists involving the entire human population? Something I’ve noticed with Kill la Kill is the scale of grandeur rising faster than a nerd at Comic-Con … Continue reading

Destiny’s most difficult content has been solo’d by the Legend himself


While most of us have been desperately fighting to finish Destiny’s Crota’s End on normal, with some progress on Hard mode, The Legend Himself aka Slayerage has just completed the expansion’s most difficult content all on his own. This is an accomplishment not only for himself, but for the entire … Continue reading

Why the new League of Legends – Nemesis Draft mode is Riot’s first real failure


I’m not one to badmouth Riot per usual, since I’ve agreed with most of its additions to fort League of Legends. The newest patch, 5.3, allows players to solo or group queue for a new map mode called Nemesis Draft. We’ve just cranked open the Featured Game Mode workshop and rolled … Continue reading

High There! The Tinder for stoners makes its way to Android


Kid Kudi’s  “Day ‘N’ Nite” may now be outdated with a new app for the lonely potheads out there. “High There!” makes its way to the Google Play store today as the Marijuana lovers alternative to Tinder. No longer must your pot consumption lead to awkward dates when the subject … Continue reading

Disney’s new show about a 15-year-old retired pro-gamer has major flaws


News on the eSports block is that Disney XD has ordered a new live-action comedy series called The Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything. Cameron Boyce stars as Conor, a retired professional 15-year-old video game player who solves his everyday high school problems using 1337 skillz acquired from his supposed successful … Continue reading

CES 2015: CyberpowerPC rolls into Vegas with a vulgar display of power


Much can be said about this custom PC building company. For one, we know real modders when we see them. After meeting the company’s head staff, we learned about just how passionate and invested these people are in both their products and hobbies. With that said, let’s show you the … Continue reading