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Kill la Kill Vol. 2 Limited Edition Blu-ray and DVD

Klk v2 2

It’s rare for me to even consider re-watching an anime, no matter how much I’ve enjoyed it. Jokes run dry, and twists don’t leave you on the edge of your seat. What I’ve experienced with Kill la Kill is an appreciation for detail. It’s the little things that you begin … Continue reading

Destiny’s Iron Banner event is ‘pointless, poorly designed, lazy, and falsely advertised’


In what could only be described as a monumental blunder for Bungie and Activision, Destiny’s Iron Banner event receives unprecedented dislike throughout the game’s online community. Many have begun to question the title’s future content, and the validity of Bungie’s promises for the next 10 years. While I’ve only been able to … Continue reading

Destiny’s first PVP event: The Iron Banner – Everything you need to know!


In what can only be described as a fiery, glorious massacre, the Iron Banner PvP event is now LIVE on all Destiny servers. For those who remember the Iron Banner from beta, it’s basically a slightly different version of The Crucible (Control) where gear and weapon levels are supposed to … Continue reading

The Asus Transformer Pad TF103C, an Android that more than meets expectations

Tablet R 13

I need a tablet. That’s a thought which has been on many of our heads for the past few years. As new, thinner, and significantly more powerful models roll by with every quarter, we watch and wait for that perfect one. From notepads to iPads, it has been the seemingly evolutionary direction … Continue reading

Destiny: Strange bug reveals upcoming content in this video

Destiny Planets

YouTube user Kinsey_92 has had an interesting day when his Destiny client seemed to have bugged out and revealed every upcoming possible mission, strike and crucible zone that is to come. This could be the most revealing and spoiling bug ever to be shown for an online title; hopefully Bungie gets this contained … Continue reading

Blizzard scraps ‘Titan’ after seven years in development

Titan Death

Having worked in software development for the past few years, I can fully understand how heartbreaking it can be to cancel a project you’ve been working on for weeks because it just doesn’t coincide with a client’s interests. I could never imagine how immensely painful it must be to discard seven … Continue reading

Nvidia unveils ‘Big’ Maxwell Mark 2, the GeForce GTX 970 and 980


If you’ve been watching Nvidia’s “Game” 24 Hour PC gaming marathon, you’re well aware of the “Titanic” announcements made over the past day by one of the world’s top GPU manufacturers. If you’ve been unable to catch the stream over at Twin Galaxies, then we’ve got you covered! Let’s begin with … Continue reading

Capcom’s publisher weekend Steam sale: 50-70% off top titles


It’s the weekend! This means everyone who hasn’t been absolutely occupied with Destiny will be online and decimating Dreg by the millions. For those who’ve already burnt out grinding heroic strikes, we’ll be looking for a new fix to the gaming bug without further endangering our wallets. Capcom has partnered … Continue reading

BlizzCon Virtual Ticket is now available for purchase


BlizzCon has been one of my favorite non-media cons since my first one back in 2009. Returning to Anaheim yet again this year, Blizzard is back with four titles, an expansion or two, and the rumored Hearthstone port for Android devices. If you weren’t able to score tickets, or can’t … Continue reading

Check out Destiny’s Playstation exclusive, Dust Palace, in this quick walkthrough


So maybe you don’t like spoilers, in which case, turn back now. For those who don’t care and would love to gain an edge when it’s time to tackle this high level dungeon, check out the following video full of important and useful information about the upcoming PlayStation exclusive dungeon, Dust … Continue reading

Google Street View lets you explore the worlds of Destiny with ‘Planet View’

Destiny Planets

For those of us who’ve used Google Maps in the past, Street View has been a lifesaver when trying to figure out which of your neighbors would make great friends (since they have a pool). Bungie and Google have a different perspective for Destiny. Planet View is a website from … Continue reading

The League of Legends 2014 World Finals store to feature a new Ahri Nendoroid

Rito ahri only

Fans have been begging Riot for licensed figures since season 1. Luckily, the first real figure, Pulsefire Ezreal, was given out to fans at the 2013 World Finals. With the huge rise in popularity, we’re beginning to see some merchandise that’ll have you throwing money at the screen in futile … Continue reading

Review: Kotobukiya SDCC limited edition Psylocke Marvel Bishoujo Statue

Psylocke 8

So there’s this amazingly beautiful figure sitting in my shelf, and I get to thinking, “It really deserves a review.” It isn’t often that I go out of my way to purchase a statue. In fact, I think it’s the first time I’ve even stood in line for one. Psylocke … Continue reading

AMD to unveil the R9 285 at its 30 year celebration event


AMD announced that it will webcast its 30 Years of Graphics and Gaming commemoration. This event is hosted by AMD’s Chief Gaming Scientist, Richard Huddy. Saturday, August 23rd, at 10 AM EDT (7 AM PDT), real-time video webcast of the showcase will be accessible on the Investor Relations home page: … Continue reading

Review: The Logitech Harmony wireless smart keyboard, couch surfing at its finest

Harmony 2

Casual couch gaming has never been easier or simpler than with the Harmony. What exactly do I mean by couch gaming? Well if you haven’t watched the video below yet, it’s something that has been growing increasingly popular with games such as Hearthstone and MMO-gamers looking to put in a … Continue reading

Review: Mass Effect comic collection deluxe hardcover

ME book 7

Perhaps one of the most iconic sci-fi franchises ever, Mass Effect contains a rich universe full of interesting characters, intricate futuristic technology, and aliens so bizarre they feel the need to express emotion through adjectives. While the first two games in the series expanded the story significantly, Mass Effect 3 … Continue reading

World of Warcraft ‘Warlords of Draenor’ cinematic revealed, expansion to release November 13th


Live from Los Angeles, Blizzard has just released an incredible cinematic for its premier MMO, World of Warcraft. If you haven’t played W.o.W, this may be the time to start. While many would argue that the world’s most popular online RPG has lost its roots, the evolution has been quite … Continue reading

Destiny’s first expansion – ‘The Dark Below’ set for release in December 2014


While I must say this irks me significantly, it’s sadly become a norm for expansions to be announced before the original title is even released. More or less, it’s the content that a company feels comfortable charging for, in addition to the original title. Honestly, if it’s a truly great game, … Continue reading

Gamescom 2014: Destiny’s competitive multiplayer modes revealed


The Crucible. Destiny’s premier competitive multiplayer mode gets a new trailer today from Gamescom. With it comes the announcement of 5 new game modes in addition to the two shown during Beta. Buckle up Guardians, there’s less than a month left until release. While beta companions may be forever lost, … Continue reading

Steelseries: Siberia Elite WoW Edition for Warlords of Draenor announced!

WoW Headset Box

Our 2013 Headset of The Year, the Steelseries: Siberia Elite is getting an aggressive makeover in anticipation of the next World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor. We already loved the original, but this one just looks so damn good! Originally seeing this pair at E3 2014, it immediately caught my eye. … Continue reading

SDCC 2014: Square Enix, Keen Games and Deep Silver show off Nosgoth, Sacred 3 and Escape Dead Island


San Diego Comic-Con may be mainly about the comics and cosplay, but in the past few years, video games have been a major part of this geeky wonder. We were able to play and dig further into three awesome games that Square Enix and Deep Silver were showing off at … Continue reading