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League of Legends: A New Dawn (Cinematic)

new dawn 1

In what can only be considered as pseudo-Pixar quality, Riot games has graced us with another cinematic just in time for the upcoming Summoner’s Rift visual update. Seeing as it’s the game’s most considerable visual update since the addition of the new Twisted Treeline, it shows some of our favorite … Continue reading

SteelSeries announces The SteelSeries Rival: Dota 2 Edition Gaming Mouse


With the DOTA 2 International tournament well underway, fans of the MOBA can now rejoice, as Steelseries just announced that a new version of The Rival will be sold at the tournament, and afterwards it will be available for pre-order on their online store.   The Rival is perhaps the … Continue reading

AX 2014: Sword Art Online 2 (Gun Gale Online) Premiere


Sword Art Online was perhaps the most popular anime of 2012m with the second season directly following the first. For myself, I count Sword Art, Alfheim, and Gun Gale as three separate seasons, while officially, the new series is called Sword Art II – Phantom Bullet. This new episode beacons the … Continue reading

Anime Expo 2014: League of Legends gathering and cosplay

Amazing Kat small

Cosplay has been a huge part of the League community since season one. Colorful characters with unique personalities fill Summoner’s Rift on a daily basis. But for one glorious yet extremely hot day, the midsection of the Los Angeles Convention Center was brimming with the champions we all know and … Continue reading

AX 2014: Riot booth and League of Legends cosplay (Skin code giveaway)


While many would find it odd that a company which developed the world’s most popular video game would sponsor an anime convention, it wasn’t much of a shocker to me. Knowing plenty of Rioters myself, I can safely say that a large population are indeed fans of anime. Judging strictly … Continue reading

KCON 2014 Festival lineup released, individual tickets on sale July 3rd


KCON, the largest fan celebration of Korean entertainment and culture, will take place at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Downtown LA on August 9-10. The full artist lineup has been revealed for both concert nights, and individual tickets are available for sale today, July 3. You can also get … Continue reading

10 reasons why Dragon Age: Inquisition will resurrect the series


For BioWare junkies such as myself, Dragon Age 2 marked the decline of this glorious studio after its acquisition by EA. Although a good chunk of the blame can be diverted to EA for changing the RPG aspects of the series significantly into some form of pathetic instance-based city crawling minigame, … Continue reading

Review: ASUS Radeon R9 280 Graphics Processing Unit

R8 2

The Asus Radeon R9 280 Direct CU II is AMD’s Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture mid-range graphics card, combining AMD’s Tahiti Pro graphics core with Asus’s custom cooler design and bundled overclocking software. In some ways, this card is a rebadged Radeon  HD 7950. While having some game dependent performance differences, it … Continue reading

E3 2014: Destiny multiplayer hands-on first impressions (Alpha launches today!)


For those attending E3 this year, Activision and Bungie made two major announcements regarding the upcoming titan of a launch that is Destiny. One announcement was the beginning of the Alpha testing stage for PS4 users that should be available today, and the launch of the Beta on July 27th. … Continue reading

E3 2014: Origin’s Steam Machine Chronos and Monoprice partnership


With just about every custom PC manufacturing company jumping aboard the Steam Machine bandwagon, Origin has taken it upon themselves to prove that performance doesn’t have to be sacrificed for a living room console. With the Chronos, their first small form factor 4k PC, Origin can now dominate the living … Continue reading

Wildstar launches tonight! Watch our 48 Hour live stream.


Get your Red Bulls ready ladies and gentlemen, because one of this decade’s most anticipated MMOs is launching tonight, and we’re streaming all of it. From character creation to the first few dungeons. I will be streaming as a Medic Hybrid Healer with my tanking buddy alongside for the entirety … Continue reading

Steelseries and EA team up for Sims 4 exclusive peripherals


The Sims has always been my go-to introduction for casual/mobile gamers looking for ascension to the master race. While EA releases Sims expansions more frequently than any other game on the market, never has this title been franchised for hardware outside of one mouse by Madcatz for The Sims 3. Steelseries has … Continue reading

Review: Attack on Titan’s Mikasa Ackerman Figma figure

Mikasa 1

Why is everything from Japan just so much better? From consoles to snacks, now upon my discovery, action figures. The Figma series from Max Factory is one of the world’s most high quality and realistic action figure genre available on the market. While I still do prefer statues to figures, … Continue reading